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  1. You wouldn’t of got the full lodge experience unless the Canadians were there. Hopefully next year.
  2. What year of neon. If sbec, check rear crankshaft sensor wiring. It gets a lot of heat. second would be to check ASD relay circuit. The steering column sometimes has a problematic mfs switch connector that could trip off the ASD relay circuit.
  3. Regretfully the land border between our two great countries is still closed to land traffic. So former M4L/M4E now Acura 4 now will be cancelling our entry to this great race we have attended every year since it ran with chump now champ. Please have a car bomb or 20 for us at the lodge.
  4. I would not not not not use that neon manual rack. We tried this on our neon and ratio is way too high to make up for it not being power assisted. We used a R/T rack which was 14:1 or 16:1. The true manual rack is 22:1. A turn that would take about 45 degreed steering input took almost 90 degree input on the manual. Yes, you would save a little weight but you would hate life on the track. A lower ratio rack de-powered would be better. Or power it but use a bigger pulley and power steering cooler if the effort is too much over two hours. Which it really isn’t.
  5. I second this for the most part. For close to a decade I ran only the Chrysler 2.4 in my teams neon. With our Chrysler connection now working at Honda we made the switch to a TSX. The K motor is good. Is it amazing, no. No oiling issues yet.
  6. Glad to see the entrants have increased. I made a couple FB posts on the local pages so hopefully the word spreads.
  7. It was most likely an elaborate scheme by the BOD to provide a points incentive for you to finish your car this decade and actually bring it to road america. Instead of questioning rules and impact of said rules from someone who has yet to race with the aforementioned rules.
  8. We went turbo with the doom cruiser for a year and a half as an experiment. It’s tough. The power is there, but a lot has to be considered. We ran a triple pass rad about 2.5” thick, we ran a oil cooler from setrab that was in the 30,000 btu range. We were lucky to be able to run 17 gallons of fuel. But to make two hours we had to lower to below factory boost levels, and to make things more complicated we added a scramble boost button that would raise above stock boost levels when needed. If used to much it would time out. Trans cooling might also be necessary. It takes a lot of work. In the end it was a fruitless endeavour. We won a ton of d class trophies. Probably pissed off a ton of North East D class cars as we were the smallest D class car to compete (2430cc + Turbo). But we got to pass a lot of cars in a PT cruiser, so there’s that.
  9. There was a time in the neon world where there were a ton of knock off quaifes floating around. They were not properly machined and many had their axles get stuck the same way yours are. It was so bad that services were offered through shops to properly machine the knock off lsd’s. I would not be surprised if this happened in the Chevy cavalier/cobalt scene as well.
  10. Troy, I think the system needs a re-think. I don’t think a dry break will help you here. The fuel backing up points to a venting issue. Is the flap on the cell pointing away from the vent? Granted I run 1.5” vent with the ATL discriminator valve. I know for my cell setup in the Tsx we can dump two jugs fast 2” hose, but the third we have to slow it down. So naturally we have a third with a smaller fill hose, to take the thought out of it. Also I am the team that has a air jack system on their car. It was a used system and cost just under $1000 cdn with nitrogen bottle, lance, lines and fittings. When we were half way through our build the pandemic hit so we installed them to run some other series at mosport. Since we would not be allowed to travel south. Frankly I would not freak out if someone bought a air jack system or dry break. As some teams trucks/haulers neighbor in the $60,000 range. I am still rocking my $6000 short bus.
  11. Will be signing up today. And will have get the stragglers signed up as well.
  12. Border still closed. I think it’s a conspiracy. also team has changed name to Acura 4 now
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