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  1. I am also concerned about the accusation about buying off a tech inspector from someone who had never been to impound When you got invited to your girlfriend’s parents for dinner, did you walk in and ask “so is this slut your mom?” We welcome new people and I don’t object to many of your questions, but maybe wait until you have some actual experience before you throw out accusations.
  2. Yeah. JSK never gets fast lap. Couldn’t get the normal tires and were stuck with what’s probably best described as an auto cross tire. The race weekend was nothing but a flurry of unexpected tire changes.
  3. Great race to watch from home. I was so glad it wasn’t Parc Ferme. So many teams had issues on Saturday - Sunday would have been a complete yawn. The other huge benefit to two days of racing is two impounds. It gave teams two opportunities to look at what might explain the 2:43 LapTimes with only minimal reduction in stint time. Oh crud. I bet I just accidentally started another argument by giving my race report from the recliner. Please just like or do the confused look (or sad look) if you don’t like these points - let’s not have another debate until at least one page of reports and videos!
  4. Here’s the beautiful thing. We allow anyone to run the championship race. Half of the cars in this year's race are not “contenders”. if you win the race (or another non-EC “non contender” wins), then we have something to discuss. But until that happens, the current system seems to be inviting the most competitive teams.
  5. I think wraps should be legal. I think your tape should be legal. Tape gets used too many ways in emergency situations to consider a rule against its liberal use, in my opinion. There are bigger problems to solve.
  6. There are other devices in the car that are on their own small batteries. The radio being an example. Perhaps you put a small 12v battery in for the ECU that has enough capacity to hold through a pit stop. It would be disconnected from the main circuits by one of the legs of the cutoff switch. You’d want it on its own leg because you don’t want it trying to power everything else that is on the disconnected side.
  7. @Timothy G. Elliott Rodger and I are friends. You have to read the entirety of my post for his response to make sense (to get the joke)
  8. I don’t know, Chris. It seems like you started a very good discussion and a lot of people may take a second look at their setup after reading this thread. Some people learn best through debating. No one has called anyone else an idiot or worse, so all seems OK. Like everything else, people maybe need to read and think a little more before they post, but beer-induced posting is a way of life on this forum. As a note on Chris’s diagram, don’t ignore the “10w minimum” and use something easy to find like a 1/4 watt.
  9. I read it the same way @Snorman indicated in his last paragraph. To me it is saying it needs to be the same physical chassis you ran the year before. But it would be to the 2021 rules because it is now 2021 and if you did another of the April races your car would be to 2021 rules already and it would be crazy to ask you to change it back. I assumed the intention was to prevent a new build replacing a car that qualified, and that is why Ron got questioned.
  10. So..... there are 186 people that want Chris to spend less time building race cars!
  11. Ray- I think you need to take JSK off of that list. Yes - at Nelson we absolutely blew through tires. But that was an experiment that went horribly wrong, not an intentional strategy. If you look at the races we’ve won, almost all of them involved zero tire changes or one tire towards the end of the race. Changing tires is never a part of our race plan.
  12. I thought Ron mentioned the sorting order because he thought starting position was dictated by the order... I haven't read the rules recently so I don't remember if that is in there
  13. Someone buy this car and name the team Risky Business Racing
  14. Like Snorman, I am traveling half way across the country for this race weekend. If the car had an issue on Saturday, Sunday becomes a complete bust if it is parc ferme. If it is two races, the fun resets. And the winner is ultimately going to be the car that covers the most ground over the two days, because there is going to be at least one fast car that has a completely clean race, whether you do it as two races or one.
  15. With all of the discussion in these forums about people not making it to the end of an 8 hour race with brakes at RA, parc ferme just means a few teams will push too far and get to pick the pieces up at the concrete wall in Canada corner. And it gives a big advantage to the “pro” teams that have multiple air wrenches and can do brakes in 5 minutes.
  16. 25 point increase for a platform that hasn’t won a single race in 2020, despite at least 3 good teams running the platform. It seems like an error - I hope it gets corrected.
  17. The schedule does not show it as a parc ferme - it shows it as two races. We change way too many things on a whim in ChampCar - let's at least be consistent and race it as published.
  18. I am familiar with your car and drove on the Coopers a week ago. I think they will work well on your car
  19. Alex- I very much support the ideas that you have put forth above. I think I have talked to you a total of 10 seconds at the track, which is unfortunate. I have found that forum personas and in-person personas can be very different (people probably say the same about mine/me). I have spent a lot of time with some of the other candidates. This year's election will be challenging - there are a lot of good people in the mix and a lot of important issues that need to be confronted by patient, collaborative, and communicative BOD members.
  20. Great job by Troy when his team had an early end to their race and he went up and joined the broadcast team! He would be a good guest announcer for future races.
  21. I agree with Troy. You really need to try them on. I bought one without doing that and had huge regrets. Then I bought one the other way and it fits great.
  22. Was the car that was dumping the fuel the blue Integra with “RILEY” on the back quarter panel?
  23. It’s a bit depressing to keep checking back on this thread and basically there is nothing here. Meanwhile the GBU thread is hitting yet another page. Then it gets more depressing when you realize that 3 of the teams posting in this one are leaving the series...
  24. +1 for Mike M being awesome. Amazing we got 15 hours even after the rough start +1 for the sticker ridiculousness. Was thinking it was just us based on the lack of sympathy from the enforcer. Amazed to hear that everyone had the problem and yet they still denied “familiar” cars on attempted re-entry. +1 for the best track crew in America.
  25. I think the event Directors need some flexibility. Mike M does a tremendous job, in my opinion.
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