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  1. I read that last post in a Dwight Schrute voice.
  2. I prepped everything inside with a scotch bright, primed the cage and repaired spots with automotive primer, had a body shop shoot it after hours using a single stage paint. I brought them a prepped shell and they painted it all the same color. https://tcpglobal.com/products/rsp-al1203-kit-m
  3. That was a problem we had last year at our first race. This year we have a discriminator vent that will prevent fuel from coming back up the vent and we also have a roll over vent that will allow fuel to come out when the car is upright. During fueling we have a 2.5 gallon jug connected to this vent with a dry break connection. When the tank is full, fuel comes out of the overflow and goes into the 2.5 gallon jug. We release the dry break connection, no fuel on the ground (this is all in theory). We are using the same set up that another Champcar team is using, and they seem to have great success with it last year.
  4. The stuff I used is exhaust pipe so should be water tight (?). I could also run this stuff over with the car and not bend it. #ipassedtech2019
  5. It’s 5 inch exhaust tubing for a semi like this. https://www.raneystruckparts.com/5-flex-pipe/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzt_Y1Jzc5wIVCNbACh2K7w8QEAQYASABEgIFzfD_BwE I passed tech in 2019 at Gingerman.
  6. I think the flexible electrical conduit is what’s illegal.
  7. Did you see the amount of fuel that was leaking out of the car. I'm so glad it didn't go up in flames.
  8. Wasn't me this time! I do want to say sorry to John D Allen. I put 4 off getting the esses wrong and tried to save it but didn't. I'm getting better
  9. Just updating our available seats: Gingerman, 2 Seats remaining Indy, 3 Seats remaining Road America (fall), 2 Seats remaining
  10. Don't you need to be a member to race in a real Champcar race? So if you win the iRacing league series you need to become a member to race anyway. Not everyone that runs the series is a car owner either. They would be giving that money to an existing team that would then use it to cover the event entry or most of it. Thanks again to all the people that make the Sim Series happen. I would like to apologize in advance to anyone that I might or may have come into contract with. I feel much more confident on track in real life than in iRacing (one person has already questioned my real life ability, and rightfully so).
  11. We run the Radium Engineering quick fill internal valve, but here are their options. http://www.radiumauto.com/Dynamic-Safety-Vent-DSV-Valves-P1508.aspx
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