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  1. takjak2

    ISO 94-95 Miata shell

    Further south, but we get a bunch of parts including shell(s) very cheaply from https://www.facebook.com/Miatapartsrichmondva/ Tell him I sent you.
  2. takjak2

    What Tire Size Does Your Team Run?

    205/50R15 same as Spec Miata. On a 15x7 wheel.
  3. Our favorite race of the year. 5 drivers, 4 crew, and a schedule that gets everyone 3-4 hours of sleep. Our car and drivers keep getting faster and I was pleased with our initial pace putting us up to 2nd in the 'A' class of 24 cars. While we don't have anything for Honda powered 2:14s of Beast Mode we do have the plucky Miata endurance. Unfortunately we lost the clutch pedal at the end of the 4th stint. We tried bleeding it to no avail and sent out our next driver without it while getting ready to replace both master and slave cylinders at the next stop. After 40 minutes lost we still didn't get pressure and finally discovered that a line had burst. I jumped in the car and took off for another 2 hour stint without a clutch pedal. At one point coming to a stop under yellow a half dozen cars decided to drive around before I was rolling again. In the next on-schedule stop we were able to bend ourselves a new hard line straight from master to slave that held for the rest of the race. We ticked off laps to come back from 9th to 5th and took the checkered flag without further incident.
  4. takjak2

    Will this windshield pass Tech?

    I would replace that before attempting an endurance race. Champcar does not have a written standard we can point you to. The NASA standard which you might use for a a guide is: 1) Should not interfere with driver visibility. 2) Should not flex if pressed upon. 3) Does not connect to an edge at two or more points.
  5. Please note that the main hoop diagonal shown by @MoparBoyy is not ideal. It is two pieces interrupted by their revised harness bar and because the top portion has been moved it may no longer be spanning >=50% of the main. That configuration will pass tech with Champcar but may cause ire with a strict SCCA inspector.
  6. Camera car is at fault. Even if the Mercedes was erratic, you are the overtaking car and it is your responsibility to make that pass cleanly. That is the rules in ChampCar and maybe it needs to be repeated a few more times. In this case, we can see from the lap record video just posted that the curbing is the line and the lead car has rights to that line.
  7. I drove with Paul at the National Championship at NCM and had a blast. Car is well built, safe, and fun. He comes prepared and was quick to fix the one little issue we had. Hope to see you guys there!
  8. Nope no video in their car either. Just a lack of patience from the 236 while passing the slowest car to run all day. Remember, "It is the responsibility of the overtaking car to prepare for, plan and execute a FULL and COMPLETE safe pass."
  9. I had a great time driving for Paul in the Lightning Motorsports black Honda Civic #629 in their second race and first finish. He has put a ton of work into building the car and after we lost an hour early on to fix the clutch and fuel pump switch, it ran all the way to the end. Even the slowest car can be fun. At least while I was in the car I was able to manage the traffic around us almost entirely incident free. Twice however the #236 @Pee Wee was unnessecarily aggressive. You owe @Plight673 a headlight. Super impressed by the wreckers at NCM. Those guys pulled everything and we ran green from start to finish!
  10. takjak2

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    100F in the sun. Driving the slowest car still running and having fun. Dinner was great! Thank you Champ staff.
  11. Not like you'll be sleeping anyways.