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  1. When you have 35+ Gallons to dump in 3 Mins from Pit in to Pit out it has to be. Id like to see video that they can be faster. For Gravity feed I dont think you cam get much faster.
  2. Our 2 3/4 open unrestricted fuel Nozzle fills faster than dry breaks, tested to be about 3 seconds faster at 1/20th the cost. Add that to the time it takes to "line it up" with the dry break, an open nozzle is faster but some fuel spillage may be involved. Here is video of our stop below, you could see how much slower the dry break would make It.
  3. You can Build any Penske to have a remote Resivior. Would be custom but 100% doable.
  4. ATL, there is no advantage other than safety which is why It should have been allowed before.
  5. When I Tested in our AER, Our Dump cans with 2 3/4 inch nozzles were faster as the Dry Break was a bigger restriction and It take some time to "line it up" For Champ the time doesnt matter as much but in AER when you try to put in 40 ish gallons in 3 Minutes it does.
  6. One of my drivers did this While Leading the 24 hour, MY DRIVER was penalized even though the the other drover "waved" him by. I make a statement to never take back any postions under yellow and tell my drivers the same.
  7. For example, Here are two Coyote engines. Both Are Identical except for the Intake Manifold, Cams and Slightly (.5) lower compression. Guess which one I had used as the "base" for my Mods of Intake Manifold and Cams Modifiers
  8. Considering I have never Driven Sebring Before, I would defiantly be in! Big track with lots to learn I am sure others feel the same as well!
  9. For AER to run at the front of Class 5 we had to go from 2 Sets of Rs4's a weekend which we would sell to get money back (Net cost around $1000) To using 5 sets of Re71r At the eye watering cost of Increasing our tire budget five fold.
  10. I would say that While the tires contributed to the success but that was not the biggest issue. For reference I run a 275 Re71r on 3400 Lb 500 Hp Mustang in AER, We have found this tire to be faster than many larger sized tires (295 and 315 A052, 295 Rs4 ect) I can easily still change all 4 tires with that rule.
  11. The corvette has no Struts, how do you have a strut bar with No Struts lol
  12. I have 1 Brand new Set, and about 12 used Tires.
  13. Yup qualifying and racing is definitely a game in classes 1-4. Usually it turns out ok but there is definitely potential being placed in a class you can’t win.
  14. Sure! I have run close to 40 races with them, Most fast Champ Cars end up in Class 2/3
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