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  1. Made some progress on the home shop this weekend. I’m going to bring The car home this week and start the Caddy on a diet.
  2. As stated before, I’m new at iracing. After working all day and coming home to miss dinner with my family so I can take full advantage of as much practice and qualifying as possible for 2 hours only to get taking out on he pace lap. I was a little upset because time is something I don’t have a lot of. If the video would have kept playing you could have heard me quickly catch myself being that “I was 7th” guy and tell the guy that caused the crash no worries, they’re only pixels. I still had fun once my car was fixed and after a few months I feel I’m getting better. Hell I used to be happy just finishing the race! Now I shoot for the top 15. Baby steps.
  3. I'm rather new to iracing (if my driving didn't show that) but a little over halfway through the race all of the cars started glitching. At one point I let the first place car go by and he came over the radio and said he never even saw me there. Wyatt was coming up behind me next so I stayed on the racing line but lifted so he could easily get by. He end up running into the back of my car and punting me off track. I think he may not have seen me either. I don't race on WiFi and seem to have good internet (comcast) . Any ideas?
  4. I’m hoping to add a 2nd gen to our stable in the next 5 years. Must be a sedan or wagon.
  5. Very cool dealer principal. Things were a little slow when it came in and I wanted to inspect the rust repair before I put it back in the trailer.
  6. I plan on removing the back seat/package shelf for sure. I’m going to get as creative with weight reduction as possible. As far as the bars to frnot strut towers:
  7. Does anyone know if this will be shown again? I get this channel now but don't see anything on Destination America's site about the show.
  8. It's home, well at least back to the dealership. We just moved into a new home this past weekend and I have a ton of stuff to do at home for the next few weeks so there isn't going to be much going on with the car.
  9. The cage is done, with the exception of pedal brace and the steering column mount. I should get it back this week.