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  1. This event is happening. I spoke to Carl the regional director. This event is happening.
  2. I have struggled with a lot of the same problems mentioned here. I have a 26’ enclosed plus V. Other than racing I don’t really have much use for a truck. Wife hates camping so buying a RV has no advantages. So I went looking for cheap tow rigs. Ended up getting a 7.3 Ford short bus. Learned a lot along the way. There is a couple of good mods to do that makes things easier. The pro’s are absolutely it’s cheap to buy. The short bus was purchased for $8000.00 Canadian with 150,000km, so well under 100,000 miles. It can move the whole team and averages close to 13-15mpg. Insurance is under $30/month as it classed as an RV. Torque for days with the 7.3. The cons is that all or most E-series vans have some kind of rust. I got lucky with my repairs. Working on it is a bit of struggle for me due to its size, but not terrible. 7.3’s are loud, it’s a constant work in progress to quiet this thing down. Still love it, and for surely beats buying a new $65,000-$70,000 truck.
  3. I don’t even know if my team can cross the border yet. Car bomb consumption will be way down...
  4. But would there still be a lodge bar if my team was to isolate there for 2 weeks? We would at least need Sam back.
  5. Wonder if they do open it, would we still have the two week isolation?
  6. And profits for the lodge will go down significantly.
  7. It’s difficult to say what will happen. The event has Canadian organizers (Perry Performance and Competition) So if the US border is still closed that won’t really matter. Yes, it might be a reduced car count but that would be expected with what has happened. i am a little more concerned if the local-ish teams will have $$$ to go racing. How many teams had members with job losses? Or temp lay-offs?
  8. Good luck this year! A cobalt should be a pretty good car choice.
  9. get a 2.4 From a 97-99 stratus, pt oil pan/pump delete balance shafts buy a ATI damper no 90 intake manifold good tti long tube header, buy a good merge collector 3” exhaust megasquirt home brew port job cams if you have points crane 16 min. weight redux, redux, redux
  10. From when we started in 2010 our class B neon had 14 wins. We also had another 30 or so 2nd and 3rds. Numbers may be off 1 or 2. The trophies are not all in one place anymore. Class B cars will gain in popularity with the newer cars entering the fold. My team is currently building a new car and it is class B as well, but we don’t really worry what class were in. I am more worried about it not being a Chrysler product. I stay awake at night thinking about it, sometimes I cry in the corner of my room too.
  11. I can’t believe your one driver. Isn’t permanently scarred from that night.
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