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  1. I know I know Dana is the man to speak to. The post was just some forum banter. Also trying to get a rise out of Marc Dana but technology is probably besting him at the moment.
  2. Damn this is awesome. I might have to build another PC to get back into iRacing and this game!
  3. @Bill Strong can you make sure the Fatcrack team is pitted and garaged next to @Mazmarc so I can annoy the crap out of him all weekend?
  4. As of now we are doing Daytona and Sebring. PBIR is in the cards just to use the last bit of these maxxis tires we have because that surface is sure to destroy them. We were going to run Road Atlanta but having to swap engines after the Sebring NYE race set us back. After 90 hours of racing a connecting rod said "let me freeeee!" I would love to help out with Sonoma; but, I'm unavailable. Oldest daughter's birthday weekend! She's the one that isn't into racing unfortunately
  5. Looks like they prepped the track back in the 90s too
  6. People complaining as if it's something new and novel. Maybe the VHT?
  7. That's not a terrible drive on a weekend. I was amazed I was able to get to Mt. Baldy in less than 90 minutes from Hermosa on Saturday haha.
  8. The Fatcrack team had a great time at this event until the engine blew 4 hours in on Sunday afternoon! We finally got a legit ECU in the car and had it properly tuned by a professional instead of some Honda bois in Kissimmee. This fixed a multitude of issues we've had with the car in the past related to bogging in the 3000-4500k RPM range, VTEC not engaging, fuel consumption issues, and so on. The result was we could actually come out of a turn and not have the car fall flat on its face, which made racing......fun! We didn't see an improvement in lap times and I think the weather and the Maxxis tires had something to do with that. We also had a bad set of brake rotors on Saturday morning that caused us to hit the garage for a pad/rotor swap. Sunday we were running pretty strong and about to start battling it out with the Solstice for 1st in B when I started to feel the car lose power around the 4 hour mark. Two laps later the car started to feel extremely sluggish and while shift into 4th gear on the back stretch a connecting rod decided to be free. I can't complain this engine gave us close to 90 racing hours and a class win in September at Sebring. We already have a new engine in, shed a few pounds of wiring that isn't needed, and ready to rock and roll for Daytona. Also drag racing is nothing new to the front stretch of Sebring. Prior to Don Panoz leasing the track it took place there every Saturday night for as long as I can remember, I grew up there, and would venture off to the north course to watch @Mazmarc race his dorito powered cars instead of watching my pops go in a straight line in his Chevelle.
  9. I've been consistently running in 2-3 Champcar events a year in Florida since 2015 with my own team. I'm still running/operating that team out of Florida but the co-owner and my dad are taking point on the car due to my work obligations in California. I'll still make it back for the events we run; however, I'd like to find a new team to run with on the West Coast while I'm out here for the unforeseeable future. Work has be based out of the South Bay of Los Angeles. If any teams in this area are looking for any kind of help, a driver, crew chief, beer man, whatever I'm interested. 17 years of autoxing, 5 years of W2W with Chump, lots of HPDEs, one class win, a few podiums, endless hours of fun, was a Honda tech for 7 years, and awesome dad. Just looking to get involved out this way.
  10. I have an S2000 sitting around and I've been toying with the idea of turning it into a Champcar. It's a 2005 and the VPi is 520 in stock form. F20Cs are quite pricey mills to replace and maintain, K24s of all shapes and sizes are cheap and plentiful. The most potent K24s are the Z3 and Z7 from the TSX and 9th gen Si respectively and putting out 205hp. Putting this info into the swap calculator returned some interesting results. Just curious if this is truly how the swap would turn out in terms of points.
  11. I haven't made it to page 30 of this thread yet, just started diving into this today; but, can you please read your rules and then re-read this? Why are there different classes if CC isn't "class racing?" Why are there trophies handed out to each "class winner?" Why does T&S have the option to view class standings (in RaceHero)? Why do I have to run my car with the class letter assignment from every viewing angle? Etc If CC truly isn't about class racing then why not just make the race a "run whatcha brung" and let it be a free-for-all to the finish? No classes, no points, no -100 laps, and so on. That would solve this whole EC issue and just have one massive field vying for the overall victory. The class option is what drew us into CC 6 years ago. We could build a cheap to run/maintain car and try (emphasis on try) to compete for a class victory even though our only goal is to go out and have fun. It's what keeps us coming back to CC even when you scraped class trophies for a while. I'm not sure what demographic you're pulling this statistic that "no one cares about class racing from" but it's pretty far from the truth. I'm pretty sure HPD cares about class wins with their incentive program. I'm sure Mazda cares about class wins for their marketing. and so on. I understand your main focus is about the overall victor and top 5 finishers but if you're not about class racing then you guys might want to re-address your rule book.
  12. Bill, I reached out to them via e-mail and got a response within an hour. I can PM you the contact info you if you would like.
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