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  1. My race was the tale of two heart breaks. I started the race in the Not Banned Yet #307. I cut through the field in the first hour or so and was cruising around doing what I consider an easy pace on the car. No curbing, shifting gently, easy on the brakes. Etc. We still turned the FTD with a 2:13.8, just a tenth faster than my FTD from last year in the Huggy #146. I got out with the car in 1st and handed it to Justin of JAS. We continued on for a few more stints before our alternator started to fail. We ended up changing it and losing 5 laps. A challenge I was looking forward to since the boss gave me the go ahead to go for the extra mustard. Unfortunately, the fuel rail literally cracked before I got back in. Right snack dab in the middle of a solid piece of steel. Our only known spare was back in Richmond, a 6 hour round trip. We called it quits, happy the car wasn't extra crispy with a side of marshmallows. Next morning the guys at Leviathan Motorsports asked me to drive their car. I was down in the pits talking to them about doing so when suddenly, 30 minutes ahead of schedule the driver came in complaining of engine overheating. "Well Wyatt, it looks like it's time to suit up!" So I sprinted back to my trailer, threw on my suit and sprinted back to hop in. They checked the car over and cleaned the debris off of the radiator causing the issue. I went out with the instructions to "Bring it home but see what she can do!" So I putts out of the pits weary of the car being potentially low on coolant from the over heat. I go out and in turn 5a (my first real right turn) the car just... explodes loose. I am talking full opposite lock. I probably scored a 9.5 in Formula D. (I guess either gas out of the vent or coolant out of the radiator got on my LR tire) I correct and harmlessly go off the track to run over some else's really nice remnants of a splitter. (Unknown to me at the time) I rejoin the track to hear a horrible grinding noise. Thinking, "What a great way to start a relationship with a new team... nothing like making them fix something..." I pull back in, to find I had retrieved a whole splitter, mounting hardware and all. The team was actually kind of excited. #FindersKeepers. They plan on reusing some of it so I contributed to the national recycling movement! After they unwedge the splitter from the other car I continue on. I must say that overall their MR2 was very pleasant to drive, I was comfortable and enjoyed the ergonomics even at 6 feet tall. Well, after a few laps of me cruising and eyeing the water temp gauge, I detect a loss of power and the temp gauge starts to creep up. I throw it in 5th gear and creep back into the pits. The water temp continually creeping up. I come to a stop in the pit to hear a literal squeaking from one of the cylinders. My educated guess says that the engine ran low on coolant while the previous driver ran a few laps with debris blocking the radiator. The temp gauge never really moving for me as there wasn't much fluid in the car to pass by the sensor anyway. So inevitably they had to retire as well. Just an hour and 45 minutes from the end. Thanks to Ballenger Motorsports and Leviathan Motorsports for inviting me to drive! I look forward to running with you guys in the future! IMO great driving by everyone this year, I had a blast! Thank you ChampCar staff, volunteers and corner workers! (Nice job blue flagging for me, I owe you guys some $)
  2. I got Turkey sandwiches all day for you bro!
  3. Fun race there! I had no idea about the change of format, that was a surprise. I thought I had plenty of time to qualify! Race went well except for my G27's shifter. It blew up my engine in Charlotte and now 5th gear isn't able to be reliably selected. I probably missed 5th 20 times, each time I suspect I lost between half and a full second on that lap. I got out of the draft and then was able to relax for the last hour and a half to go on to win.
  4. Awww, I'll be sure to look for that this year!
  5. Just a quick drop of the ol' oil pan and subframe, a new pump and presto!
  6. That's the cool thing about blame, sometimes it's for bad things, and sometimes it's for good things. I had another snap ring failure on one of my cars too, that one held in the oil pressure relief valve in the oil pump. Don't worry I caught it and fixed it!
  7. Don't worry, I own... (counting) 6. I'm definitely curious as to what you'll think about that car. Edit: No wait, I missed one, 7.
  8. Hey, we still won right? So maybe that's my good luck charm!
  9. Never mind what I'm driving. Are you ready to sell the Lexus and buy a BMW? Because, I bet you that's what's about to happen.
  10. Are we going to have the mobile radar detector that tells you your speed again this year? (Next to the bridge) I'm looking forward to setting the high score on it!
  11. Wyatt

    Newby Question

    We were running 15x10 inch wheels if I remember correctly. Lots-o-grip!
  12. Just spaced about it, whoops
  13. My 1 and only clean(ish) lap before the failure, with cold tires and 1 lapped car I still managed a 25.2. Should have been in the 24s or 23s but fate had other ideas... Happens going into T6 on the 2nd lap of Sunday. https://youtu.be/EmrVXxoYlWg?t=2412
  14. I remember having fun with that car on Sunday after we fixed the half shaft and before we lost the fuel pump. Looked fun, and really nice legs for a miata.