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  1. Our first test day at Gingerman Raceway was a great success and the car exceeded all of our expectations. It was in the high 80's and partly sunny for most of the day. The coolant temps stayed between 210 and 215 all day, oil temps never got above 260. We ran the car in back to back sessions most of the day once we had done a few checks after the first two sessions. Alex would be waiting for me in the pits and we would swap out as quick as we could and keep the car going. The brakes are amazing and maybe a little overkill for this car. I haven't had a chance to measure the pads yet, but after 4 hours of track time there doesn't seem to be much pad wear. We have a few bugs to work out but we are looking forward to our first race in August at Gingerman. It will be 3 years in August I purchased this gem on Craig's List. Now it looks like this. The build has taken a toll on me after 3 years. Before race car build After race car build.
  2. I got my Sparco here. Great prices! https://www.murraymotorsport.com/car/cockpit/seats/seats
  3. Positive battery cable ran, fuel filler neck installed ( minus the metal enclosure for now ), anti-vibration mounts installed for fire bottle mount, and the exhaust system has a rough plan! We are working on tidying up the wiring as well.
  4. Fuel cell is installed minus the top cover and the filler neck. Fuel lines are all ran and secured, fender mount fuel fill installed! Wiring to make the car run is complete but needs to be cleaned up and put into flex conduit. There are still some accessory wiring projects to complete, but that can wait until the car is running. Next up is the exhaust system, stay tuned!
  5. I used this Ram Mount in my Camaro and will be using it in the Cadillac. https://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-149Z-2-GOP1U
  6. So IMSA would be cool if Porsche showed up and ran the 919 Hybrid? Hell, I'd bring the 919 Evo if that was the case.
  7. I support the start with 100 extra laps. EC cars go into the race already knowing that they are not eligible for the overall win, so if they are scored back in the pack they can race each other for the EC class win. No need for two different events for timing and scoring, true leader is scored as such, pace car picks up the correct leader. I would also support EC cars just taking laps and being put into A, B,C, and D class even if they are starting with 100 laps.
  8. Wiring to make the car crank is almost complete. It's taken some time to figure out how to get this thing to go. It's a 2003 with a 2004 3.6L that wasn't offered in 2004 with a manual transmission. So we had to reprogram the ECM, BCM, and theft module with a 2005 VIN that had a manual transmission and add a clutch circuit to the ECM. I was able to get the cool shirt box mounted, radio bracket mounted, and fire system temporarily mounted so that all the lines could be run. I'm waiting on some anti-vibration mounts for the fire bottle. The dash cluster mount is done and will be installed after some fine tuning. My youngest daughter and I went to Indy for fast Friday and she made a new friend! To bad he didn't qualify this year. Disregard the battery sitting on the floor where the cool shirt cooler will go, it's for testing purposes only. I still need to finish the interior nozzles.
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