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  1. Fantastic !! Love the new name and logo !! My hat is off to the ChampCar staff....well done !!
  2. Thanks, I noticed that they are right down the road from me ( about 1 mile)/
  3. Who has the 949 (eastern region) car in Farmington , NY ?
  4. I am in the Farmington/Canandaigua area. I am available to take a look at your car. Where are you in WNY ?
  5. Started 2009 in Lemons. Made the jump to CCWS, and have never looked back
  6. Cayeye 49cc minicycle for sale. Completely rebuilt in September 2014. New Crankcase, clutch, and engine seals. Full fairings repaired and repainted. Headlights, tail lights and front & rear turn signals. Great on pavement, but not so good on grass. It will do about 20-25 mph with me on it (195 lbs)...on pavement. Full instrumentation. Fun little minibike. $350 Having difficulty posting pictures, but it is on my facebook page. Matt Zollweg
  7. PM me with details. I too am in the Finger Lakes. I was the original owner of both Baghdad Taxi and Flieger Schiesse Motorwerks. I am looking for a team to work and drive with.
  8. I would jump all over this if I hadn't already volunteered to work the race.
  9. I have had the "Objects in mirror are losing" decals on my Porsche mirrors for a couple of years now...I still chuckle when I notice them
  10. Thanks for the great year, John and Chumpcar staff. We couldn't have this fun without ya !
  11. He is in south-western NY ( think Binghampton). South of Syracuse, north of the Pennsylvania border...encompassing the Watkins Glen geographical area.
  12. 924S didn't come with a twin cam head. That would be either a very un advisable head swap, or the 16 valve ventiler engine from a late model 944. Just sayin...
  13. Out team car had the roof cut off at WGI. There is really no other choice but a Lexan windshield.
  14. The 924 - 944 platform in stock configuration will not be a fun car to campaign. They are a fragile car...to say the least. I have owned quite a few Porsches and although they are fun to drive, they can be very draining on the wallet trying to race. Basically they are not good for endurance racing, sprints are a different story. BMW's on the other hand are much more durable and therefore have more of that lasting quality we desire from endurance racing. Yes, I have owned a number of BMW's also. So, the other question is why did my team run a Honda CRx ? Simply because they are cheap, easy to repair, and sip fuel.
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