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  1. Depending on seat time desired price could fluctuate, I have no problem with anyone pm'ing me about an event and asking for pricing if they are serious. These cars have won overall and Podium'ed overall at the last 3 events they have ran.
  2. I would appreciate that! It was a vary hard call to make knowing we would loose the race but Not worth it for a Trophy!
  3. Rockwell Autosport Development Boxsters finish P3 and P5 Overall at Daytona out of 121 Cars! After an intense 4 week time frame to build two Boxsters from streetcars this is an amazing result. Want to give a thank you to Function Motorsports for knocking out two Cages In 7 DAYS! I gave him a completely insane time frame when I needed the cars done and he knocked it out of the park. After the cages, Eric, Alex, Doug and Peter worked on weekends and after school/work to build the two cars in 3 weeks. We had a luckily draw for starting position and both Boxsters were running up front the majority of the race. After about the 4 hour mark the Silver 716 Boxster took the lead and held it until the 12 hour mark. After some light contact earlier in the day on the driver rear caused the rear Toe arm to become loose, the car became unsafe to drive. We had to make the unfortunate decision to pull the car in to fix it as we value our cars and drivers making it home safe. With a lighting fast 4 minute fix, we were back on track. This was unfortunately not fast enough as we had lost the lead and finished the Race In P4 Overall. The 715 Blue Boxster had been running great but after losing a lap at the beginning due to a safety car and couple penalties we were happy to bring the car back P6 overall. Post race tech conluded the Original P1 car was not legal and was moved back to P5, Pushing the Boxsters up to P3 and P5! Thanks to all the Help we had in the pits pulling off flawless stops from Jake, Craig, Rich and Barry! Thanks to Our Drivers Maor, Taylor, Chris, Chet, Jared, Gary, Micahel and Nelson for doing great on track! We look forward to the Next race Watkins Glen International and VIR and have some seats available for the event! Contact If interested!
  4. They picked up the wrong Boxster as the leader Will post race recap later but congrats to Shark car!
  5. RS4 is the only tire I know that lasts as long as it does. The others are all very similar maybe re71r might be a shorter outlier.
  6. The only way I see too solve the tire problem is going to a Spec RS4, they last by far the longest out of all and one of the cheaper ones. If you ban some tires, we will just choose the fastest of the alloweed tires (Which will never be the RS4 as its the slowest)
  7. Rockwell Autosport Development formally known as BBY Racing has seats Arrive and Drive available for the 2021 Season! We are a Professional Race team that usually competes in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge with our AUDI RS3 LMS in the TCR class. In Champ Car we 986 Porsche Boxsters built to Champ Car Specs and is close to a Spec Boxster. The Car is fast and easy to drive! There is an AIM MXL2 Dashboard in the car with all the critical information Displayed with Warning Lights. The car also Features an AIM SMARTYCAM for Overlaid data of your Stint. In 2020 we had an Overall WIN at the 12 Hours Of Thompson and 3rd Overall at the VIR 24 Hour. The 12 hour win demonstrates the outright speed while the 24 hour podium shows the longevity and dependability. The cars are reliable, fast and Overall Podium Contenders! We also live Stream Video and Data from the car so we always know what is happening in the Pit. Full Timing Stand/Pit Cart from our IMSA program with Dual Monitors to watch the live stream from and call the race. We have our IMSA crew that takes care of the car so it is an Arrive and drive experience and lunch is provided. You can checkout our team page here - https://www.facebook.com/RockwellAutosportDevelopment/ If interested please send me a message as we have the Following events available- Watkins Glen May 28-30th 2021 NJMP June 25-27 2021 AER VIR 24 Hour August 7-8 2021
  8. AIM GT320 Steering wheel and EVO 4 logger.Will come with the wheel, cable for wheel to logger, logger and usb for Logger. No sensors included. This wheel is designed for GT cars has lights in the Top for shifting and lights in the middle for warnings. Screen can display lap data and car data. Wheel will work with any 6 bolt quick releaseAsking $2500
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