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  1. They have a 2005-2009 V6 Mustang Valued at 510 Points while no value for a GT. Based on the other years of Mustang, a 2004 V6 is Worth 400 while a 2004 Gt is Worth 550, I would Expect the Gap to be similar.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering who I can get in contact with to get the value of a 2005 Mustang GT? It is not listed on the MPV table, I sent two emails to tech@chumpcar.com over the past month with no reply Thanks! Eric
  3. Hey guys quick question, Which Pit stalls were right by the gate? Should be in the 35-40 Range?
  4. For sale! 8 - Hankook 255/40/17 Tires! These were supposed to be used on a lemons car that Promptly blew up on the 10th lap. These were purchased in May of this year. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hankook-Ventus-R-S3-Version-2-255-40-17-XL-Tire-Single-/381566907674?fits=Section+Width%3A255|Aspect+Ratio%3A40|Rim+Diameter%3A17&hash=item58d728f51a:g:5LkAAOSwYIhWjAUn&vxp=mtr 4 of the tires Are Brand new with stickers on them 4 have the 10 laps only on them Would like to sell in sets of 4- Asking $500 for the tires with ten Laps Asking $550 for the tires with stickers or $1000 for both Can Deliver to Summit Point AER Race or Located in 07722 NJ!
  5. It held up well But wasnt as stiff as I liked it, You can read the full build on the car below http://trackmustangsonline.com/index.php?topic=10209.0
  6. Yup Defiantly an Arms race, Luckily We are prepared-
  7. Awesome thank you, So that would be a 328i correct? I know alot of people run 325's in AER.
  8. Because in the end I don't want to build a cost cutting car. I want to be able to put anything on the car and not worry about the points value from it. Any reason you say no to the M3?
  9. Hey guys First of all dont worry this will be an EC car, So you can throw the Rule book out the window. Interested in building an E36 as and Amateur Endurance Race Car. The problem is I know nothing about BMW's racing wise and what they need.My first thought is to go to an M3 as they could be had for about 5k but it seems that the cost of the engine is very high and in Endurance Racing it would be nice to keep it cheap. So I was looking at other E36 but dont know where to start.From what I have seen the cooling system is the main issue with the car along with the bushings. Other than that how reliable is the car? Does the car need coolers for the Trans, Engine and diff?Any advice would be great as we would run the car in AER, WRL and Chump carThanks!
  10. The car Is a RACE CAR, Meant for the track. There is no Title included with the sale. Car will be sold on Bill of sale only. The car was built and swapped by TheTuningSchool.com. It was used as a teaching school and can be seen on their website. Originally the Car was run in NASA American Sedan in Florida. The car needs a tune and should be ready to go! Asking $5999 OBO! Eric 732-977-5116 The parts that are on it are- Safety- -6 Point cage with Full Nascar Door Bars -Fire Suppression System -Racing Seat with Mounts for a 6 Point Harness -Fuel Cell -Window Net Motor - A Low mileage 2006 4.6 3 Valve motor - Custom Single Turbo kit with Fender Dump exhaust -STS Turbo -STS WasteGate -STS BOV -Intercooler in Core Support -Sct x3 hand held programmer -3 core aluminum radiator with Electric Fan -Repinned wiring harness from a 2006 Gt -Push button start Fuel- -Return style fuel system -60lb injector solutions injectors -255 in line pump -Aeromotive fuel regulator -Braided Fuel lines -Fuel Cell Suspension- -Bmr control arms -Maximum motorsport cc plates -Weld in subframe connectors -Custom 3 link rear suspension Drivetrain and Brakes- -2003 Cobra Brakes -2003 Cobra Spindles -Brake Bias Controller -Tr3650 trans -Aluminum Driveshaft -3.73 Gears -5 Lug rear Conversion -Mccloud stage 3 clutch -Roush shifter -Manual brakes
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