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  1. My goal is to get the car driving this year so it can be tested a few times before racing.
  2. I'm using gas, I did have a hard time seeing the puddle and was able to adjust the darkening (see weld #5). It seemed like I wasn't holding the torch close enough the first few welds I tried. Maybe the reason for the black marks?
  3. I finally got the welder set up. Pictured are the first welds I have ever laid down (ever!) so be nice. I cleaned the areas I was going to weld with a wire wheel I have on a bench grinder, but I should have cleaned a little further back. I'm going to just keep practicing on scrap that I've cut off of the car until I'm confident enough to weld in the floor patch I need.
  4. I thought the same when I saw the picture. I believe it's an optical illusion because the door bars angle out into the door itself. I will take a less deceiving picture when I get home.
  5. I haven't had much time in the last week to work on the car until last night. I bolted in the front sub frame last night that has the steering gear installed on it so that I could install the steering column to start designing a bracket. I also installed the brake and clutch pedal assembly so that too can get its upper support bracket fabricated. The bungee was to hold the steering column up so that I could get in and out of the seat easier. I found a small area of rust in the drivers side floor area that I've cut out. I finally purchased a mig welder and will be practicing on some of the metal I cut out before I start actually welding in the patch. Photos to come (maybe, depends on how bad my welds are). I have then new exhaust valves and will continue reassembly of the engine on Saturday. I've rented a seat for the WRL race at Road America (assuming the snow melts) for the first weekend in May. I'll be driving Thing 3 Racing's V6 Miata again!