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  1. @Bill Strong Accidentally put this in the wrong Forum, Can we move it to the correct section?
  2. Announcing our end-of-year ChampCar Endurance Series Porsche Boxster arrive and drive Dates and an early look at 2022 Schedule! If you want to do one of the events message or email below! 2021: Sebring Raceway - December 18 December 19, 2021 2022: Daytona - April 2nd 2022 Watkins Glen May 27-29th 2022 VIR 24 Hour August 13-14th 2022 Cars are 986 Porsche Boxsters built to Champ Car Specs and is close to a Spec Boxster. The Car is fast and easy to drive! There is an AIM MXL2 Dashboard in the car with all the critical information Displayed with Warning Lights. The car also Features an AIM SMARTYCAM for Overlaid data of your Stint. We also live Stream Video and Data from the car so we always know what is happening in the Pit. Full Timing Stand/Pit Cart from our IMSA program with Dual Monitors to watch the live stream from and call the race. We have our IMSA crew that takes care of the car so it is an Arrive and drive experience and food is provided. Message here or email Eric.r.rockwell@gmail.com !
  3. @Bill Strong is at Pitt Race, so hopefully this week he will post it
  4. Looking at the possibility of renting a seat for Laguna Seca in November. Experienced driver currently racing in IMSA in an Audi TCR car. Have been a ChampCar Overall winner before and Set FTD. Have Built 10+ Champ cars and currently Building and racing Boxsters on the East Coast, so I am a decent wrench and willing to help with any pit duties. I would like to be in a top 1/3rd car or fast EC car. Please reach out with Cost and details!
  5. yes we run stock tanks and it will go 2 hours no issue. But one of those things of "Maxing" the car out, with more fuel it gives you more options
  6. Somewhat, Its a super special shape to fit in the factory location. You also need to buy a 996 cup/996 extended range firewall/trunk and get that put in. You could try to fit a regular sized cell in the front trunk but that would be moving the tank forward about 4 feet. https://www.ioportracing.com/porsche-fuel-cells/fuel-safe-porsche-911/996-gt3r-pro-cell/
  7. They do not. Going through 3-4 sets of Half used tires Quick wearing tires (A052 or Re71r) is not that different than starting with 2 new sets of these tires. On our Boxster these tires last about 10 hours, so it would make sense after the Glen you had tires with 3-4 hour left in them. To max the capacity in 2021 Rules, 22 rules will be different.
  8. Sahlens Have just about Maxed the Boxster in Champ. They run Motec ECU's, Full custom chassis harness, And Tape for Their Doors, Trunk and Hood, No rear bumper for weight/aero and thats just from what I can see. The Fuel cells in those cars are a $5-6k deal. I assume they Port the intake and heads as well. So they are a pretty good determination of what a Boxster will do in Maxed trim.
  9. I will add to this thread that No cars that are Less than 15 years old will be added to VPI, So not really a threat of many outliers coming in anymore. This is from a tech desk article
  10. a True Spec E46 would start at 530 points because of 330 engine and with mods will be easily over 700 A True Spec boxster Starts at 475 and with mods is about 680 The cars you are seeing race arent "Spec" cars, but just newer cars built the same way as e30's and e36's of champ are built
  11. You need to consider only raising the VPI when multiple teams have run the car vs just one team going fast. Drivers play a huge roll in out right 1 lap pace, Our car is full of Pro level drivers. We have set FTD before in our S2000, Boxster and Altima, the common thread here is not the car but our driver line up. We also Run the Re71r Tires which everyone knows are 2 seconds per lap faster on most cars.
  12. 8x TR Motorsports C1M 15x7 +30mm 4x100 Wheels and 4 Hankook Rs4 Tires 225/45/15 Wheels are like new, the one set has only 1 race on them. Tires were used for 6 hours. Located in NJ, Will be at IMSA Watkins Next weekend and VIR 24 $950
  13. Hi Im that team. Yes we took about 3 weeks to get the cars ready and finished P3 and P5 overall at Daytona, and were leading for the last 7 hours until a tie rood started to loosen, had to come do an unplanned stop with 40 mins to go to tighten. I agree that they are easier to make competitive, vs an E30 lets say. They Come with alot of good stuff from the factory, Brakes for one are a good example. These were the 3rd and 4th ChampCar Boxsters I have built, so I had the formula down pretty well at that point, we were also the fastest boxsters at Daytona.
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