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  1. We are hoping to find a team that has a garage for the Road America race in 2 weeks that would be interested in splitting. PM me if so!
  2. Is anyone with a garage interested in sharing? Our team thought we had rented one but it got lost in the shuffle! Pm me if interested.
  3. Haha same mirror broke on us on Sunday. But it was my fat head getting in the car for my stint that broke it...
  4. We had a fun weekend even though neither of our cars made it to the end. Our purple integra warped the head when we lost a water temp sensor and ran it dry. Unfortunately, our driver didn't notice quick enough to save it. The silver integra ran most of each day but we were plagued with brake issues and were contacted during the last stint on Sunday. I must apologize to the miata team that ended up hitting our passenger rear as it was our driver's mistake. We will be rebuilding the purple head and tracking down the gremlins and will be back in spring!
  5. I've done a fair bit of searching but I seem to be coming to some conflicting answers about an aftermarket intake manifold and aftermarket throttle body being 50 points each?? or 50 total??
  6. After a tumultuous weekend last year at Road America, we're going to be back this year. Hopefully it won't rain... Flying Thundercocks: Chris Miller (Milwaukee) Brandon Cookson (Milwaukee) Sean Riley (Kenosha) Jake Tabbert (Elkhart Lake) Nate Meyer (Beloit) Purple Haze: Caleb Celano (Milwaukee) Connor Celano (Milwaukee) Patrick Riley (Milwaukee) Steve Krezinski (Minneapolis) Joe Moore (Minneapolis)
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