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  1. We should change it up to the Mustang FR500S for 2020.
  2. I forgot to share some pictures from our race weekend at Gingerman. We plan on doing 3 races next year, Gingerman, Indy, and Road America in the fall. We plan on doing a lot of testing between April and August. We will also be renting seats in 2020 so PM me if you're interested.
  3. Not to hijack the thread, but since Ray is participating, I'm going to ask. How are factory spoilers scored? Did this mustang get an additional 10 pts for its factory spoiler?
  4. I made my own, not bad for my first try. I did brake one of the louvers and had to have it welded back on.
  5. I use a 2006 2500HD with 6.0L gas engine. It gets around 8 mph with the 24 foot trailer, the Fatillac, and all the stuff for the race. I would like to go back to a more towing friendly tire now that I don't drive this in the winter anymore. This truck just rolled 90k, is long paid for, and is in great shape. My plan is to find a nice used class A diesel pusher motor home if I plan on doing races further away.
  6. Thank you! Radium's products and customer service are 2nd to none. They are also always developing new products too. I'll be upgrading to there new discriminator vent and adding an overflow that exits externally into a catch container.
  7. We put our cell in a 1 inch by inch square tube frame and then covered the frame, top, and filler.
  8. A little late, but here is our 1st and 2nd stint from Sunday. I had camera issues on Saturday (like forgot to turn it on). This was this drivers first ever wheel to wheel race, so he eased into it. Here is the 2nd stint on Sunday before the lunch break. This was my first wheel to wheel in over a year so I eased into too!
  9. I agree. Mike Chisek walked by and saw it and said the same thing. He explained that it look as if it took a large shock all at once and came apart. The one chunk still has all the paint stamp on it. The other side of disc was like new. We ran 7 hours on Sunday with a new clutch and no issues. On a positive note, I did find out that I can use the single mass flywheel conversion for a fifth generation Camaro 3.6L on my car. I only found this out because of the research I had to do to find a clutch on Saturday.
  10. I get it. That’s why I’m going to try again but as long as the rings are good I’m not touching the bottom end.
  11. I should also add given the way the clutch failed (blew apart and was not worn) I’m thinking that money shifts may have caused everything.
  12. It’s an LY7 and the red line is 6500 rpms. It was assembled by me with the supervision of a 30 year Cadillac tech that has re-ringed hundreds of these engines.
  13. Timing chains are known to stretch with this engine, but was due to lack of maintenance or to long between oil changes. This was more of a GM oil life issue than a customer not doing their maintenance but most people didn’t bother check their oil ever and after 8,000 plus miles it didn’t need an oil change, it needed oil!
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