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  1. What if you have an aftermarket radiator already installed. Do you have to prove it is priced lower than the chain auto parts stores or the dealership?
  2. wvumtnbkr - Thanks for offering your opinion. You post frequently and appear to know your stuff. Do you have actual first hand knowledge that your radiator interpretation is what leadership intended or is it just your opinion? Do you have any official standing or office within Champcar? Just curious. ( I don't know who all is sits on committees or boards) My opinion, is that "radiator greater than OE cost + 30 points" means 'any radiator costing more that what I'd pay at a dealer is 30 pts." The actual wording of doesn't say 'OE spec' OR 'OE Manufacturer'.
  3. Radiators ..... let go over this one more time for the slow kid in the class (me). Section 4.1-4.32 says Reading that says to me that I can use any radiator that costs less the the '$600 OE radiator', correct? Section 4.7.3 says Reading that says I can use any radiator priced equal to or less than chain auto parts store radiators. Which is it? Less than OE prices? Or less than chain auto parts store prices? Curious minds want to know.
  4. Calling all hatchbacks with fuel cells ..... would you please post a picture of your car's fuel cell enclosure? I'm thinking about going with a fuel cell for next season and can't quite get my head around how to enclose the cell, and even more importantly, how to enclose the fuel fill tube. Your pictures would be a huge help. Thanks.
  5. Thoughts from a little guy...... 1) It's been 'entertaining' reading this 13 page (so far) thread and the various Facebook threads. Who knew that 'green font'' was even a thing? 2) Sounds like R3R was not on their best behavior this past weekend. 3) Burningham seems like a very cool guy. He's just the kind of folks I like to race with. 4) I'm guessing that everyone involved in this drama wishes they could have a 'do over'. 5) People are going to cheat. Its racing. Get over it. Learn how to race within the rules or learn how to cheat better. Your call. Its been this
  6. One more time for the slow kids in class …. what is OP?
  7. I was the knucklehead behind the wheel of the Junk Player Special who clobbered the chicane cone and took out the radiator. I had a choice of either making an evasive maneuver at 100+ mph and risk spinning into a wall or clobbering a cone. I chose the cone. Unfortunately it cost us a radiator, intercooler and two hours.
  8. Please contact the track directly for pricing. I don't want to mis-quote a price. They are still working out their program, Its not a layout where you can pound laps for hours. There are no guardrails or curbing or runoff areas. Its truly just a dragstrip and a grid of return roads that lets you blast your car through some turns so that you can shake down any issues. We worked on checking out the car, not improving our driving. We were able to run the car up through 5th gear and then do hard breaking to a 2nd gear corner. We ran through some hard left and right hand turns to confirm that
  9. Sorry, we didn't take any. But the Dragway 42 Facebook page has some footage of the Team Sahlen Cayman's.
  10. A quick note to all of my road race friends.... I want to let everyone know that Dragway 42, located 40 minutes south of Cleveland, is open weekdays for reasonably priced Test & Tune sessions. You can use a combination of their drag strip and return roads to simulate a road course. Steve Lannoch and I did a very helpful shakedown today of our 'Junk Player Special' Champcar. We shared the track with the Nonamaker's 'Team Sahlen' Caymans. Gary, the general manager, is enthusiastic, welcoming and easy to work with. You can rent the track for an hour or for a full day most any weekday. Contact
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