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  1. Should we bring screech? That way Jer will have something to take away from the weekend.
  2. Don’t worry about finding us, we’ll find you.
  3. Good thing for you. The Mopar team is coming and has your back!
  4. Besides being grey. In a 1st Gen you won’t have the fuel capacity
  5. But it’s not the dark side, your on the dark side.
  6. Clearly the turbo pt cruiser is the one to run in champ. Modern-ish turbo technology. Packs enough fuel. Relatively light weight, easy to find parts.
  7. Since DSM and turbo dodges are like brothers in some regards I might be able to help. I am running the 2.4 turbo lite motor in my current car. I have went from a slightly bigger rad to a “biggest I could fit rad” to aid in cooling and we’re running lower than stock boost! Went from a 10,000 btu oil cooler to a 28,000 btu oil cooler to aid in temps. as well. I think i have it nailed down to running approx. 230-240 oil temps and 195-200 water temps in pretty hot weather with the upgrades now and running a euro Mobil 1 blend 5w-40 oil.
  8. Not yet. There are three different types of valve covers for late 2.4 heads. Aluminum, composite and a quasi turbo valve cover that doesn’t say turbo. so unless we know which one, it’s a guess. But you are correct some are baffled well and others not so much.
  9. I went a different way with my current car. I have a access hatch that I open up to see my ATL discriminator valve. Once I see the valve filling up I know I am full. The valve is set as low as possible to th fill plate to ensure I don’t fill up the fill neck. I went this way because I know one day this will be a rule. With this method I don’t really have any spills and I have a visual indication of when I am nearing full.
  10. Build cost is relevant because if the price of entry is to high or unfavourable new blood will not enter the series. If you stop attracting new teams the series will not grow. It it may not matter in the rules per say. But it matters to the series as a whole.
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