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  1. Im sure We will be in a similar boat to you as well at RA. Our AER Mustangs burn around 13-12 gallons an hour.
  2. Well in a 7hr ( and any odd number race time) you dont have to make 2 hrs. For example Champ Requires you to make a stop every 2 hrs so over the race time you need to stop at minimum 4 times, at 5 mins a piece thats 15 mins off the total so down to 6:45 or 4 stints of 1:40 each. I bet if you plotted Even vs Odd number races, the cars that cant do 2 hrs finish better at odd number races. The only other advantage would be if you can make 3 hrs then one of your stops could be no fuel at all and save 2-3 mins. But congrats to Crowd Control, Glad to see a Mustang win and They should run more Odd number races like Watkins Glen, Especially since its a power track.
  3. I saw in another post that your car passed tech for 2019, So if we make the filler tube from metal we are ok?
  4. You were correct at the time Jer but Mike did not have all the details at the time of what actually transpired. No hard feelings
  5. Feel free to discuss my standing as a member there or email Mike , let’s keep the thread on track. But I’ll save you the time, Not banned any more. Not Banned from any other series other than WRL( which I was banned from before what happened) or from Road Atlanta.
  6. I was more wondering if anyone has ACTUALLY done this in practice and succeeded. With this post it seems it was illegal in the 2019 Rule book then changed to be legal -
  7. I know that it is legal to turn your heater core or AC Condensers into an oil cooler, But has anyone actually done this successfully ? Also what about the lines/adapters/fittings needed to make this an oil cooler? Is it 0 Points as well?
  8. So does this make any Non Adjustable Penske or like Shock legal for other marquees as well?
  9. Up for sale is a very solid 1992 BMW E36 Caged rolling chassis. The car is rust free. Cage and Welding work is very well done. Front subframe and lower control arms are from a 98 2.8 z3 which means the subframe already has the nutserts for z bar and e36 lower control arms. Bought this earlier in the year but ended up getting another car. Has title and Located in Howell NJ. Asking $2999
  10. https://www.svtperformance.com/threads/coyote-in-cougar-clothes-road-racing-sleeper.1127618/ https://www.svtperformance.com/threads/in-car-footage-from-our-watkins-chumpcar-race.1035011/ Can read about the build here, They use Stock Subframes and suspension.... Do very well
  11. I wish it was, Truck motor is 360 Hp. I wish there was a way to get one in any car, Love them in my mustangs. Im a die Hard Mustang/V8 guy but looking at the rules there was very little to do to make it competitive. So we ended up with an S2000, Should be pretty fun with A free stand alone ECU (Traction control ect) and the other free 500 pt stuff.
  12. Ford 5.0 engine, Comes in newer mustangs and f150's Same engine we run in our AER cars
  13. What was the value of the AP2 as only the AP1 is listed in the VPI table?
  14. So, Is there a consensus on Repurposed Materials NOT made into parts on the VPI list. For example Flares made from cut off body parts?
  15. Do any teams out there take laps and are still competitive and or win races? I havent found a way to see the results to see which teams had started out with laps
  16. Is it free in the 95-98 328i tho? Quick search shows only a few had it in 95/96, But not literature proof
  17. I also Asked for it to be added and Mike told me that he would.
  18. 11-14 Mustang V6 is 550 Points, 475 with Auto
  19. What is a good source to find Fuel Capacities? Looking For the following Cars- 1998 E36 328i 1993 E36 325i 2000 E46 328i 2002 E46 325i
  20. https://champcar.org/mainweb/pdf/VPITable2019v1.pdf
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