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  1. Thank you. Seems the Cobra is working out well though! Thanks. I absolutely believe that it is a highly capable car. I love the power, fuel capacity and the SOUND! Our new Miata just sounds like a tin can full of pissed off bumble bees.
  2. Our team has decided to move on and get back into the realm of Miatas. As such, we are offering our 1995 Acura Legend for sale. We purchased this car from the original builders in 2017 and have run the car sparingly over the past few seasons. We ran the 2017 Road America Regional Championship where we were running just within the top 10 around hour 13 when minor contact with the wall punctured our radiator. We didn't notice the small leak because of the rain and this resulted in overheating and a complete professional engine rebuild. We then ran the 2019 Charlotte race where we lost 4th gear with 4 hours remaining in the race and still managed to finish 15th. We then had a rough go at Road American this past fall and haven't had the time to address the issues. At RdAm we lost 2nd & 3rd gears, the left front axle failed, lost power steering and had progressively tightening of the steering. The car is being sold as is. We just don't have the time or energy to invest in the car. The car is being priced accordingly. We purchased the car in 2017 for the $11,900 asking price in exchange for continued support from the original builders, which we received in spades. Here is the orginal for sale ad: This car has the pedigree to be very competitive, as evidenced from it's prior success and accolades, as well as our mediocre finishes even with our less than 'Maximum Effort' approach to race weekends (we enjoy the irony of our team name). We've not added anything to the car but an LSD. We ran the car at 487pts in RdAm last fall. What is included: 1995 Acura Legend sold as is Extra 3.2L type II motor from original donor car An insane amount of extra suspension, braking, transmission, driveline components Spare doors (they're hard to find) Spare Ebay 6spd transmission Extra set of RL wheels What it needs: New transmission (included) Left front axle (spare included) Possibly steering rack Seat Harnesses Updated/Recertified fire system Metal enclosure for fuel lines running in driver compartment Transponder I am happy to answer any and all questions. We are staying in the series and want the next owners to succeed. We are selling because we have always been fans of the Miata platform and have honestly struggled to get all teammates comfortable with this car. We have also struggled, at times, to find spare parts for it when needed. That's another reason why the spares are of such potential value. I will be absolutely honest with potential buyers. I want to be very transparent. The car is being offered at $5500 or best offer. Potential buyers will want to bring a big trailer and truck. It is insane the amount of spare parts that we have for this car. PM me with questions or offers. I'll be happy to discuss details over the phone. Located in Lexington, KY
  3. What's the going rate for cheapo ebay fender flares these days? Last time we had some at tech they used a 'hey ______ what do you think those are worth?', 'I don't know, what do you think?' approach. Is there a reliable point value established? Will I just need to try to calculate the Sq/ft and plead my case? I'd like to just pull out the fenders to the extreme by pulling the inner folded lip outwards and flaring it, but that will just look stupid cut anyone's tire that questions it's integrity. Thanks for any input.
  4. Thanks for the info! That seems to be what we're leaning towards. Standard boosted brakes. Thanks for the input as well. I think it will definitely come down to a preference/feel issue. Our car/setup may not like what everyone else's likes. I understand that it's all trial and error. I'd just like to avoid unnecessary errors. Thank you both again for the input
  5. Any word if there is going to be a Test Day on Friday before the race weekend? The Sups say test and tune information coming soon but hadn't heard anything yet. Feel free to tell me if I'm simply being too inpatient. We've got a new build and are struggling to find any nearby events in the spring to test. Thanks
  6. We're finishing up a new Miata build and have gone with Wilwood calipers on all four corners. We will have the 7812 pad shape up front and 7912 in the rear. This is an ABS car. We've always run hawk blues all the way around on our beater NA Miata but they just don't last very long and aren't available for these calipers. We have the choice of DTC 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, HPS, R4 line and the full Raybestos line including the ST43s for the front. Rear pad options are R4 line, Hawk blacks, DTC 30, 50, 60, 70, and again the full Raybestos line including ST43s. PFCs aren't immediately available. I've seen some teams with lighter cars say they have trouble getting/keeping heat in the ST43s and others staying the they are a bit grabby. I'm concerned that this may be the case on our light, upgraded caliper, ABS car if we ran the ST43s. We have run ST43s on our Legend and found them to require a light initial pedal to prevent lockup and a nearly full pedal release to correct the lock up. I've considered ST43s on all four corners, ST43s up front and blacks in the rear to get a bit better bias, DTC 50s or 60s up front and DTC 30s or blacks in the rear. Are there any upgraded brake Miata or lightweight car teams willing to share their brake compound experiences? We may just buy two potential combinations and test them. That is just a potential waste of money and time that I'd like to avoid if possible. Any other options that I'm not considering? Thanks for any input
  7. Miata. Our NA car doesn't have PS and we really don't mind it. These cars did come stock with no AC on some cars. Ours is an AC and PS car. We'll take the points if necessary. Thank you all for the input. Good to know about the louvers.
  8. Looking at some aesthetically pleasing pre-fabed hood louvers to help cooling. I know I could just cut holes or slots in the hood for the same effect, but I'd like to have something a little bit more cosmetically pleasing. Thoughts on whether pre-fabed hood louvers are a point added item? If so, anyone know how many points? Also, looking to delete AC and power steering and will replace both with 'delete pulleys'. These aren't 'under drive pulleys'. Just looking to get better steering feel and save AC compressor weight. Rule states: • Pulleys, engine accessory, non-OE: 5 pts for one pulley, 10 pts for multiple pulleys • Pulleys, engine accessory, non-OE: 5 pts for one pulley, 10 pts for multiple pulleys Am I interpreting this correctly that we'll have to take 10pts to delete our AC and PS??? That seems like a big point chunk to delete PS and AC. Thoughts? Thanks
  9. Completely agree. I considered asking one of the officials to address it but thought it was just me. It seemed worse when the lights went on and really lit it up bright yellow. Definitely distracted me every time around because it required a deliberate check to see if it was still stored or waving with purpose.
  10. The Maximum Effort team had an awesome weekend at the track. We would have like to have done better on track, but that's racing. This was our first event in the Legend purchased as a freshly built car from a very reputable team. We kicked off our Chumpcar debut earlier in the year at Mid-Ohio and followed by NCM in a '94 Miata. The Legend had two very soggy shakedowns at VIR and at NCM. Both were very wet and we arrived at RA after our 9hr haul not knowing exactly what we had and what the car could do with some grip in the dry. We unloaded in the complete chaos that was the paddock at 3pm. There seemed to be a complete disregard for common paddock etiquette in which you and your team only claims a single spot directly perpendicular to your pit stall. We were fortunate enough to be able to stuff our trailer in a spot across from our pit stall, but our pit mates were not as fortunate. Race day started and we were relegated to the rear of the pack via the random number generator. No big deal, its a long race. We were forced to pit on lap 3 for a check of the brakes. We had not had the opportunity to fully evaluate the brakes in the previous wet testing conditions. Quick check done, we rolled back out into the sea of FCYs. Our first two drivers were able to move their way through the field while dealing with a brake pedal that was very difficult to modulate. Seems that is a common complaint with the ST43s. Some of you behind us likely saw us in a fierce battle with the car under braking. I hope we didn't scare anyone too much. The new platform was very different than our Miata but was a blast to drive in traffic. We made our way up to 18th or so when our third driver climbed in the car for his first laps at RA. He did very well keeping the car clean and continuing to keep us in the mix. I climbed into the car around the 6th hour for my second stint and there was something off with the car. I quickly noticed that all of my previous shift points and braking points were off. I then noticed that the car didn't have the power that it had during my first stint. I was seeing speeds on all of the straights that were ~15mph less that the first stint of the day. The car was running well, temps were fine, no misfires and no noticeable issues while at idle or leaving the pits. We elected to stay out and use our prior momentum car experience to try to put down respectable laps. Still not sure why we were down on power, but we would eventually be WAY more down on power come Sunday. We ended the day Saturday uneventfully while sitting in 12th overall for the Parc Ferme. We decided to stick it out without the power and hope that attrition would play in our favor on Sunday. Sunday rolled around and with it came the rain. Our first driver for the day is not a fan of rain driving but did what he could to keep the car clean until his pit in lap when he locked up the tires under braking in Canada Corner and took out some previously undisclosed aggression towards WeatherTech by scraping our front bumper against their banners that lined the inside wall. It was just a light scrape that shifted the bumper a bit. After a quick safety check, refuel and driver change our next driver went out to dance in the rain. He had a solid uneventful stint except for a quick unscheduled stop to apply anti fog to the windshield and was running right around 10th place for the majority of the stint. I then hopped in the car around hour 13 to see what RA had in store for me in the rain. I loved it. How SLICK was that dry line on the old pavement?!? That stint was a blast in the rain but was unfortunately cut short. Around hour 14 the water temps spiked, followed by the oil temps and then oil pressures dropped. This was accompanied by smoke exiting the exhaust along with our hopes of a solid finish. I made my way to the pits to call it a day and finished 30th overall. We did take a look at the car in the pit stall and weren't able to locate a significant oil leak but the radiator was cold, suggesting a possible water pump failure that led to the oil temperature spike. We packed it up and then cheered on the remaining teams as they took the checker. Overall, we had an awesome time, met some great people, ate some great food and drank our share of Spotted Cow. We saw our fair share of carnage during the first few stints on Saturday. We gave our far share of point-bys and got a scattered few in return. We hope that we didn't hold anyone up too much. We certainly didn't hold anyone up as much as some of the secondary pace cars while under FCY. We want to thank everyone that was involved in making this great weekend happen for all of us. Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to the Chumpcar community for being so welcoming to a new team. We'll be back next year with a new/rebuilt motor and hopefully some brakes that are easier to modulate. Thanks to everyone who took the great pictures during the event! I may have stolen some....
  11. Lexington !   Originally from Frankfort myself.  Been in FL for 13 years now tho.    Good to know there's a team near my hometown now just in case I ever move back home.   . Hurricanes and the heat really suck down here !    Might have to bum a seat if I ever do !  :)   


    GL with the new ride ! 



  12. Sorry to swoop it out from under you. We spoke with him quite a bit and decided to buy it sight unseen because of its pedigree and quality of the build. We knew that if it made it to the VIR weekend for showing it wouldn't be available any longer. We're in Lexington, KY so we'll be around the Central and Eastern region. We're fairly new to Chump and wanted to at least have a competitive car so we could only blame ourselves if we didn't do well.
  13. I did. We'll have it out for it's first event at Road America next week. Come say hi if you are there.
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