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  1. 1 of the Camaros is not Champ Spec, The other was only competitive in D class it seems and a little too high on price for what it is. The E36 Scott posted is around what Im looking for but that car is a little more battle worn than I would like.
  2. Thank you guys for the info but none of them fit exactly what im looking for.
  3. 2x Rule can be applied to any national retailer which includes dealer pricing (where you will typically find the Highest Price)
  4. As far As I know, there were no AP2 S2000 ever raced
  5. Bleed every night, Gives you chance to get the wheels off the car and check for other issues as well
  6. Our Second car sadly got wrecked, Looking to buy a Proven, Competitive ChampCar as I dont have the time to build another from scratch. Message with any leads.
  7. Congrats To Chris and team for winning the 24 Hour, Its a hard race but they ran it perfect, Both with Prep and Driving. Congrats to Bill Riley and Damson for rounding out the podium, I wasnt expecting the camaro to last the whole race! We will be back next year to try again hopefully with a more developed S2k!
  8. Pretty sure it happened right behind you, as in just after you left the esses at the top, it was happening at the bottom
  9. Looking for Video of #112 BBY Acura Integra Crash at around 9:30 am with 3 hours and 25 mins to go Thanks
  10. Chumpcar back then was more related to Demo Derby without the crashes.
  11. Race gas is legal so I don't see the issue here? Its the series choice to make it illegal and the competitors choice if they want to use it.
  12. Anyone mounting/dismounting tires at VIR?
  13. Still have 1 Seat in The S2000 and 1 Seat in The Integra Available! Fresh Paint and Aim MXL2 Installed!
  14. ^ Also in perspective a time $4k cost on brakes will actually save us money in the long run, and if we decide to sell the car the Brakes can be taken off and sold getting I would say 60% of initial investment back.
  15. The 2X rule is quoted above, it hasnt changed. The "issue" with the 2x rule is that it applies to different cars in a different way as some brands parts cost more than others. Same with Fuel tank size, Its something that comes with your car and you cant change, 2x is the same way.
  16. Someone really loves my Brakes they decided to make Two threads Check out the 2x Pricing, I dont make the rules.... Its nice to know everyones scared of a car that hasn't ran a single Champ lap, means that it should do pretty well if people are so scared of it Link to the one you made in April -
  17. Fun fact- On VIR there are some pretty good off-road Trails, If your golf cart skills are up to the task they are pretty fun to do!
  18. Its pretty controllable, I had the Volume set pretty light. Its less paint than a Spray can at times
  19. Rustolem Paint from Home Depo + Paint Thinner + Automotive Paint Hardener (the Key) + Harbor freight Spray Gun About $60 all in with materials+gun Also you can pick up Automotive Single Stage if you want a Better finish But It is about $25 a quart vs $7, I used two Quarts on the interior.
  20. Still have two seats Available in the Integra (with fresh paint!) and 1 in the S2000!
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