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  1. We've been working on fender flares using metal that we've removed from the trunk lid inside area. I know it doesn't look like it covers the tire at 2:00 but it does, optical illusion.
  2. I would hope a race for cars built for the 2020 Championship and built to the 2020 rules would race using the 2020 rules?
  3. I've been told the nozzles aren't to put the fire out but to give the driver more time to escape.
  4. If you reuse material, 0 points.
  5. You know, the Nazi's had pieces of flair, and Nazi's are bad, so #freeflairforall!
  6. Then flairs are required. We are attempting 275's all the way around using reclaimed metal for flairs.
  7. I think it would only be an issue if a winning car had flairs they didn't claim and it put them over 500 points.
  8. Our CTS is at 3200 lbs without driver and with a full tank of fuel. I think we’ve done a decent job Of cutting weight. The car is limited to 245’s without flairs. #lowerthectsvpi
  9. We are running Daytona, Autobahn, and Gingerman so far. Maybe road America in the fall. We are all filled up for Daytona.
  10. Yes, we use a rear view mirror camera out of a 2016 Cadillac CT6 and it seems to work well. It has a very wide field of view but in a smaller package.
  11. Was the extreme pad transfer and shudder experienced with the XP10s and 12s as well?
  12. Here are the rotors from Road America after running the RP2 We ran all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday before we broke. There didn't seem to be any pulsation issues (yet) and the pads felt great! I think we will try the XP24 for Daytona.
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