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  1. While we won't be at Barber, I'll add as a data-point that we would sell 2 stints to this race at $1300 if we were going. We do like to see more on track experience, at least open passing, before we take on drivers. I've referred potential drivers to another team to have them join us after they've got a race or two under their belt.
  2. We'll be there! No Friday practice. Another organization has the track. Last year 50 cars took the green, so at least that many. The limit for number of cars per mile has disappeared from the rule-book.
  3. The clarifications I'm seeking regard how Champcar will determine year-end championship (points) winners. Will Champcar break out points by class? This seems necessary to award Mazda contingencies, which do specify that they are for class. If Champcar publishes points by class, will they use overall finishing position or within class? This could heavily skew the results based on out-of-class racing (determining Mazda winners by BMW attendance). Will Champcar consider the Mazda minimum 4 races? If not, it will reduce payouts and skew results. Will Champcar weight Sonoma in the above? If so, east coast teams will be required to tow cross country to win any payout.
  4. Do not install a seat back brace on a composite seat. Seat back braces are now explicitly banned at higher levels of competition. If your FIA seat is expired it's time to get a new sticker.
  5. This thing is still sitting in my garage. Would entertain a seriously low offer.
  6. or Champcar officials with inconsistent enforcement that contradicts their own rulebook? You decide. on Sunday morning at Pittsburgh our team received a black flag stop and go penalty for "bump drafting". Except we hadn't bumped anyone! It was explained to us that if it looks close, it's too close. No drafting allowed. As a Miata, this only makes it more difficult to execute passes and simply required us to be more aggressive about taking away apexes under braking. Gone was any incentive to buddy up and play nice. Booo.
  7. That was mine, I even put a Sparrow Speed sticker on it! I was happy to see your car back on track if only for awhile. Then I saw 2.5 motors in your pits... Someone else's Miata team owes me a yellow fuel line disconnect tool as well...
  8. Yay for Friday test day! A new track for many, we were there a couple weeks ago to check it out. Very nice smooth surface and good facilities.
  9. Comfy seat. I have one of these on the passenger side of my 370Z
  10. Still waiting for an answer to any of my 5 questions from Champcar about how this will be handled.
  11. Since we'll be running these at the 24 hour this weekend I thought I'd go ahead and give this to anyone who might be wondering. Easily within available 2X pricing.
  12. Recent lesson learned: if you've been experiencing ongoing vibration, check your other vulnerable suspension components and consider replacing proactively. We recently lost a chunk of our front left suspension after a minor rotor vibration under braking caused the fatigue failure of a cast past
  13. Our race report for WGI 2019: We broke, we fixed it, we raced, and broke, and fixed it and finished. Car was great during the test sessions on Friday. Everyone got a few laps in and I was able to go faster in the first couple of laps than our best lap from the year prior. I took the green flag on Saturday and everything was great through the first stint. Came in for an on-time pit stop under yellow, swapped drivers... and it didn't restart. Flood clear, jump box, push start, nothing. Dead in the water. We (that means me...) spent too much time troubleshooting around our new ECU which was telling us we had fuel pressure when we really didn't. Eventually we figured out we had no fuel pressure which quickly pointed to a failed pump. That fuel pump had 100k street miles on it before starting it's racing career for almost 400 more hours. Sent someone in to town to pickup a new pump while I pulled the assembly out of our trusty PartsCar. Fired back up just as the checkered flew on Saturday's race. At least we were ready for a new race the next day. Once again we saw the green flag with a good start. Four laps later, going straight down the shoot I heard a pop and the nose dived to the right. I was able to keep it straight and drag it around the next few corners back to the pits. I thought I had popped a tire and radioed in as such. When I arrived in our pits all of the tires looked just fine. I knew something had to be badly wrong at that point, so we pulled the front wheels off and discovered that a lower suspension part had completely sheared off. Signs of classic fatigue failure on another well-abuse part. Once again it was time to salvage from the street car. Once they swap was made I got the toe back to straight and sent the next driver out. An hour and fifty minutes lost. We were able to get everyone in the car and it ran great from there on out until the checked flag. While it wasn't a great weekend for racing, we still had a good one. Better yet, our car and drivers continue to improve. We're faster than ever and there will be a lot more new parts on it come VIR 24. More photos from the weekend on our facebook page.
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