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  1. Most of the brake lines are done, but I forget to take pictures before I put the car away so I will finish those up next weekend and take pictures. This weekend I was able to strip all the spare body panels I wanted off of the parts car. I still need to strip off the suspension stuff that I'd like to keep for spares as well. Also finally got my Class D Road Racing license in iRacing.
  2. hcsi99

    Fuel cell rule change

    Is the 6"x9" fire proof lexan site window still going to be acceptable? I didn't see any mention of this in the updated BCCR.
  3. hcsi99

    Fuel cell rule change

    I’m talking about a site window @enginerd
  4. hcsi99

    Fuel cell rule change

    Getting back on topic, I found a place that sells 12" x 12" sheets of Polycarbonate that meets the requirements. The Spec sheets match the data sheets of the Lexan stuff that @red0 posted about before. https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?sku=43425
  5. hcsi99

    Sebring today

    About that rear seat backing.....
  6. hcsi99

    Sebring today

    I'm 2.5 years into my build and it just became a roller. 😥 I've had a lot of good ideas inspired by beer! I have a very large collection of brewery stickers that I'm thinking of installing on the inside roof of the car, but I'm not sure I want all the weight that high up. The garage is attached to the house, so I don't have far to stumble into bed.
  7. hcsi99

    Sebring today

    Around Halloween we had this on tap in the garage. Now we are drinking this.
  8. hcsi99

    Tech Response time

    I read pages and pages of how one person interprets one rule and how another person interprets the same rule another way. Instead of starting a thread that gets multiple responses that in the end mean nothing other than opinion I figured I’d go the actual people that are going to say yes or no. Im not here to stir the pot. I believe the forum is a great source of discussion and opinion but not always a great or quick source of factual answers. Lately it’s been a great source of entertainment.