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  1. After a successful first race with the BBY Boxster, we are looking to fill out the rest of the season. Car is Freshly Wrapped Blue/Black/Yellow over the factory silver. The car is a 1999 Porsche Boxster built to Champ Car Specs and is close to a Spec Boxster. The Car is fast and easy to drive! There is an AIM MXL2 Dashboard in the car with all the critical information Displayed with Warning Lights. The car also Features an AIM SMARTYCAM for Overlaid data of your Stint. We also live Stream Video and Data from the car so we always know what is happening in the Pit. We have a Full Timing Stand/Pit Cart with Dual Monitors to watch the live stream from and call the race. We have crew that takes care of the car so it is an Arrive and drive experience and lunch is provided. You can checkout our team page here - https://www.facebook.com/BBYRacing/ If interested please send me a message as we have the Following events available- May 22-24 Champ Watkins (SEATS FILLED ) June 13-14 Champ COTA June 26-28 AER NJMP July 18-19 Champ Nelson Ledges August 8-9 Champ Vir 24 Sept 12-13 Champ Indy
  2. I will Add that I have had an NRG Hub Fail on me as well. The inner Clip had spun to the point where it was jammed and would not release even when it was in the correct spot. I Moved to the OMP and Sparco setups.
  3. I have a Nice OMP one for sale! $200
  4. Are Air Jacks allowed? and is anyone already using them?
  5. ah so 12, so about every 8 hours seems about right.
  6. How many tires did he go through for $4k? only 10?
  7. I'll Leave you with this, I race the rule book I was given, Loop Holes and all.
  8. Well "List" price is all the same, the difference is how much they take off.
  9. The rule as written says "nationally recognized auto parts retail chain" is a dealer parts department not a "nationally recognized auto parts retail chain"?
  10. Well currently Dealer pricing is allowed at sites like- https://www.hondapartsunlimited.com/ I have been told this is ok by multiple people, tech and Mike himself.
  11. OEM parts are sold by nationally recognized auto parts retail chain
  12. You are, technically we should stop calling it dealer pricing but OEM Pricing.
  13. So special rules for specific cars, seems like what you are trying to avoid. My main point is that 2X as it currently stands doesn't seem to be an actual issue dealer cost or not. Those that say but my dealer cost is only .... well I say " We didnt choose your car". I had specifically chose my car due to the way the rules are. It would throw my entire build out pretty much if they decide to change 2X.
  14. Lets say I wanted to run this- https://www.kseriesparts.com/KON-8050-1118.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwsYb0BRCOARIsAHbLPhEXhpcsNLX7G_i1nsKzK_toXR7eb2W4MEI-eWviyxL8sRCSA24mswsaAp7YEALw_wcB What is my 2x Value (using autozone or like) on my Shocks for an S2000 so that I Could show tech that I am in fact under 2x?
  15. Racetech RT4129HRW Race SeatThis is one of the safest seats that you could buy on the market and built to the FIA 8862-2009 Advanced Racing Seat standard. It has the mounts to be mounted to the cage and an inlet for back cooling.The seat was $3500 newASKING $1500! PRICE DROP!! $1000!!Will be at the Following Events and Can bring the SeatApril 25 Champ Charlotte 14 hour | NCMay 8-10 AER Watkins / May 8/9 GTA RA
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