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  1. I have been asked this question probably close to a hundred times. The car is not slow either. A lot of very confused faces with the car in D class
  2. Ohh god not you toooo. 2430cc turbo
  3. Mopar 4 Ever race report... Saturday didn’t go great. We nuked a clutch while we were hovering in the top 10. Replaced clutch and finished the day. Repair took about 2.5 hours. Sunday went better. Cruiser likes the rain and has tq for days so getting around was pretty easy. Stick it in 4th and have at it. Made two stops under FCY which had us just outside the top 5. So going well. Started to notice coolant temps rising near the end of the day. Decided to stop and fill to not risk nuking a motor. Finished 17th and 1st in D. On to Barber
  4. Is it really a discount since that price does not include shipping, but tire rack has free shipping? Hankook always seem to have a inventory problem every year. Like how hard is it to make a product people want to buy?
  5. Because you will probably be the only team to tow to gingerman, when the champcar car series is returning north of the border. Do you even have a soul?
  6. Mexican stratus cars are worth a good look, for intake manifolds.
  7. The neon used more fuel than usual. Brakes were ok. Rent a garage. bring a spare power train.
  8. Probably not till the end of the racing season or shortly after. November-ish
  9. Indy isn’t owned by a city. Said city also has a casino operating on the grounds of the track. If the track is operating the casino can’t or has limited access. What do you think makes more money? Track rental or casino?
  10. Hopefully mosport will happen. The tow is excruciating long. but worth it. Worst 15min. of my life for sure
  11. Sorry, meant to say 4.5kg. My poor 4.5kg extinguisher has caught the eye of pretty much every pit marshal. To explain at every stop 4.5kg is pretty much 10 pounds has taken so much effort, lol. I am am going to keep it around just in case you people see the light and go metric.
  12. I sometimes wish I “blend” in more... I don’t often get confused, lol. For other teams.
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