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  1. Lots of info some of you do alot of homework after racing.lol thank you very much!!!!
  2. Never heard of Rotella , I am new to the endurance racing, I will check them out... the info is very much appreciated
  3. thanks, i was just looking at that. We have a bmw 325 w/2.8l and will be racing at VIR24 and we are new to the car and are coming from a RX7 13B
  4. Ok, i see lots of people talking and using, what weight are you using, some people like a heavier viscosity grade
  5. Just doing alittle reading on oil.... What oil are you guys using? Brand,weight, and full or blend synthetic or just straight up oil how many of you are using oil temp and pressure gages
  6. have an 1986 RX7 ready to go for sale plus a whole parts car for $4800.00 if anyone is interested the seat is on sliders, we have driver range for 5'8 to 6'3 and we all fit
  7. Exhaust pipe/header broke and we couldn't get it fixed at the race....so we are repairing it and checking so other options
  8. i am selling a 1986 rx7 13b Chump CarCar has Chump Car approved roll cagePassed tech for 2017Car has new number panel and all 2017 Chump car decals (will be keeping that number so you will have too get a new one)Ran the VIR 24Hr Redline in August 2016. completed 21hr (clutch gave out)Just ran in the 12Hr VIR (2017)has brand new competition clutch from Atkins Rotary (have receipt)Have extra engine (unknown condition)Fresh rebuilt on current engine(has receipts for all purchased parts)extra set on Hawk blue racing pads for frontnew set of tires and rimstires on car have about 900 mileshave complete parts car Lights on hood will not be going with caralso various engine parts can email more pictures if requested (niknkat446@hotmail.com) was $5000.00 $4800.00
  9. Was this the car that ran at the 24Hr Redline in 2016? Have interest in the car, will be in touch
  10. How is the media coverage going to be with there being 2 races that weekend?
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