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  1. Nope no video in their car either. Just a lack of patience from the 236 while passing the slowest car to run all day. Remember, "It is the responsibility of the overtaking car to prepare for, plan and execute a FULL and COMPLETE safe pass."
  2. I had a great time driving for Paul in the Lightning Motorsports black Honda Civic #629 in their second race and first finish. He has put a ton of work into building the car and after we lost an hour early on to fix the clutch and fuel pump switch, it ran all the way to the end. Even the slowest car can be fun. At least while I was in the car I was able to manage the traffic around us almost entirely incident free. Twice however the #236 @Pee Wee was unnessecarily aggressive. You owe @Plight673 a headlight. Super impressed by the wreckers at NCM. Those guys pulled everything and we ran green from start to finish!
  3. takjak2

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    100F in the sun. Driving the slowest car still running and having fun. Dinner was great! Thank you Champ staff.
  4. Not like you'll be sleeping anyways.
  5. Sparrow Speed is looking for one more driver to complete our roster of 5. Drivers will each have 2 to 3 stints and assigned periods for sleep. We have a room right above the pits. Sparrow Speed wins through endurance. We make quick pit stops and drive to compete. We continue through transmission swaps, hot hub swaps, and pulled fenders. We bring an entire car worth of spares and this is a great way to see that checkered flag. We have won our class in this race before. PM with a driving resume for details.
  6. LED licence plate lights on Amazon are the same thing and cheaper. Slightly wider holes are easy to drill.
  7. I'm an instructor for NASA and run an ST3/TT3 car. NASA is a great group, but races tend to be smaller. It's a good venue if you're looking for more wheel time, but from from the excitement factor per $$ that Champcar offers.
  8. Do you fit in a Miata? PM me.
  9. In the Miata this is usually the cam or crank position sensor. Carry spares. Related to heat. Vapor lock is unlikely in our cars.
  10. We had a great weekend despite being hit in the rain. Competed well Saturday and had good drives with a bunch of the other Miatas. (We are the only NB out there. All stock). Sunday started well but in our second stint we collected a BMW spinning in front of us. Pulled fenders and kept going but it was a hard hit and we continued to smoke a tire. Still, took it to the finish in Sparrow Speed style.
  11. Where are the race results? I don't see anything since live timing stopped. Not even on Speedhive.
  12. takjak2

    Elan made airfoils starting at $275

    Any CFD data to share?