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  1. HTRDCowboy

    2019 races

    This is exactly what I was getting at, I hadn't intended it to turn into a why don't we race at COTA. I fully understand that without the car count, COTA will be hard to go back to, but I agree the last date on Mothers day was not good for the car count. Eagles Canyon is rebuilding the track and should be great when it's done, but I think the weather has put them behind, hopefully they'll get it done soon. To add to the list, there's also TMS and although at the edge of a eight hour haul there's Heartland Park. They have repaved the track and it much better on the tire wear. If we don't start having more races in the south central area then I'm afraid we'll loosing the rest of the teams in this area.
  2. HTRDCowboy

    2019 races

    As much as I enjoy Harris Hill, it's really a shame we can not get more races in the south central area. We've done many races across the country and will continue to do so, but it would be nice if we could race within an eight hour haul. It's a shame with so many tracks in this area.
  3. Your right, keep forgetting about some of the changes. It's just frustrating that race and track choices continue to dwindle outside of the eastern and northern midwest areas. We're trying to be patient as things improve, but want to race without having to haul halfway across the country. We have a few races close on club tracks, but miss some of the tracks we haven't been to in a few years. This isn't directed at anyone in particular, just venting after studying the schedule and want to go racing.
  4. Why I would like to see a representative on the BoD from each region.
  5. HTRDCowboy

    Slightly off the pace of Lewis Hamilton - COTA in May

    K H Motorsports are going.
  6. HTRDCowboy

    someone school me on LED headlight bulbs

    Do you mind sharing what lights you are using? I really want something that works well.
  7. HTRDCowboy

    someone school me on LED headlight bulbs

    Thanks, I was thinking of using the driving lights for the forward lights and the fog lights for the apex lights.
  8. HTRDCowboy

    someone school me on LED headlight bulbs

    I know this thread is about LED lighting. But wanted to know from the people running these lights how they liked them? I've seen several teams with these, but have had the chance to talk to them about them. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HID-Xenon-Driving-Lights-2pcs-4Inch-35w-Round-Spot-Beam-UTE-4X4WD-Off-Road-12V-/162267500427?hash=item25c7e58f8b:g:xs8AAOSwo4pYGtXf&vxp=mtr
  9. HTRDCowboy

    Project RUSTSTANG

    Glad to see another vintage mustang in the series. If we can help you at all, let us know.
  10. Patently hoping they'll add something in the south central.
  11. 225 hp, I I understand their classes that put's us in gp1
  12. Serious question...why? One race less then 10 hours away. We'll haul to a couple of long distance tracks, but that only gives us three races. Everyone says race WRL and we might just do that. But we're just barely competitive in ChumpCar now and with their class structure we would be blown out of the water in WRL. I know WRL has pulled allot of teams away from ChumpCar, but I thought we had some good races at tracks like MSR Houston, TMS and Hallett. We'll wait for WRL's schedule and see whats available there.
  13. Very disappointed in the central schedule, not seeing any love for the southern part of central. Not everyone is interested in running another series.