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  1. Sadly, this level of stupidity exists everywhere. Check your mirrors, look ahead, do your best to see it coming. That's all you can do. Take nothing for granted, expect anything.
  2. Congrats to the Huggins team! I very much enjoyed watching the race. Sadly, some sudden medical issues kept me from participating.
  3. There is a guard on duty 24 hours a day. It would be their discretion to let you in. Unless they were explicitly told not to, you shouldn't have a problem.
  4. Sasco and Quantum up in the industrial park. $25 mounted and balanced per tire. Quantum won't mind if your wheels are a little dirty. Sasco will chew you out.
  5. Looking forward to racing with the Huggins/Pinkies Out guys this year. I've clocked another few thousand laps at VIR since last year as VIR's Racing School's head coach. Looking forward to a clean race. With a lot of rain, specifically around 2-4AM.😁
  6. Considering I was driving on that Sunday, I'll take it! 😁
  7. Here's the fastest lap of the day. It was pretty good, except for this really slow Saab? Perhaps you guys have seen it? 😋😋
  8. His laser vision was focused on the apex.
  9. It would have been interesting to personally see what the 246 would have done. I wanted to compare it with the 307. Chris offered me one of his stints, but after the incident the 307 car had and the flat tire I suffered the stint just prior that nearly lead me to have a major incident in Nascar 3/4 I decided to call it quits. The whole day just had one of those Final Destination vibes.
  10. The flagging might not have been The greatest, but at least we didn't have someone with laser focus out there.
  11. I caught a screw going into Nascar Turn 3 In car #307 NBY. Definitely wasn't fun by any stretch. Tire went flat and the inside bead of the tire tore completely.
  12. It was fine for me till I picked up that 3 inch screw in my tire going into Nascar 3 at 130 mph.
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