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  1. Wyatt

    Newby Question

    We were running 15x10 inch wheels if I remember correctly. Lots-o-grip!
  2. Just spaced about it, whoops
  3. My 1 and only clean(ish) lap before the failure, with cold tires and 1 lapped car I still managed a 25.2. Should have been in the 24s or 23s but fate had other ideas... Happens going into T6 on the 2nd lap of Sunday. https://youtu.be/EmrVXxoYlWg?t=2412
  4. I remember having fun with that car on Sunday after we fixed the half shaft and before we lost the fuel pump. Looked fun, and really nice legs for a miata.
  5. I've warmed an e30 up on the dyno, just idling and going through gears gently, stopping the roller and going again till it reaches an equilibrium. 5-8 minutes. From there I did 4 power runs back to back with about 30 seconds in between runs. Peak numbers come usually on the 3rd run. Sometimes 4th. But only if you're not using the stock fan. Otherwise that's usually the first run as that thing is really parasitic. I typically take it off and usually it's off on race cars.
  6. The stroker m20b27s usually output more tq than hp by about 3 numbers 180/183. The intake, ports, and cam aren't optimized for that much more airflow demand.
  7. I have a dyno myself, it usually takes about 5 minutes for things to normalize to what you'll get with ambient conditions. Some cars with good cold air intakes will pick up power from heat as the oil gets hotter and thinner, and the coolant temp being higher robs less power out of the cylinder walls improving thermal efficiency.
  8. Dynos do have atmospheric correction so that shouldn't matter in theory.
  9. It's an old laser scan of the track from 8+ years ago. Still, it doesn't matter too much as we aren't allowed to use those runoff areas during the race.
  10. Pour one out for your homies 🍻 It was pretty upsetting, I started 1st behind the pace car, we had a few laps of fuel left in the car which I was going to use to build a nice gap to RVA. Which was going swimmingly until a half shaft somehow randomly popped out under braking. I drove again later and couldn't repeat it. Another race to add to my incredibly long list of the car breaking out of 1st place. Lol
  11. Drove 1 lap Sunday, set the fastest lap up to that point in the race immediately before the half shaft decided to pop out of the diff. I think I jinxed it when I said "pick an SC300 to win a race." My favorite quote of the weekend I happened to overhear. "You hit my front bumper again!" Thanks to the Burningham guys for inviting me, I had a great time with a great group of guys and gal!
  12. Wyatt

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    Twas a fun challenge. Handed the car over in 1st, moved to 2nd from the pitstop rotation. I got in, in 10th. P.S. I was actually happy the cool suit ran out of ice, I was cold. No idea what anyone is complaining about.