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  1. I'm located in Clarksville va. Team is HWD Racing 374. We just started on our new car build. Hwdracing@gmail.com . Located in a 3 bay heated & clean garage. We would love to be a part of this! Thanks Philip Hensley
  2. Ok I got some #. Wheel rate was 110lbs. Spring rate was 206lbs. What does this mean? How do I figure out how to choose the right spring?
  3. I found a calculator online to figure out my wheel rate, someone explain what my corner weight is and what unsprung weight would normally be. Another issue I have is that at the end of a straight going 110mph+ when I break hard the back end seems to float and the back wants to slide around to the driver side. I have to steer into it to prevent it from continuing to float around and spin out. The rear is not locking up by the way. What is going on here and what's the best fix if any.
  4. I want to thank everyone for your replys. I wonder if u had a 87 acura legend what youd run spring wise...bc they make absolutely no aftermarket swaybars. The front is 1 1/8 ,rear is 16mm. I see other cars that the rear rolls hard but bites the road great. Idk wat the best way is... should the front stay flat and rear roll slightly ? Or should f&r Roll equal. I hope my questions will help others, it's cheaper than buying parts.
  5. Hopefully people might be willing to help me out. I've got a FWD 2800lbs car with stock Gabriel struts (only 2 push back up on there own).I have a ebay coilover kit to help lower the car and handle better than stock. I had run 425lbs springs in front and 325lbs in rear last Dec. Car seemed to roll hard and bottom out easily. I swapped to 550lbs in front & 425 in rear for March race. Now it's stiff like a gocart, seems to drive better but it doesn't corner as well. Seems to just break loose without knowing your at the tires limit. I'm trying to figure out what our teams run to know if I'm going in the wrong direction.
  6. I have a gold 2 door coupe that would be a great chumpcar. 3.0l vtec it's Auto transmission is slipping and would need the manual 6 speed swap. But everything else is solid. Motor has 160k. Doesn't burn oil between 3k mile oil changes. Anyone interested in this car txt me at 4342101376. Located in southern VA. Asking $1350, kbb value is 4k with a good transmission. I'd race this car if something happens to our car. #Hwdracing
  7. As the car owner and main builder/mechanic I felt like I should post a little something about our team. We are from Clarksville Va, my brother in law and I had a idea one Christmas and we made it a reality. The drivers are me Philip Hensley, Miller , Randy . My dad races if we need a hand. Our car is a nice little 1987 acura legend with a 2.7L V6. I have put noumorus hours in getting this car ready to pass tech and more importantly ready to compete with some of the more competitive teams. I realize from the 3 races so far that not every team races clean and others have cars that we all know are not "stock". My main point is that our team HWD Racing is out here to have fun and enjoy the sport of racing. That being said, to those who read this and to those who read this after looking us up, we try our hardest to race clean and courteous, never will we try to cheat to win or call out others who do. If your faster I'll move over or point to you which way to pass. Some of our drivers are faster and more experienced than others, the same goes for other teams. My point is that we enjoy racing and don't want our car ruined by other maniac drivers trying to prove that they are faster or better. Mainly just race clean. We all can't afford to buy another old car and spend 3k on making it race worthy. It's not like we get a big cash prize at the end. All in all we love doing this and for any team that goes to VIR for all 3 races like we do, don't be afraid to stop and say hey I read your article on here. It'll show character and if at any time any team needs help we would be more than happy to lend a hand or a part or rim/tire. We just expect the same thing in return. We pray before every event as a group and God watches over us as we are in that car,keeping us safe and no matter how we finished or where we placed, God blessed on team that day so no matter what we finished with our heads held high! Thanks, Philip Hensley/The Mechanic
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