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  1. And Mondeos! We were even featured on grand tour! Except, it's not a mondeo. Or an ST200. Or a wagon. ....I'll show myself out.
  2. Very true - we pass (damn near) every rwd car in the rain....then it starts drying out, and we're suddenly slow again!
  3. Guess that's one big advantage of a RWD car - a bit more forgiving when that happens! Crazy lucky anyway!
  4. Oh, just remembered - I'm not positive it was your car, but you guys may have had a renter nearly pull a money shift into turn 1 early in the race. We were in pit two, and heard lots of rev limiter and tire screeching and watched a white sc300 slide all over the place into turn one. It sounded like he might have been going for 4th and got second or something, but I never heard a bang, so y'all might've gotten mighty lucky!
  5. That's pretty crappy luck. When we lost our engine, we had mystery smoke for about ten minutes, then three holes and two broken rods. Whole piston turned to gravel. Hopefully you can reuse some of you engine; ours was completely garbage!
  6. Was that the blue miata that was pumping smoke out the tailpipe for a few hours? I followed it around for a few laps and it was a bit smokey under braking but nothing crazy - but then when we went FCY for a few laps, it would smoke real bad under light acceleration. I was getting high following it around! This was around 12-130 or so. Edit: Appears not to have been you guys!
  7. You just reminded me: myself and everyone on our team said the same thing. Overall, the driving seemed a hell of a lot more tame than Daytona last year. Maybe we just were in different places on the track from the wild stuff this time around, but none of us complained about the average level of aggression we encountered. Good clean racing.
  8. Like drive a race car and have consideration for the other cars on track? Seems like a team problem rather than a driver problem.
  9. Hah! Yeah, we were thrilled to see us ahead of y'all for a bit, but then we had our own troubles. Eventually we'll get this car sorted and reliabled. Only problem we've had for the last three races is this damn CV problem, and I'm pretty sure we can sort it out soon. Then maybe we'll both get clean races and one of us can talk some real poop at the end! BTW we figured out our "ready-to-race, full-of-fuel, but no driver" weight is ... drum roll ... 2755 lbs. =O
  10. Hey all! So, we've been having axle troubles recently...it's gotten bad enough that the team has started collecting pictures of me covered in axle grease replacing CVs in the paddock. Before Daytona, we bought four brand-new APWI axles off rockauto.com and re-packed them with swepco grease and added a vent tube. We were really looking forward to solving that problem and having a 'boring' race day that only involved putting fuel in and swapping drivers. Of COURSE it didn't work out that way. One of our drivers forgot his race suit at home (in Palm Bay, fortunately), and didn't even realize it until we went to put in fuel for the first driver change! Thank you Chris and Never Start Racing @BeastZ06 for giving us a hand with our first couple pit stops! That rearranged our driver order, and rather than going last, I was tossed in third. As soon as I pulled out of the pits, I could feel the driver's side axle dying. Damn it! I did an hour and change of my stint knowing it was failing, but it didn't come apart. I came in a few minutes early to take a look, and sure enough, the boot was blown apart and grease was everywhere. Rather than push our car backwards the length of pit lane (why was that even a thing?), I went for a gentle loop around daytona and parked it in the garage. An hour later, the car was back together and on track. Two hours after that, the new driver's axle failed again, this time ripping the splines off the axle end. PSA: APWI axles are garbage. We'll try to find some OEM ones and adjust our front suspension geometry to handle the camber better - I think all our camber has decreased the spacing between the trans and the hub enough to run out of axle play. Our last spare driver's side axle was installed so we didn't have to push the car onto the trailer (it wasn't in great shape, so we didn't want to try and race on it), and we started drinking beer. Everyone got at least one stint, and one guy got two (and got towed back in). Notable incidents from my stint (gopro didn't cooperate, so no video): Our car grips shockingly well these days - I think I scared more than a few cars by not lifting at the kink when they would try and get by on the inside. We had plenty of traction to hold the outside line even at full throttle. Some e36 got by me going into the bus stop, but I was close enough to see the rear-facing gopro recording me ride up his backside. I think I surprised him when he looked in his rearview on the way out, because he jerked a full car width to the right all of the sudden! One of the tuttle mitsus tried to remove my hood through turn 1, then over-cooked it in turn three and hit the right rear quarter of the Himarc BMW pretty hard. That BMW lost a tire and almost spun right in front of me at the kink. I saw the busted wheel in their pit later - took what looked like six inches out of the rim of the thing. Whatever team was running the old Eagle Talon/Mitsu Eclipse - I had a blast swapping positions with you from about 12 to 130. You'd always overhaul me on the straights, and I'd get by in the infield, rinse and repeat. It was great! Edit: Just remembered I tried to remove the hood from a camaro? going into turn 5 - I didn't see you! My bad, glad you avoided me! I had someone come by me on the right and moved left to give room, and failed to see you coming! Overall, it was a disappointing day, but it could have been so much worse. The garage next to us had the somewhat melty cone crushers car in it all day - a reminder to appreciate the track time we did get! See y'all at Sebring!
  11. Based on that video, definitely looks like the camaro was surprised by the E30 and locked the front end under heavy braking. You can see the widening of the turn radius just before he tagged the back of the e30. Frankly, the pass in 10B looked questionable - not sure InActiv was yielding the line so much as dodging where you appeared. Going for the outside of a car very clearly following the track out from turn 12 wasn't great either. Had a good little battle against Never Start Racing around 8 pm, @BeastZ06, @NGO28
  12. Really....really....really need a better method for getting video out. This is ridiculous. First stint, first race at road atlanta: I'm still working on finding anything interesting in there. I'll add time stamps to the youtube comments when I do.
  13. That's a pretty rough 'first race ever' experience! The conturd might not be the fastest thing, but it's been pretty great to learn in.
  14. Our car is almost impossible to heel-toe (pedal alignment sucks and we haven't really needed it) and is quite nose heavy. We are also pretty conservative on our shift light: it starts flashing for a shift at 6k, where the limiter is either 6900 or 7k. We run carbotech rear brake pads (xp8 I think) and EBC yellows on the front to help bias the brakes a bit more rearward than OEM. I always downshift as the revs drop low enough for the next gear while also standing on the brakes. The only point when I really use engine braking is during turn-in/transition from straight-line braking to just engine braking, to neutral throttle. Car imbalance due to driveline loading during a downshift is very different in FWD compared to RWD cars (obviously), but I like to have the car nice and stable (ie clutch out for a bit) before turning in to the apex. Edit: as chip mentioned, I also run 5-4-3 rather than skipping gears.
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