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  1. We've been using RaceRender to postprocess our videos. GoPro saves all the telemetry data embedded in the videos, but their software sucks. RaceRender isn't great (nor free), but was much better than trying to use the GoPro stuff. Lots of options for what data you want to display and what widgets to use. We never end up using the same stuff each time but we like seeing speed, course map, and a G meter. Lots of options though.
  2. Dang it's wild to see just how fast the leading cars are. Would love to see some of you (much) faster teams with telemetry overlays. We use a gopro that records all that stuff but bought racerender to add it into our videos. Downside is, it makes video processing even slower than normal.
  3. Agreed, I'm 100% biased, and also agreed that this doesn't appear to be the same. I'm less for heavy-handed punishment than I am for there being a transparent process to handle stuff like this. I can deal with decisions being made that I don't agree with, I just like it to be out in the open.
  4. I hope that is the case with both this incident and all major incidents going into the future. That's not at all the experience I had, where there was zero intention or action to discuss the matter in the open. I welcome a change to that policy.
  5. To belabor a point - Secret punishments do nothing to either assuage the naysayers nor discourage future rule-breakers. If Champcar is interested in both preventing these sorts of high-profile incidents in the future as well as show the 'wronged' parties that the management is proactive in going after these folks, there would be serious discussions about what exactly was seen as 'the wrong move' and the penalty associated. As it is, the best we get is second/third/fourth hand information on Facebook or the forums. That's not good enough, but it is intentional.
  6. Our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPH3vUS4rtW0tTAnG6Xbb7w Just started looking into setting up a livestream for the next year only to find out there's a minimum 1000 subscriber threshold in order to livestream to youtube. I assume that includes using mobile hotspots and that sort of thing? Anybody found a way around that? Cheater apps or something? We don't really care if we stream to youtube (though it would be nice), but any other platforms out there that we could use so friends and family can watch from a distance? Twitch or vimeo maybe?
  7. Pretty sure I blew right passed someone (a porsche 944) under caution coming out the carousel sometime after 10 pm. Even with in-car video I can't see the yellow flag, but I think it was there. Apparently wasn't called in either, though.
  8. First oops video - Bob is having too much fun passing cars and overcooks it into turn 17. Thanks all for avoiding us! Second oops video - Sean gets a little unstable between 15 and 16 and does a 270. @BeastZ06 @NGO28 the neon was first car passed us after the spin!
  9. I 100% agree with this. 7 and 10 were hairy every time - lots of brake pumping and steering twitching to find just enough traction to stay on track. Turn 3 was fine for us but I saw several people slide right off, and one miata pull a complete 180 there. Then again, I saw several folks straight line it in 7 and 10 too.
  10. Tell you what, jon - Microsquirt made a huge difference in our power. We removed the secondary butterflies in the intake manifold and put the car on the dyno at Garcia Automotive up here in melbourne for $60 an hour and tuned it ourselves. Only gained 11 horsepower peak but the torque curve is completely flat now. It's hard to tell the difference on the dyno but on the track it was night and day. We also ran Falken Azenis tires for the first time, and they did very well in the wet and even better in the dry. Edit: Kris' Night Run, 930-11 pm. Still adding links in description
  11. Haha that may well have been Sean's spin in the wet. He kinda lost the back end in the transition from 15 to 16 and did a donut.
  12. Wow, Ed, that's insane. Sorry to hear all that, definitely a lack of star alignment for you and particularly your driver. That sucks. Looking forward to seeing you at Daytona next year! Glad you at least got some seat time in!
  13. Been waiting for this thread to pop up! Congrats to all the winners, it was a very slippery race! This was our best race ever! Easily. All the work we put into the car since Daytona has paid off beyond our wildest dreams. One of our drivers gained an unbelievable 9 seconds over last Sebring, with two others gaining five and seven seconds each. I got zero even sorta dry laps, and was only able to lose 3 seconds over my best time last year. My team is going to rub that in for a long time coming - it's the first time since we started racing that I didn't set the fast
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