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  1. No biggie! We just noticed this while prepping the car for CMP. We already basically do new rotors every race but were hoping with our new, longer lasting pads, that we'd get a few races out of these rotors. These are pretty cheaply made/slotted/cross-drilled, but I found centric makes a high-carbon plain-face rotor we can use. Ordered a set from summit last night. I've heard that brembo rotors are sourced from centric but no idea if that's true or not. It is true that we really don't need super fancy brakes for most champcars! Pads matter 1000x more than the rotors themselves...
  2. Y'know how all the real racers say don't use cross drilled rotors, the drilling leaves stress in the rotors that cause cracks when racing? Well, these were cheaper than plain slotted rotors. And now I have real life evidence that cross drilled stress cracks are a thing. These were brand new for Daytona this year. New rotors on order now.
  3. We signed up for the track day as well. Good chance to try a few different aero configs on the car and see if the extra weight is worth it!
  4. Got it. Usual focus issues with GoPro and night filming in a RaceContour. You can see how much the boxster sways as the banking declines, and then it starts swaying again as the banking increases after the bus stop.
  5. Crap, forgot about that! I'll look for it this evening! I just finished going through everyone's first stint.
  6. Thanks, Doc! I figured as much, just wanted to verify. Appreciate any news!
  7. First tent lasted 10 years. Second tent lasted less than a year. We lowered ours and tied it down, but every rope broke except for one. That last one is the only thing that kept it from joining the many others in the field across from pit road. Will be gettin another cheapo and hopefully we'll get at least a few years out of this one.
  8. Hello, We're signed up for this race along with about 12 others. Is the race subject to cancellation if there isn't enough interest, or is this going ahead pretty much no matter what? Trying to avoid getting burned on hotel/airbnb reservations, so we'll stick with refundable stuff if there's a chance the event could be cancelled. Thanks! @Bill Strong feel free to kill this thread if you're going to put up an official one soon.
  9. Our contour has the oem style Ford ones. I think a lot of fords from the last couple decades do. Out of curiosity - does anyone know/remember if we were peg-legging it through the corners out there? Kinda looks like we were on three wheels in this shot from Inactiv:
  10. Very sorry to hear that. Glad you got out okay, that is most important, but doesn't make the rest any better.
  11. What happened, Paul? Were y'all the fire we heard about early in the day?
  12. As promised, Ray's rather epic Chris Harris style turn 3 drift!
  13. Infinite Loop Racing had a great race this year. We've been working hard to keep/make the Contour fast enough to be relevent in this ever-tougher series, and it's definitely paid off in the last couple races. Obviously, last year's Daytona event did not go anywhere near how we'd planned, but this year went almost as smoothly as we could've hoped for. The driving was much more....um....endurance focused than in the past two years. Might have just been our position on track, but I only saw one or two questionable moves (from someone that wasn't me!) while I was on track. There were a few PUY that I saw as well, but they weren't necessarily unsafe, but still not a good thing. Mostly on the back stretch heading into the bus stop. Every one of our drivers went out and beat their old best times by around 6 to 8 seconds. The car handled great and ran very well. Our top speed is still limited to around 120/122 if we don't get a good draft, but we're so much faster through the infield that our lap times dropped considerably. I personally ran a 2:26.590, which is 5.7 seconds faster than my old best time, and more than six seconds faster than our best lap last year at Daytona. The only issue we had is losing 3rd and 5th gears around 5 pm. Fortunately, that turned out to only be the shift cables, which we got swapped out in under 30 minutes and sent Sean back out for the rest of his stint. Unfortunately, it dropped us from 25th to 43rd =( One of the ChampCar officials walked by and said "Y'know, if the rear wheels were pushing the car, you wouldn't have that problem." WE KNOW ALREADY! Congrats to Ed and @Team Infiniti on a hard fought victory, and thanks to CC and the volunteers for a great event. Sorry to Chelsey (and @Bill Strong) for pissing off Daytona on Friday - that was an error in judgement on my part. I swear, I don't usually go looking for trouble, but can't blame anyone else for that one! I had a blast running around with the StarT Racing miata (@NGO28 @BeastZ06) now that they've kept it running for a full race! Got a good view of your spin in turn 1. Whoever was driving around 930 PM finally showed me how I was doing turn 3 wrong. Also, the 719 white miata (C U Boulder?) and I swapped places back and forth a ton of times between 1230 and 2. We were evenly matched and each lap the opposite managed to squeeze by the other, then we did it all again the following lap. I had a ton of fun.
  14. I've probably got some good video of that thing swaying all over the place in the evening - I was very hesitant to pass as the driver was clearly fighting to keep it on the track! I saw yall bring it into the pit. I'll try to dig up the video sometime this week. He made a good call bringing it in.
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