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  1. Not after a swap, no. Could maybe make room in our points but I'd have to go over it pretty closely. Our engine swap would add about 55 points to our TCV, and we're at around 440-445 right now. This is kinda what I was thinking. Go to a better merge between the two sides that eliminates that 180 degree bit and get rid of the third converter. It seems like taking the 1st and 2nd out would be a ton of work and I'm not sure how strong it would be when I was done (I'm no pro welder). Might have to be creative with the 2-to-1 bit as we can't make it much longer and still get the driveline out the top of the car. I'm sure we could sort something out.
  2. If we end up going the swap route, I'll likely chop off the current flange and build our own 2 to 1 pipe for the exhaust. Would like to toss all three cat shells as well and have straight pipes through it instead. Stock contour crossover pipe looks like this (not as pretty though, I stole this off the interwebs): Got that cool super tight bend in it. I'd like to chop that off and make something straighter there but we'll just have to see how hard it is. Mightnot be worth the effort. Speaking of stock garbage, though, this is what each header looks like on the contour: Also may not be worth the pain to modify that as teh collector and cat entrance are all one piece and far from completely round.
  3. Appreciate it. I wasn't sure if this had come up before, so I wanted to ask ya'll prior to submitting a ticket.
  4. Hi all, This may have been hashed out before, but I haven't been able to find an answer. Our car has cats built into the exhaust header...aka each bank goes from 3 to 1 then into a (pounded out) cat, then out of cat to another 2 to 1 where the two banks meet, then a single pipe into another pounded out cat. We'd like to cut these cats out of our headers and weld in a straight pipe. So the rules say exhaust free downstream of the collector - and a collector is where the individual cylinders' exhausts are merged into 1 stream. Does this mean I can chop this header cat out and straight pipe it for zero points? Pretty please?
  5. I still have those wheels I my shed. That pretty neat! Sorry to hear about your dad. Cancer sucks.
  6. That's awesome! We bought it from John back in 2015 and have been running it ever since. It's changed quite a bit since the early days when it was the conturd and raced for gotham city racing! We had a few mishaps but nothing show stopping and we have no plans to put it out to pasture. We are a 4 person team and don't rent seats but if we ever build another car we were thinking of hanging onto the contour as a rental or for new drivers. Several folks have mentioned racing this car over the years to us on facebook and here on the forums. Happy we can keep it going!
  7. One of our drivers taking out a braking marker. My encounter with @macheesy (not a huge deal, just a dodge). You can see how close the battle for third was.
  8. No idea what this was... Guessing equipment failure heading into turn 1. Was this yall, @Triangle42
  9. @Bremsen Here's where your engine gasped it's last... Crash between I think the RVA car taking out the Soggy Bottom Boys 350z in turn 4 Our driver, Bob, losing the tail in the carousel and bending a rim. Thanks all who missed us when he lost it! And here's Sean's best lap from Day 1 My fastest lap on saturday, 1:56.5 ish
  10. Updated near spin video from potato to GoPro: Stayed in it the whole time, didn't lift until I was sure it was going for a spin. No idea why it came back...
  11. He's good people. Maybe a little crazy, but that's probably why he fits in so well =D He'll point you in the right direction.
  12. I haven't tried it tbh. It might be magic! Going to have to try it at some point in the future, particularly if I ain't gotta mix the stuff myself. The swepco moly tube is like $30 and the bel-ray is another $30 I think, so $60 for two tubes. Not sure how that compares to the NEO grease prices per pound tho. It sounds like our mix is cheaper but not sure if it's as good. Prepping axles sucks though, I'd happily pay someone to skip that step. After the re-greasing, we haven't been able to tell the difference between our OE axles and the aftermarkets. I did take a dremel to the OE ones to open up the clearances a little but haven't been able to tell a difference in life yet. Good luck on your first race. Hope you guys have spares for some dumb things like alternators, fuel pumps, shift cables, wheel bearings, and brake pads!
  13. Yeah I read about your saga this weekend, that sucks. Can't believe the inner joint broke, that's fairly rare! Good luck on the new build! Do you have any idea what it'll be?
  14. Well that too, but there's a saying about polishing a turd.... Believe me we're good with it. The axles were the last major issue we had and it seems resolved. Unlike some other cars, we don't blow engines or transmissions or differentials or hubs or wheel bearings. Just shift cables, axles, and fuel pumps. Easy stuff.
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