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  1. Dcwilliams00

    Learn me on Fuel Vent Valves Plz

    Chris I ended up with a discriminator valve and roll over valve. The roll over is for safety, and the discriminator is for fast fueling and keeping the fuel in the tank. It worked really well for me once I figured it all out. I fuel 15 gallons in 30-45 seconds and no fuel loss during race conditions.
  2. Dcwilliams00


    It isn’t that I don’t think we should still be able to police each other and challenge each other, it’s just that I don’t think taking the head off after a 12 hour race at 10 at night on pit road, for $50, is the option. A lot lot of smart people on here with good ideas for solutions.
  3. Dcwilliams00


    Does anyone else have a problem with current protest procedures? There was one Saturday night where, for 50 dollars, a team was requested to pop their head off. On pit road. At night. There has to be a better option than that. If I was asked to take my head off (the team didn’t need to when it was all said and done) I would just walk away and forfeit the trophy. Thoughts?
  4. No worries brother. Trust me, I’ve been looking at a F’ed up car in my trailer. I didn’t need a talking to. I’m beating myself up enough for trying to pick off too many cars too quickly Saturday. I shouldn’t have been there. for the record, the BMW was penalized for the wreck. That car and another locked up their brakes, hit the Fiero, and threw him right in front of me. I am grad everyone is ok. i bent my steering wheel with my grip...
  5. Dcwilliams00

    AIM Solo

  6. Yeah...typical lack of knowledge and jumping to conclusion. my first incident on Saturday was my fault. For my car. The two other cars wrecking each other and throwing the Fiero in my path was their fault. I accept my damaged car was my fault for putting it in that position for no escape on the first lap. That was my first contact ever, and I plan on starting a new streak. the Sunday incident was a throttle body malfunction that hung the throttle open. Troy Trulio was driving and did a great Jerry b saving the car from engine explosion on high RPM and the car from hitting the wall. He was driving an awesome 1.5 laps before that broke (probably broke in the Saturday accident). I understand not having all the info, but thats’s wrong with ‘merica these days. Assumptions. I still ill feel terrible for the Fiero. Great guys and nice car. They didn’t deserve my poor decision to be there. Of course... I prob kept them off the wall...
  7. Dcwilliams00

    AIM Solo

    Aim Solo, the $400 version. Only used 5 times. I will be going to a dash kit when I come back to racing in 2019 and rebuilding my car. The Aim Solo is a great tool with predictive timing and speed display options (pit road advantage). $300 OBO.
  8. Dcwilliams00

    Official The Eights on North - VIR North Course Dec 2-3, 2017

    I might be able to bring some food.
  9. What is cheaty about my car??
  10. Congrats to everyone, especially Biohazard for the chumpionship. DDR blew up a diff on Saturday. Then we sheared the bolts on our roll center adjusters. They say they are 12.9, but they aren't as @Huggy helped drill the bolts out and felt how soft the centers were. First the left side went, fixed it, then the right went. Live and learn. I will be contacting the supplier. but the car was fast. We just couldn't get rythum to put down a really fast stint. Racing the the rain Saturday afternoon in the last stint was crazy. Off to VIR.
  11. Dcwilliams00

    What are your failures?

    Truer words have never been spoken. My first race in my car I had 1 question mark. And guess what took us out 2.5 hours in... while moving into top 10...
  12. Points only when he is out of the car!!!
  13. go to this link and put that you guys are going. https://www.facebook.com/events/749648208552251/?acontext={"ref"%3A"3"%2C"ref_newsfeed_story_type"%3A"regular"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"117"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}