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  1. Luckily Stoptech liked we were putting together and Partnered with us.
  2. Also You can see the Dates on the Emails , I have had my bases covered for a while
  3. For fun-sies Ill leave this here too
  4. Since this is my car I guess I should add you should look at OEM Pricing for Said 500 Pt 9000 RPM import. Also it makes 200 at the wheels when we had it dyno tuned.
  5. Got Some good Testing in the S2000 while at the AER Event at Watkins Glen (And Its Fast!). Also won the event Overall on Sunday with the mustangs! and 2nd overall with Points for the weekend
  6. Champ has good cars and good racing. At Road Atlanta you guys had a car do 1:37 in the race, Our best time for the weekend with our 302R mustang was 1:34 flat in race trim (1:32 in Qualifying) People that mention speed differential dont realize how fast Champ Cars actually are.
  7. We dont race west sadly, Wouldnt be a big deal to ship
  8. Correct as it use to be 2.5, changed this year
  9. 3 Coolers 20 Points, x2 for 24 hour race
  10. because 12 laps is not a "few"
  11. I got two! and a Third on the way haha! I would LOVE if champ made an S197 we could run but thats asking alot. I still feel the S197 is over valued at 550 for the V8 but hard when its a 315 Hp and 3600lb car, But I bet it would be right up there with the top cars and still wouldnt be the fastest.
  12. Why are bushings free in the first place? Seems like OEM bushings are easy to find... https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-suspension-refresh-upgrade-kit-e36-rear-oem-meyle-hd-e36rearkit?ads_cmpid=1586640911&ads_adid=59893888775&ads_matchtype=&ads_network=g&ads_creative=298302526031&utm_term=&ads_targetid=pla-327620319311&utm_campaign=&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&ttv=2&gclid=CjwKCAiAwojkBRBbEiwAeRcJZBju5c37cwx1kh_PaRoQ5e0C8xc2Z7BLAlORKDyiMM131LopGGz8gBoCauQQAvD_BwE
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