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  1. Are there gas stations close to the Hallet race track?
  2. 32' long gooseneck enclosed trailer for sale. Asking $9,000. Very good condition. 2006 Expressline Super Hauler. Tandem Axels. Wheel bearings repacked in April 2019. All new brakes in January 2017. Winch. Two Spare tires mounted on steel wheels. Tire racks inside and outside. Cabinets and tool box inside. Located in St. Louis Area. More photos available upon request. Contact: 618-409-3055,
  3. My team is going to run a NB Miata in 2020. What are the pros and cons of 7" wide or 8" wide wheels? What about 205/45/15 vs 225/45/15 tires? What about brake pads. Front and Rear. PFC, Hawk, Padig, Carbo Tech? Other?
  4. Thanks so much for the info on the dash bar and door bars. I agree it is odd that ChampCar has requirements more stringent than SCCA,
  5. My team lost our NA Miata to a fire at the warehouse where our car and equipment were stored (see photo). Everything is gone. We are regrouping. A replacement car will be purchased soon. Our view is the quickest way to have a car ready to race is to buy a spec Miata. We are look at a 2003 NB Miata with the VVT engine. It was built by a reputable shop in Florida (Autotechnik) and has been raced for 6 years by two different owners. Engine rebuilt last winter. Is there a downside to a car like this. Will ChampCar penalitize the car because it is a custom built spec Miata. It is not cheap.
  6. The hotels in Dawsonville appear to be filled up. The closest hotels I can find are in Dahonega, GA (30 minutes from the Track). Any suggestions? Where is the best place to buy gasoline near the track? We are doing the test day on Friday 10/25. Can we drop of the trailer on Thursday evening? How late will AMP be open on Thursday to drop trailers? Is there power in the paddock area? Will we be able to park trailers close to the pits?
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