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  1. We currently have it mounted to the rollbar but I think your comment about being farther away from the bar causing vibration is the issue. We are using a 3in bar between the two ball mounts but with a heavy phone I think that may be too much distance.
  2. Hi all, I did an impromptu live stream at Sebring and now my team is really into it. My problem though but our quality is pretty below average. Currently I'm using a Ram mount and cellphone x mount but the vibration is insane. I like using the stream labs app to get it to youtube but I can switch. I was streaming at 720/30 and had great results connection wise. I don't mind switching to a different camera / mount, just want the best quality. Does anyone know of a good cellphone mount for this? Would a smaller camera / mount be a better option? I'm open to just about all suggestions. Thanks.
  3. I love this idea. But you could expand it to 4 classes. TC for stock body lines and panels, no aero at all, no swaps and 450 points. TCS for limited aero, and swaps. GT for unlimited aero and swaps. And EC remains the same. Run what you bring.
  4. A point by does not make contact acceptable. The fact that you think so is concerning. And as far as your "wings" go, the rules are not balanced proportionately around the use of Aero. I missed 2019 to submit my petitions but you can bet I'll have some petitions for 2020.
  5. Oh and while were on the topic. I expect a door and fender for a 94 miata at Sebring if you show up in september. I saw you offering parts for all your other "accidents."
  6. But why are you trying to do so many modification to aero and body work when you still don't have an engine that lasts more than 6 hours. You have 4 drivers whose lap times exist in different area codes. There's so many other things you can do. You're just pushing a sport in the wrong direction the same as any other governing body has done for any race series in the past 15 years! You're going to drive away teams that dont want a fracking DRS system on their car! This series started as a $500 car series and now you've just built a $500 wing! How do you not see your problems?
  8. Since I actually got my videos posted early for once here is almost 6 hours of Miata footage before the motor moved on to a better place. They are displayed in order from start to boom for your viewing pleasure. ** Headphone users beware. This camera has possibly the worst microphone in the history of digital recording. You've been warned! **
  9. Interesting petition. Similar to my stance but also different. I will have to digest this a bit and send in my opinion on the matter. Thanks for pointing me that way.
  10. So I posted up in a build thread and I think I may be wrong about my claim but I wanted to see how open this new ratio rule really is. In NA miatas, you get 2 different sizes of differentials and 4 different mechanical variants. NA6 has a 4.3 VLSD and 4.3 Open, 6 inch pumpkin. NA8 has 4.1 Open, 4.1 Torsen I and 4.1 Torsen II, 7 inch pumpkin. Under the new Diff ratio rule, many people are claiming the 4.3 torsen is free now because a car of the same generation came with a 4.3. However I think this is a bit of a gray area. I think the intent of the rule is to allow builders to simply bolt on differentials from different optioned vehicles and keep swaps simple. So if your 323i came with a 3.73 open you but the 325is came with a 4.1 LSD then you just swap it. I believe this assumes that the assembly is the same and strictly internals are different. On a miata, the the NA6 and NA8 have completely different assemblies, driveshafts and axles required for the swap. PLUS a 4.3 torsen was only offered on 99+ cars which are a different generation. Are we saying that this ratio rule is so liberal that a diff from another generation can be swapped in because it "fits the mold?" I would think the intent of this rule means if you wanted a 4.3 ratio diff from an NA6 you would have to run the 6 inch pumpkin, longer drive shaft and axles to fit the diff. If the rule is this open than so be it but I could see this opening up issues on other platforms as well.
  11. Whatever. It's not worth my time. If that's the way these convoluted rules are written, whatever. You haven't beat us on track yet so why do I care.
  12. The fact that this team has showed up and had more contact in three races than I’ve had in three years is pretty terrifying. We had a run in with them in Sebring and they got away with it there and it seems like it now. As far as their car goes, i don’t know what they’ve done to the motor but I guess that thing is just a “magic Mazda motor.” (Insert heavy sarcasm) The team is dangerous with a car that fast and that little experience / skill. I’ve got my piggy bank ready to be smashed at the next race we see them at. Hopefully they come clean with this community before it comes down to something more costly.
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