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  1. Oh sorry, I read that too fast. I should say, not for iRacing.
  2. Unfortunately, no. I wish there was.
  3. Protests

    If you want to go fast the easiest/best thing to do is just cut weight out.
  4. Hey guys, let's not forget that you can add ballast weight to cars. You could for instance make the Jetta and MX-5 run the same times. Just adding to thoughts above.
  5. *BAM!* "What was that?!" He says as he unnoticeably mows down a Miata in his Street Stock
  6. Protests

    Next race I'm going to walk up to each team at impound and just ask, "Does it have the winter package?"
  7. Protests

  8. Protests

    One thing to consider is that here our e30s are lighter by about 300 lbs, have aero and much much larger tires than SE30. As a guy who driven an SE30 and the Huggymobile the SE30s can't compete in any category due to that extra weight let alone the aero.
  9. Protests

    Sure, I'm all for it. I've been racing for 13 years, coaching for coming up on 5 years now. People invite me to come drive their cars so I don't have a "dog in the fight" as it were.
  10. Protests

    If I was that good I think I'd be working in the CIA! It'd be funny if next race I drove with Jeff in the SRI car, then he'd get accused of cheating. Better yet, someone call Troy and let him see if I can drive his car. I don't even know what would happen?! Literal lynch mob at impound? Haha
  11. Protests

    I remember when I first start racing in ChampCar for Ronald's Racers, we got accused of cheating. Then I moved to Huggins and then we got accused of cheating. I've done a few races for Ballenger so far and they immediately got accused of cheating. Then I did the iRacing league where all the cars are exactly the same... and then got accused of cheating. Well I guess that goes to show how realistic iRacing is, Haha!!
  12. So I just wanted to make sure of something. If you switch cars week by week you will only get points for that car? The points follow you and your car, not just you. In other words if I went to a Street Stock for a race I would be basically starting over in the points? Thank you.
  13. For me in the Not Banned Yet car, I started pretty much dead last as well. Ran a few laps, made up some spots. Then the big oil down happened and we cruised around for 15 minutes or so it seemed. Got back going again, set the FTD for a non-EC car, caught up to the leader and then spun a rod bearing all in about 5 laps. Presumably something to do with the 80-90 psi of oil pressure I saw in the data log. Yowch. Was going great while it lasted, onto the next one!
  14. It's those bias ply tires squirming at high speed. 1% more front brake was helpful for me there but hurt in any other corner. You could adjust the bias per lap by setting up a button on your steering wheel.
  15. Results http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/EventResult.do?&subsessionid=22413041