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  1. I sure hope not, just means extra $$$ I have to spend. I would rather have the option of keeping the 1.6 parts
  2. So I now have to use a 1994 Miata's Value for my 1990 for an engine swap? Even tho I have smaller brakes, fuel tank, diff, ect?
  3. The cars are built very close to each other on purpose, As you can see in the schedule they usually don't run in the same event so the other car usually serves as a parts car for the other mustang. Along with that I personally drive a 2013 Mustang GT daily and we have 2 parts cars. So spares are not an issue. But on the topic of spares, in 2016 over 5 events and over 100 race hours we had ZERO mechanical failure or any failure for that matter. The car went out every morning to track to grid and came back at the end of each race day. We spent ZERO times in the cold pits with the car. If its anything I pride myself in is in the prep of the car. I am superstitious so *knocks on wood*. I prep and look after the cars and break them down after every event, If a part shows any signs of wear it gets replaced. We also had no contact last season and are looking to keep that tradition for 2016. As for crew we bring two crew members to help us Pit and Fuel. We have gotten our fueling stops down to 2 minutes flat in AER and End up holding the car for the required 3 minute stop.
  4. Not the same Mustang, But We will not be doing Chump RA. The Chump events are WGI, VIR and Pitt
  5. 5 Chump/Lemons races can let you pass for AER, If interested Shoot me a text And I can walk you through
  6. AER WGI Should have some really nice cars, If you have full nomex you can even be part of our crew if you want.
  7. Hello guys We have a few seats to sell in our cars for the 2017 Season, Check Availability in the Table Below. We have two cars, both S197 Mustangs. The 1st one is named Lori a 2013 Boss 302R and Is Primarily an AER Car (The Blue Car Below) The 2nd One is too be named so we call it Mustang 2 which is a 2005 Mustang Gt. Built to be a Chump EC Mustang (the Black Car Below) In the 2016 Season, We finished top 3 in our class 4 of 5 races in AER and SCCA, and were able to win our last two events at Summit Point with AER and VIR with SCCA. Our team is sponsored by CoolShirts, CorteX Racing, Twisted Mudding, Fully Torqued Racing, Blow Fish Racing, and some others coming on board this season. Your payment includes everything that has to do with the race, cars, garage rentals, drinks(including beer), fuel, transport of cars and equipment... You are responsible for your own transportation to the event, lodging, your safety gear, and race license/credentials. You are also encouraged to help with pit stops, set up/brake down, but it's up to you. Arrive and drive is fine too. We do meticulous prep work, and the cars show up ready to race with all new wearable's every race .One Garage per car, and Golf Cart are always rented(if available).* We do not skimp on anything, and run a fun professional team. If you think you want to be a part of it or have questions, shoot me a text, or feel free to call, Or Message on here. Eric 732-977-5116 Chump Events are the Green ones below and Light Blue are AER, Some AER Events are already sold out.
  8. ANy one have any details on 474 the 2005 Mustang or 636 m3 e46? Looks like some nice cars out there.
  9. Thats Why i was trying to get information, Dont see how it would be a safety concern.
  10. Hello, I know that the rules state we must have either the stock tank OR a fuel cell. For another series we run we have a Fuel Cell and Stock tank running together. So I was wondering if this rule still applies to EC cars?
  11. Damn was really hoping for NJMP or Summit. Oh well maybe next year
  12. So I havent followed the thread closely the last 20 pages, Is the swap formula set in stone yet or when will it be?
  13. Currently with no Entries from what I can tell, Looks like they will cancel like they did with Pitt.
  14. They will be going there for their first event in 2017- https://www.facebook.com/events/876129542488962/ Well I guess thats your choice to make, I know most chump teams arrive at least a day before to the race. Its a relaxed environment, we usually leave Friday morning and Qualify Friday night. First event for 17 Have no experience with Lucky dog no events on the East coast, same with WRL.
  15. Lets Compare real quick AER Road Atlanta Vs Chump- AER- $1800 all in for 3 days, 4 hours Practice 4 Hours Qualifying and two 9 Hour races Saturday and Sunday. 26 hours Total Chump- $1200 for 2 days, Two 7 hour race days 14 Hours Total $60 Number panel $20x3 $50 for each Driver Over 4, We usually Run 5 Drivers $20 Per crew member we bring 2 Total is $1350 for Chump Vs $1800 for AER but Per Hour Chump is $96 and AER is $69 So I guess you determine what the better value is
  16. Did we ever gat an awnswer on ECU like Mega Squirt?
  17. Hey guys looking for a wrench in NJ to join our team. Currently we are running in AER with our 2013 Boss 302R. I fully prep and race the car myself and this leaves almost no time to do any other events. So I am looking for someone to Prep and Transport either our 2003 Crown Vic Lemons car or Our 1990 Miata. We are looking to do long distance Races (Daytona,Cota,Barber.....) with a Couple of different series, So make sure you are willing to transport. In exchange you get to race with us at no cost, Would prefer local to NJ. Contact me if interested! Eric 732-977-5116
  18. Rule book says any Car under 1000 Points can run
  19. They have a 2005-2009 V6 Mustang Valued at 510 Points while no value for a GT. Based on the other years of Mustang, a 2004 V6 is Worth 400 while a 2004 Gt is Worth 550, I would Expect the Gap to be similar.
  20. Hey guys, I was wondering who I can get in contact with to get the value of a 2005 Mustang GT? It is not listed on the MPV table, I sent two emails to tech@chumpcar.com over the past month with no reply Thanks! Eric
  21. Hey guys quick question, Which Pit stalls were right by the gate? Should be in the 35-40 Range?
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