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  1. ya

    To Anyone Looking for a New Car.

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/st-catharines/ford-mustang-for-sale/1345301725?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true 2001 Ford Mustang For sale. Something with the gear shifts went wrong a few weeks back and couldn't get running. My Mechanic thinks it is a simple fix but I do not wish to put any more money into it and am looking to sell. Put around $1500 into it and otherwise ran fine. Rear spoiler is detached but still have it and could easily be put back on. Great for a flipper or a collector. Asking $750 as is. Can have it towed for serious buyers. Respond to ad and I'll get back to you ASAP!
  2. The big prize I refer to, is the Chumpionship. In the case of this year, a entry to Targa. This "Big Prize" based on region would drive participation in said region. Free entry to Targa while a great prize, an awesome prize, may do little for those in the west, where towing costs to get to, and back from Targa, would likely be more than the entry fee to Targa. Therefore each area/region should have their own prize to go after. Even if that prize is, Winner gets $2000 in ChumpChange, or whatever. It is something that will keep a team coming back. As I said in my first post, if the race is going to happen anyways; why not give a discount to those coming from out of region. At a previous job, I was told, "you sold it for the minimum price, anything over that is gravy". So anyone coming from out of region is $ that would not have otherwise been obtained. ALSO THIS SHOULD BE PAID IN ADVANCE. Towing from Vancouver to AMP, great! you get a discount. If you pay in advance. If you don't make it feel free to apply what you paid as a deposit to another event. Yes, A set price for everyone is more desirable in the long term, when you are building a brand, incentives help. Also the Big Prize, should be publicized at the beginning of the year, to incentivize entrants in each region. I could be wrong, but in Canada at least. I have seen no evidence of any team from the east, traveling to Western Canada for a race, nor any evidence of a Western based team Traveling East for a race. As the brand builds, it is better to have regions, just like branches on a tree. If one is knocked off the others are still there to provide sustenance. Formula Atlantic, CASCAR, HONDA/MICHELIN, and PLAYERS/GM SERIES; all had Eastern and Western series for a good reason. They were pro racing series. ChumpCarCanada is not. I forgot about this, Doesn't ChumpCar USA have regions? Last time I checked America was smaller than Canada yet it is split into regions..
  3. Canada is huge, and Logistics can make things really expensive, unless things are close. How much crossover is there from one area to the other? Has a Ontario team made the trip to the West, or vice versa? Each province barring Quebec and Ontario should be it's own region. Same organizers in charge, but distinct regions from each other. Maritimes. Atlantic Motorsport Park Ontario/Quebec. Loads of Tracks. Manitoba (if a race at Gimili ever happens, 4 X 4h races could work could work based on the paddock and hot pit situation). Saskatchewan, if they ever get a road racing venue capable of holding races for cars. Alberta, Castrol raceway. British Columbia. Mission. Anyways, I pointed out the assets/limitations in each region. As I asked above, how much crossover is there? from what I have read, little. How about each region has, it's own big prize available to teams from that region. Teams from outside that region, can still compete for the big prize, but they must have been entered in more than one race in region. For teams not competing for a big prize OUT OF THEIR REGION. The entry fee is reduced, depending on how far away they are from. For instance a team from Alberta that makes the trip to CTMP (MOSPORT). Pays, For instance $500 instead of $1200 entry fee, because of the distance traveled. Must be payed in advance, not applicable to the Chumpionship, and only if there is enough local support to make the race happen. Why not?? The race is going to happen anyway, why not get as many dollars as you can out of it. I would post more, but I am ready for bed.
  4. ya

    2017 dates

    You can legally cross with $10,000 or more you just need to declare it upon entry. Keep in mind it must be declared if the currency is valued at $10,000 Canadian or more. So for instance $7,467.00 in US currency must be declared at the current exchange rate. But my point is moot anyways because of This....
  5. If the prize for the Chumpionship next year is as big as a Targa Newfoundland entry or something similarly big, the earlier in the season it is announced the better. In order to vie for the prize more than one race needs to be entered in Canada which should in theory drag a few more cars out of the garage and onto the track. Or a few more cars from down south.
  6. They may not be in the paddock but they are there!!! Keep a clean campsite. Speaking of clean campsite. Rumor has it is CTMP is no longer allowing camping from corner 1-4 on the outfield due to campsites being left in filthy condition unless it is a pro race weekend.
  7. That is just shy of Montreal to Rainy River in 16 hours https://goo.gl/maps/hyHB8ikrN3L2
  8. After reading the supp regs, I found something very interesting that I have never seen before in motosports. The eggplant in bold so it must be important.
  9. Any one have a account on the GRM message board? I was going to start a topic about this there, but don't have an account. I signed up but it wont let me post for 24 hours. They have loads of active users and a lot of Chumps are on there, that aren't on here.
  10. I personally think that a 2 hour race on the GP circuit on the Saturday of a major weekend would easily draw 80 cars if promoted to teams on both sides of the border. Why? It would instantly become a marquee event for not just ChumpCar Canada but ChumpCar in general. To my knowledge Chump Car has not been part of a major race weekend anywhere before (I could be wrong). It is similar to the support events for the Canadian GP everyone seems to come out of the woodwork for those. The GT3 cup had 36 entries instead of their usual 12-14 despite getting way less track time and the entry fee being likely higher. That being said, if the GP track is a no; have a event on the D.D.T. The same weekend as a major event, on the GP circuit and invite everyone over. Start the race at 5PM on Friday and run it into the night. Then same thing Saturday 5pm. Invite everyone on up once the GP circuit races are done. Make sure there is a PA announcer to keep spectators informed about what is going on, on track, plugging the sponsors, and more importantly plugging the series. Edit: Also to let them know that ChumpCar also races on the Big track and it is something that they too can do.
  11. ya

    Bogie Sept. 3/4 roll call

    See this post from 2004. http://www.casc.on.ca/forums/archive/index.php/t-4594.html
  12. ya

    Bogie Sept. 3/4 roll call

    Not sure if camping at the track is limited or not, but if you are ever in a pinch you can camp on Crown land for free. Provided you are a Canadian citizen. There is some pretty close to the track.
  13. ya

    Bogie Sept. 3/4 roll call

    http://www.femmefatalemedia.com/ Imagine if they put this on their recent events page, next to the Audi Q7 release.
  14. If you need like sized lug nuts for cheap, go to your nearest junkyard. Might even be able to get them free if you go to the right junkyard. The Hamilton "Kenny U Pull" lists them for 50¢ a piece. BTW that place is like an amusement park for car guys.
  15. The joke is a month late but here goes. Can also be used as a number 3, a number 7 or a number 1 with creative use of duct tape. If you own a LE Car, with a 12 volt adaptor you can hang it upside down in your garage and use it as the LE part of LE CAR.