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  1. Figured I would get a pretty quick answer from here but sent to ChampCar officials as well. Our team is attempting to bring back a ChampCar that we had purchsed awhile back and we wanted to know if the roll cage in the rear here would be passable through tech this year? Any direction and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you -Jacob
  2. Spot is still open for any interested drivers who would like to join us for the 24 hours at VIR.
  3. Rolling Roadblock Racing is looking for experienced drivers to fill our final seat at the 24 hour race at VIR. We have five drivers currently on our team, four of which have raced previously in multiple races within ChampCar. Our 1990 Mazda Miata has made it through each of the three races we have competed in (AMP Double, VIR 12 Hours South, & 14 Hours @ Charlotte) With each race we have made improvments to the car and continue to do so for the upcoming race at VIR. We are not looking for a driver to set the world on fire in speed, but an experienced and deliberate driver who will bring th
  4. I run an Iracing league for the oval side of things and frankly that just happens as time wears on. Everyone has many different things to do and as the year wears on the participation starts to go down some. You all are offering pretty much in line or more than what most other Iracing leagues would offer during the course of a season. Broadcasts, prizes etc. I do all of the same things for our main racing series and I still see a drop off from the beginning of the season to when we reach our finale in November. Unless there is a massive drop off I wouldn't think too much of it and just look at
  5. Hey Doc, I run a NASCAR league on Iracing as well so if you have questions on how to setup the sessions and things of that nature please feel free to ask. Either message me on here or on Iracing and I'll pitch in wherever I can.
  6. You guys looked really good at the 24 this past weekend and I was pulling for ya to bring home the class A win. You'll certainly be tough competition when the series returns in December. Good to see fellow Iracers getting interest in the real deal as well. Hopefully, we'll be on the track with you in December to run with you. Jacob Fyfe
  7. Thanks guys, this is a lot of good information to take in and make a solid decision off of. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions as our team navigates through the various things of Chumpcar lol
  8. We would pretty much be exclusively running out of the East region with our first race hopefully being Charlotte here later in the year. So if each driver has an IMSA helmet kit to attach into the helmet what type of package system would you recommend for the team to use? I noticed you have a few different brands but will say the NASCAR pack you have on sale cover me say if I want to do the December race at VIR what type of range differences are there between the packs?
  9. Need a little help figuring a few things out as our team is just getting started and trying to sort out a lot of things. I've noticed the various communication packages on the Sampson website and had a couple questions. One, would I need a helmet that has radio communication integrated into it or is there ways to rig it without something like that and in turn help lessen the cost of a helmet? What would be the most cost efficient system to use or what do other teams use that works well? As driver changes occur how does the communication system go from person to person? Does each person have th
  10. Do you have any links and/or pictures where I can get a look at the car?
  11. The budget we would be looking at would probably be in the $2000-4000 range depending on how many spare parts and extras the car came with. Just a decent starter car for a new team to kind of get out feet wet.
  12. I have a race winning e30 that I may be willing to sell.  Has raced in Chump for three years.  Several top trns and one race win at AMP in Oct.  Placed 11th and 9th at VIR last week.  Race ready.  Could use a new left front hub and third gear is starting to go.  Seat is on sliders.  $6500 includes a Paid entry to the VIR race next March and fresh tires.   Located in Greensboro NC.  Avalible Feb 2016.


    Warren Gould

    Gould.warren@ gmail.com

    316 393-8096

  13. I have looked there and what I have seen I am slightly weary of for that very reason and really didn't see much that caught my eye either. Thank you and glad to be here! Should be an interesting ride!
  14. When were you able to look at it? Looking at the forum post it looks like a pretty decent deal just worried it may be a little too late in the game to sweep it up.
  15. Looking to start a team with a few friends and live in the Richmond Virginia area. What are some other places to look for cars that are at least somewhat race ready (Most safety stuff installed to pass tech and can run at least). I have looked on the forums here obviously and have google searched some other sites just want to make sure I am not missing any other good places to look as our team would like to have something to work on through the winter to prepare for the 2016 season.
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