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  1. We can't comment on the post that bill made regarding the VPI update so I'll ask it here. @Bill Strong, what were the changes to the VPI list this time around? Could we maybe get a red copy with the changes? Thanks!
  2. Done, you can see them if you zoom in on the painted picture. .75 inch gurney flaps.
  3. Long time no post in this thread! We've had a very productive off season and we've run our first race of the season. We wanted to run wider tires but would require fender flares to comply with the rules. We didn't want to take points, so we gathered some material that we had been saving and took some more off of the trunk area and got to work. Our teammate, Ron was the key part of all this. He did an excellent job of cutting, welding, and shaping our flares to not only be functional, but not look half bad either. I didn't do the best job of prepping before we laid the paint,
  4. Hood 2.0 is coming along nicely. We added a center latch and left more structure in the front of the hood. Ducting has also been improved.
  5. Here was my solution posted in another thread.
  6. We ran a Flagtronics unit at Daytona this past weekend and it worked great!
  7. I purchased these from Summit Racing instead of Amazon hoping that I wouldn't get the knock offs. I ordered the new sets from @DiscoveryParts, don't let me down!
  8. What a weekend! Daring Greatly Racing made it's first appearance at Daytona and had so much fun that we couldn't contain our excitement and blew our hood off on the front straight. We are just happy that nobody got hurt and we didn't ruin any other teams weekend. We were on our fourth driver, 17th overall, 7th in class when the hood failed. During our first two stops I found the rubber cover that goes between the core support and the radiator laying on top of the intake. I was worried that the part might end up getting trapped in the belts so I took it off at stop #2. Engine
  9. https://www.sdwheel.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAt9z-BRBCEiwA_bWv-P3P14dxXOwMGIT6MIKHrrfRlnbaKXcrUsXdTiDhgiZo6mkY910gWhoC_gsQAvD_BwE
  10. This was the method that we went with. We still retained the factory rolled edge and was able to fill the gaps with reused sheet metal that we cut off the car from the trunk, doors, and interior body area. The paint is a little lighter where we resprayed.
  11. Looks good! I think you're good as long as the flares don't extend past the mirrors, those are part of the body.
  12. We've been working on fender flares using metal that we've removed from the trunk lid inside area. I know it doesn't look like it covers the tire at 2:00 but it does, optical illusion.
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