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  1. Vern here, driver of the Saab sports sedan that was involved in the late night incident at the bus stop. Thanks to the track first responders for their awesome work and professionalism. I'm fine. No major injuries. Just a little bruised up. I want to apologize to the driver of the RX7. My car suddenly shut down and lost all power. I could not get off the track fast enough. I hope and pray that the driver that hit me is okay. Racecars can be fixed or replaced, people, not so easy. I want to thank Champcar for giving us the opportunity to race a track like Daytona. Look
  2. Last year Daytona Chump Sups required all drivers to have a minimum # of WTW hours or NO novices. I do not see the same rule in this years Sups. Are novices allowed at Daytona this year?
  3. Vernett Baker here ! , call me at 314-917-0083 any time

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