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  1. There has been some more last minute entries. Keep the last minute momentum going...
  2. Sadly I don’t think any Canadian team can qualify this year. If I knew I could do two races I would be happy. Looking like one and done till who knows? border closed again till sept.21
  3. Carl, has been getting a lot of calls from teams saying they have a team together and will be registering soon.
  4. I hope to be there. But border may still be closed. I am not sitting well with not having my annual supply of Sam Adams October fest.
  5. No, that is exactly what it is. That is a huge slight to the organizers. There is a huge amount of hoops to jump through to put on this race. Just because you with a new car and team feel that the competition is not up to your level, your taking your ball and going home. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if there is good amount of last minute entries like in the past. Sad but it happens.
  6. That is a horrible attitude to have. A lot of work has been put in place to have this event happen. Remember this is the first champcar event since it was rebranded from chumpcar and when Wendy and Sal left the series with the split. If the powers that be see this kind of attitude then they will just shut the whole thing down if they feel like it. The truth is they don’t need us, we need them. I am already pretty pissed with a lot of the existing champ cars choosing to run mosport with LD. As they are kind of hypocritical. These are same people that complained about events on long we
  7. There was never a cdn price listed as the registration website only recognizes USD. Now, there was a early pay deadline. It was then extended another month as a grace period due to covid. That was last week. Early pay price $1100 USD (which is roughly $1500cdn) Normal price $1300 USD You will have to send an email to Carl to ask for the early pay price. As it is now past the deadline again.
  8. That is absolutely not correct. You pay in Cdn. The early registration deal I heard has been extended to July 24. You will see a email/FB blast about that soon.
  9. This event is happening. I spoke to Carl the regional director. This event is happening.
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