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  1. If you swap cars mid race you start again in EC from lap 1 but you can continue driving. We've done it.
  2. NASA and SCCA National Instructor. Multiple Champcar wins. Experience at Laguna Seca and more than 40 other tracks. Data driven coaching and race engineering. Happy to wrench and crew. Greedy for seat time. Also looking for a seat for my dad. He is slower but a hard worker in the pits. Just got home from Mid-Ohio where we alternated stints with only two drivers. Doesn't have to be in the same car or same team. Lemme know what cha' got.
  3. Purple car, find your moment in our Facebook live stream after 7:41:20
  4. Take a top running car. Let's use a "basically stock" 500-point maxed out NC miata as a currently popular example. Give them hood vents. Give them a lighter flywheel. Give them any radiator they want. They're definitely not going slower than they were before. If you want to catch that car you're going to have to compete on the same level; better get yourself a lightweight flywheel and some hood vents. That's gonna cost you some real world $$, and it applies all the way down the field. If you want to compete.
  5. Teams, like yours, that are adversely effected by this rule really shouldn't be surprised. You knew you were gaming to get more fuel. You got away with it until now.
  6. You didn't miss anything. It came out from a Champcar backroom office. They needed to fix their rules for enforcement procedure. Outlining a standardized pump out procedure. In doing so they realized they wouldn't be able to accurately measure only the cell/tank in a practical manner without being affected by the volumes available in fill hoses or vents. They "fixed" that issue in enforcement by changing the rules. The resulting fix affects teams. The positive here is we can have more effective enforcement. The negative is for some teams that had extra, extra fuel capacity that is now limited.
  7. Flywheels are free Radiators are free Hood vents are free Coolant tanks are free Bring on the speed creep and cost to compete
  8. I'm in the market. Shipping to 23325? Understanding of costs.
  9. Schroth Enduro 6pt, 2" belts. Worth all the $$$
  10. It's soaking wet. Flagtronics is awesome. Lit flag boards at every stand. Let's goooooo racing!
  11. Tarp over the seat. Dash stays dry. Everything else can get wet.
  12. I think this will be a good demonstration that the "championship" system we have now is not indicative of an actual endurance quality or season prowess, but simply a list of cars that have won a single weekend.
  13. User customization?! Software interface?! This gets even more exciting I appreciate the extra leeway under code 35. Are the harness batteries serviceable or do they have an expected lifespan >5 years?
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