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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/310305375743083/permalink/3653290951444492/?sale_post_id=3653290951444492
  2. Why did I read this as 'Antichrist' ? Must have been thinking of "Official Bill"
  3. Can you tell me where you got the info saying that bottles have a 10 year life from date of manufacture (assuming recertification along the way)
  4. That makes sense to me. I came to the same conclusion. Now, here's the rub. It an annual tech this year a tech inspector declared the fire system to be out of date and it needed to be replaced. How do I go about getting an official, final ruling on the legality of this particular system? I am not familiar with the correct process for getting an official clarification of the rules. This forum chat is informative but not official. How do I go about getting a ruling? Thanks for your guidance.
  5. The tech desk Article ID #70 says "A current list of SFI and FIA compliant systems can be found here" then lists a FIA document https://www.fia.com/file/112252/download/920 In that FIA document they list the "SPA Design Fire Sense Response Model" as having a homologation # "Ex. 003.98" with a beginning date of 12/98 and end date of 12/17. My question is .... Is this fire system Champcar legal because it is on the list of Champcar approved ' SFI and FIA compliant systems' or is it illegal because of the 'homologation dates' on the FIA document? I'm confused.
  6. Can you run a surge tank with a stock gas tank for zero points? Asking for a friend.
  7. What if you have an aftermarket radiator already installed. Do you have to prove it is priced lower than the chain auto parts stores or the dealership?
  8. wvumtnbkr - Thanks for offering your opinion. You post frequently and appear to know your stuff. Do you have actual first hand knowledge that your radiator interpretation is what leadership intended or is it just your opinion? Do you have any official standing or office within Champcar? Just curious. ( I don't know who all is sits on committees or boards) My opinion, is that "radiator greater than OE cost + 30 points" means 'any radiator costing more that what I'd pay at a dealer is 30 pts." The actual wording of doesn't say 'OE spec' OR 'OE Manufacturer'. Can someone tell me how I go about seeking an official answer / clarification?
  9. Radiators ..... let go over this one more time for the slow kid in the class (me). Section 4.1-4.32 says Reading that says to me that I can use any radiator that costs less the the '$600 OE radiator', correct? Section 4.7.3 says Reading that says I can use any radiator priced equal to or less than chain auto parts store radiators. Which is it? Less than OE prices? Or less than chain auto parts store prices? Curious minds want to know.
  10. Calling all hatchbacks with fuel cells ..... would you please post a picture of your car's fuel cell enclosure? I'm thinking about going with a fuel cell for next season and can't quite get my head around how to enclose the cell, and even more importantly, how to enclose the fuel fill tube. Your pictures would be a huge help. Thanks.
  11. Thoughts from a little guy...... 1) It's been 'entertaining' reading this 13 page (so far) thread and the various Facebook threads. Who knew that 'green font'' was even a thing? 2) Sounds like R3R was not on their best behavior this past weekend. 3) Burningham seems like a very cool guy. He's just the kind of folks I like to race with. 4) I'm guessing that everyone involved in this drama wishes they could have a 'do over'. 5) People are going to cheat. Its racing. Get over it. Learn how to race within the rules or learn how to cheat better. Your call. Its been this way since the start to of time. 6) Writing a rule book and enforcing it (with minimal resources and staffing) is a REAL hard (nearly impossible) job. Its no wonder rule books grow to hundreds of pages (SCCA, NASCAR, ) 7) We are a grass roots racing organization. This is a hobby we're all passionate about. It is not rocket surgery or life or death. 8. The organizers and board of directors are a hard working, fair minded, customer focused bunch who do their best, every day, to make it fun for all of us. 9) Champcar is on the right track. We've got a full calendar of events with good car counts at lots of great tracks. Race events run smoothly with little drama. When problems arise management uses a common sense approach to resolve the issues as opposed to a long, drawn out, officious process. (I'm looking at you SCCA, Yes, I know... I'm a 37 year SCCA member) 10. I get a kick out of rolling into the paddock with our open trailer and seeing the big rigs of Tuttle and Sahlen and the others. I think its cool that Randy Pobst, Jack Baldwin, Pippa Man, Bill Riley and others come out and join us. They are all here to race just like the rest of us. 11) I've got total faith that Mike, and Jay, and Bill and Dana and all of the BOD and officials will learn from this weekend and do a better job next time. 12) I can't wait to get out there and do it again. See you all at Watkins Glen!
  12. One more time for the slow kids in class …. what is OP?
  13. Here are some photos taken this morning at Nelson's Ledges. It looks like the first 10 feet behind the pit rail have been scraped / leveled and 6 inches of fine packed gravel has been laid down. Everything behind that 10 foot is good old green grass as mother nature intended. The general paddock was well mowed and there was a crew weed whacking around the bridge. The men's room toilets were clean'ish (well clean for Nelson's) and there was running water in both sinks. The bathroom is far from glamourous (it looks like it was built by the Boy Scouts earning a Merit Badge using re-claimed lumber and fixtures) but it has running water and flush toilets which are a HUGE upgrade over the pit toilets that were there in the '70's, 80s and early '90's. Let me paint a picture for you. …..if you are a camper and you've ever gone to a KOA or Jellystone campground …...well, that's not what Nelson's is like. Think 'primitive camping' in an abandoned industrial park, only not that glamorous. You've got grass, weeds, mud and gravel roads..... nothing else … except for a FAST and pot hole free 2 mile ribbon of wonderful, challenging pavement. Nelson's is historic. Nelson's is old, she's worn, she's primitive but I promise you, by the end of the day Sunday you will fall in love with her. There is no power to plug anything into, there is no wifi, there are damn few lights, there are only the most primitive of bathrooms, there is a pretty good food truck …..and there will there will be fun in spades. Be there!
  14. I was the knucklehead behind the wheel of the Junk Player Special who clobbered the chicane cone and took out the radiator. I had a choice of either making an evasive maneuver at 100+ mph and risk spinning into a wall or clobbering a cone. I chose the cone. Unfortunately it cost us a radiator, intercooler and two hours.
  15. I've never been to Charlotte so I have no clue where we stage or where to enter or where official infield RV camping is located. Might you (or anyone) have a map indicating these locations. Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance.
  16. Please contact the track directly for pricing. I don't want to mis-quote a price. They are still working out their program, Its not a layout where you can pound laps for hours. There are no guardrails or curbing or runoff areas. Its truly just a dragstrip and a grid of return roads that lets you blast your car through some turns so that you can shake down any issues. We worked on checking out the car, not improving our driving. We were able to run the car up through 5th gear and then do hard breaking to a 2nd gear corner. We ran through some hard left and right hand turns to confirm that alignment felt good. We got the new brakes heat cycled and new tires heat cycled. Boom, end of test. 1 hour.
  17. Sorry, we didn't take any. But the Dragway 42 Facebook page has some footage of the Team Sahlen Cayman's.
  18. If we arrive in Charlotte Thursday evening can we camp in an RV somewhere on the Speedway grounds or are we only able to enter at noon on Friday?
  19. A quick note to all of my road race friends.... I want to let everyone know that Dragway 42, located 40 minutes south of Cleveland, is open weekdays for reasonably priced Test & Tune sessions. You can use a combination of their drag strip and return roads to simulate a road course. Steve Lannoch and I did a very helpful shakedown today of our 'Junk Player Special' Champcar. We shared the track with the Nonamaker's 'Team Sahlen' Caymans. Gary, the general manager, is enthusiastic, welcoming and easy to work with. You can rent the track for an hour or for a full day most any weekday. Contact Gari (yes there is a Gary (he) and a Gari (she) on (440) 458-5571 for more details. The track surface and infield roads are newly paved and glass smooth. Don't hesitate to head out there if you need to put some time on your car before your next race. Check them out on Facebook or at www.dragway42.com. The track is 30 minutes north of MidOhio and an hour east of Nelson's Ledges. Multiple testing configurations are available.
  20. The WGI Supps says that there are a limited number of 25 campsites available for the weekend. Can anyone tell me where those 25 spots are located?
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