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  1. Decided to call it, Added up the cost and $5k for the weekend to just show up and not do a single lap. With 0 testing on the car I feel its the right decision. Anyways we are at RA right now for the AER event with our mustangs! May just sell the S2000 and run EC with one mustang.
  2. We were watching everyone else have fun though!
  3. We decided to make a decision to pull out of the race, with 0 Testing on the car with the new Setup and being 14 hours from home for the first race didnt sit well for me or the team budget. With another renter signing on for next week AER we decided to take the time to Prep our second AER Car. Honestly we are reconsidering the S2000 in general and might just bring one of our mustangs or another mustang to Run EC in General, Anyone want a prepped Champ S2k 🤣 I hear that Champ sanctions burnouts these days on Pit Road -
  4. Thanks, I had wanted to cut the decals out for the Sponsor panel before the race but hopefully the car works fine on Friday so that we can get it done.
  5. I have order 1969, Cars get loaded in the trailer this weekend. Would really like to put them on before we get there!
  6. Works through the AEM ECU, Since this is an early S2000 it has a drive by cable throttle. So the Ecu recognizes what gear you are in and has an RPM limit for each gear for 35 MPH. Is that Champs Pit Road MPH?
  7. One is a dedicated Radio button the other has a Connector on it that can be made anything that I want
  8. The car came with Gutted lights, Im not sure how oem lights would do on track. These have worked very well for us.
  9. Radio and Pit Speed limiter/Flash Lights Dash is An AIM MXG unit, like found in the new M4 GT4
  10. Depends What you mean by Non-Oe electronics. Dash Displays (Gauges) and Aftermarket Ecus are Both free
  11. I resisted from putting a Motec in and will be 500 Points
  12. Lights and Fancy Buttons! On track for Road Atlanta Debut!