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  1. You also missed the switch for the rear bumper aero brake!😋
  2. Just race and love everyone. Besides, the harder you race the better show you make "Bill and the Boys."
  3. Sure, that's paraphrasing for, The driver could have strategically yielded to me and other cars around me and had overall maintained a higher average speed. They didn't do anything wrong, just an observation.
  4. Food delivery truck I believe. I've seen it before at VIR.
  5. Looks like an overwhelmed and over stimulated driver. The driver of that car at the start of the race, for me was being unnecessarily defensive, but fair.
  6. I'm a professional, so, I simply go as fast or slow as they ask me to. It seems like my cars break all the time, it's just more memorable since we're in 1st. #burn
  7. Ah, it was all in good fun. The driver of the other car came over to introduce himself after I got out and we shook hands. Big smile on his face!
  8. While we all may hope to be fast, we'll never be Honda fast. "The power of dreams" Ha! All seriousness, here was a fun little bit of running I did with the KSRD team for the lead on the top of the first hour. It was hard to not really go for it, I wanted to go really fast but those poor wheel bearings!
  9. I heard @vtjballeng might be installing two t66 turbos. Provided he and the mad scientist @morganf get it fixed up before the next race.
  10. We did blow up our side exit Motec System Exhaust though!
  11. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. People got upset when I drove Ronald's Racer's car, then they got upset when I drove Huggies' car, then they got upset when I drove Danger Racing's SC300. Then they got upset with this car. I did drive an MR2 this weekend as well but thank goodness it broke. I can't imagine what the forums would look like if I had gotten a good lap in that car. Haha!
  12. That's what everyone says. It's just easier to ban me instead. Leave Nebby out of this!
  13. @chip ^ look at me granny shifting and double clutching, not shifting like I should. Avoiding all the curbs... It was probably upset I wasn't driving it fast enough. I'm such a tease
  14. My fastest lap from this weekend, and I believe the FTD. Lost some time to traffic and a rear wheel lockup going into turn 4.