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  1. Is there any way I can get some more pictures and details on the car please?
  2. Is this located in Nashville or somewhere else?
  3. Figured I would get a pretty quick answer from here but sent to ChampCar officials as well. Our team is attempting to bring back a ChampCar that we had purchsed awhile back and we wanted to know if the roll cage in the rear here would be passable through tech this year? Any direction and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you -Jacob
  4. Spot is still open for any interested drivers who would like to join us for the 24 hours at VIR.
  5. Rolling Roadblock Racing is looking for experienced drivers to fill our final seat at the 24 hour race at VIR. We have five drivers currently on our team, four of which have raced previously in multiple races within ChampCar. Our 1990 Mazda Miata has made it through each of the three races we have competed in (AMP Double, VIR 12 Hours South, & 14 Hours @ Charlotte) With each race we have made improvments to the car and continue to do so for the upcoming race at VIR. We are not looking for a driver to set the world on fire in speed, but an experienced and deliberate driver who will bring the car back in one piece and run consistent lap times, as our goal is to finish the race and give each driver an enjoyable experience. Our price for the seat is $1000 for what should equate to 4 hours of racing barring no major issues with the car. If you are interested in joining with us in the 24 hour race at VIR please feel free to PM me or shoot me a text 804-814-6323. Most of our team is within the metro Richmond area if you would like to see the car prior to the race we have a workday coming up and you are more than welcome to join us for that. Looking forward to hearing from you! Jacob Fyfe Rolling Roadblock Racing Team Captain
  6. I run an Iracing league for the oval side of things and frankly that just happens as time wears on. Everyone has many different things to do and as the year wears on the participation starts to go down some. You all are offering pretty much in line or more than what most other Iracing leagues would offer during the course of a season. Broadcasts, prizes etc. I do all of the same things for our main racing series and I still see a drop off from the beginning of the season to when we reach our finale in November. Unless there is a massive drop off I wouldn't think too much of it and just look at it as a natural progression of the league. The trick now it is to find new members to join the league to keep things moving along.
  7. Hey Doc, I run a NASCAR league on Iracing as well so if you have questions on how to setup the sessions and things of that nature please feel free to ask. Either message me on here or on Iracing and I'll pitch in wherever I can.
  8. You guys looked really good at the 24 this past weekend and I was pulling for ya to bring home the class A win. You'll certainly be tough competition when the series returns in December. Good to see fellow Iracers getting interest in the real deal as well. Hopefully, we'll be on the track with you in December to run with you. Jacob Fyfe
  9. As someone who volunteered this weekend I know the beginning of the race probably after the first hour through when they brought a yellow out and really got after everyone that they were trying to give black flags and get a better control of the race as best they could. I think ultimately as someone who drives in these races as well the drivers and teams have to race the way they want to be raced and create the racing they want to see in the series. From there you have to trust that ChumpCar will do what they can to implement the rules and hold other drivers/teams accountable. I know from being on both sides of it that you can't really ask the Chump Staff to do too much more from what they are already doing. I know at one point they were still giving black flags out for incidents that happened 30minutes to an hour before hand, so you can't say that after a certain point they let things go or anything like that.
  10. It'll show up on the site once the session launches at 9pm
  11. Have a 96 miata that we are selling as a spare car of ours. If you are in the Richmond area (or even if you arent) take a look at the cragslist post linked below and let me know if you have any questions. https://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/6221485498.html
  12. Thank ya sir! I appreciate it, we're working away at it now and hope to be signed up here in the next month or so.
  13. What is the car count limit for this race? I am looking to sign up for this race but we still have a few more things to wrap up with the car before I can financially commit to it.
  14. When I have done it in the past and hope to continue to do this year it was done at $10 an hour. You could either have it applied to you directly as cash in hand or you could have it added to your team's credits and apply to entry fee's and the such. It is usually done on a per person basis and your whole team does not have to attend. I know I was able to volunteer the 24 last year and basically after a certain number of hours I had a free entry into the next race of my choice. Just keep in mind (and this could have changed) but usually when there was chumpchange still around you had to use it within the same year.
  15. Can we get a clarification or an official ChumpCar position on what is allowable with the number panels and lighting them? The 363 seen above are ours and we have two reflective panels for each side of the car but I need to know if I have to add the lights as well, and if so where can I get them from since as mentioned as well since Chump is not selling them currently.
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