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  1. BBY Racing would like to announce our Spec Boxster Enduro Program for 2020! We will be racing this car all over the country in Both ChampCar Endurance Series and American Endurance Racing. Seats will be available!


    Will have Full AIM Data with Smarty Cam, Live Stream Video and Data, Timing Stand and Full Support


    Schedule below, If interested in an event Send me a message!


    Feb 7-8 Champ Road Atlanta 14 hour

    March 7 Champ Vir 12 Hour

    March 21-22 Champ NCM 8+7

    April 25 Champ Charlotte 14 hour

    May 22-24 Champ Watkins

    June 13-14 Champ COTA

    July 18-19 Champ Nelson Ledges

    August 8-9 Champ Vir 24

    Sept 12-13 Champ Indy


    Here are some In Progress Pictures!








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  2. 8 minutes ago, Huggy said:

    This is what really upsets me.  Sorry, I'm 100% not involved with what happened at Barber, and I should probably stay the hell out of this, but this is what I do know:


    The team in question was found to be running Bilstein Coilovers, adjustable rear toe-links (No photo), and GT3RS adjustable control arms at Indy.  Photos from Saturday Impound.  They were not protested on Saturday.


    It was brought to Tech's attention during the race on Sunday when it became apparent they were in podium contention.  

    The team was alerted privately, and they elected to have a "flat tire" with a few laps to go, and fall off of the podium on Sunday.

    At the request of Champcar, This was kept quiet for the team and Champcar's benefit.  


    This was done with the implied promise that it was resolved and would not come up again.  It appears that the implied trust has been broken.




    This is NOT what they ran at Barber.

    On 11/23/2019 at 9:04 PM, morganf said:

    For reference: In order to protest you must have protest forms filled out and $50  https://champcar.org/mainweb/pdf/2019TechProtestForm.pdf



    Top Right Yellow Bilstein is what they Ran, That is an exact pic from the race. 

  3. 20 hours ago, Grufton said:


    I think what LuckyKid is trying to say is that all engine swaps "must use the highest valued model from its generation" per BCCR 4.5.6.  The question then is whether or not the AP1 and AP2 are separate generations.  Given that the chassis appears to be the same, I would say they're the same generation, but the implementation of this rule is wildly inconsistent.

    For example, a 1984 E30 318i and 1990 E30 325is are treated as the same generation, while the 1989 944S and 1989 944S2 are not.

    I assume the point is moot here though, since I can't imagine anyone would want to swap in a less powerful motor and start 5+ laps down.


    The reason given to me as to why the value was different was due to Chassis Suspension geometry, as they make the Same HP and Same fuel tank size. 

  4. On 9/19/2019 at 11:11 AM, red0 said:


    People ballooning their tanks was not specific to a make (Honda). Once tech found out people were doing it, they outlawed it. 

    As you are aware, fuel capacity is important. If two cars of the same chassis have very different fuel capacities, their values should reflect that. 

    The AP2 S2000 just got raised and it never even made top 10. I still think 500 points for an AP1 is low, but time will tell. 


    As far As I know, there were no AP2 S2000 ever raced 

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