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  1. Tarp over the seat. Dash stays dry. Everything else can get wet.
  2. I think this will be a good demonstration that the "championship" system we have now is not indicative of an actual endurance quality or season prowess, but simply a list of cars that have won a single weekend.
  3. User customization?! Software interface?! This gets even more exciting I appreciate the extra leeway under code 35. Are the harness batteries serviceable or do they have an expected lifespan >5 years?
  4. It's also a safety concern. You probably won't find a seat manufacturer that would support the practice. A couple years ago I jumped in our car and the previous driver hadn't gotten their extra padding out. It was alright to drive that way, but when I had a hard off the seat bolster that I usually fit well inside of became my enemy and cracked a rib.
  5. We are in the 4-5k range, and we race vary cheaply. Factoring into that are a lot of costs that occur outside the weekend or even a typical race. Cconsider just how much we spend on engine rebuilds, radios, safety re-cert, and the like.
  6. They were pitted next to us. When I asked them in good humor they claimed that they had bought all of the gear from the team. Pit box, lolipop, and car still carried the MCM stickers. The man himself was never seen and they behaved as well as you could hope from any team.
  7. Then you wear it. I've done it once on Frontier. If anyone asks you say it's a medical device and they can't take it from you.
  8. Please don't. 9.4. NERF BARS OR EXO-SKELETON 9.4.1. Added structural elements that extend beyond the outline of the original body line are not allowed.
  9. Carbotechs here. XP10 front XP 8 rear.
  10. Watkins Glen is sold out. https://champcar.org/register/entrantlist.php?eventid=438 There are 25 duplicate entries. More than one team with 4 cars to themselves.
  11. So we have seen the impact and influence of team entries growing. It is now not uncommon so see multiple two car entries at Champcar races. However, this presents an issue at sold out races: is it better to have the series be about teams or about a diversity of entries? Should a team have to wait to enter their fourth or fifth car until later in the registration window? Or are multi car entries exciting and bring a higher level of competition to the series? Should there be a preference in the rulebook or registration process for one or the other?
  12. Virginia, can confirm. A couple years ago Champcar was surprised when we asked to use their printer before driving the racecar home from a race.
  13. Good race for our Miata. We know we had the speed to finish higher had it not been for an unexpected wheel hub change around hour 3 that cost us precious minutes in the pits. Everything went well after that and we were able to claw our way back up.
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