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  1. I think Randy always has a driving suit on under his clothes.
  2. This is almost as bad as posting 20 life flight helicopter pictures from a race where friends and loved ones are attending with no explanation for hours on end. Almost.
  3. Mounting brackets are done and race car stuff installed. Just waiting on some more fittings for the cooling system. Brake switch bracket since the factory switch mounted to the cast aluminum dash structure that I didn't reuse. Modified the oil filter adapter to fit the factory oil pressure sending unit and the Autometer sending unit.
  4. I was at a friends house this weekend and was offered a beer. I couldn't help but think I had seen that label before. Good stuff!
  5. We worked on mounting brackets for the coolant expansion tank, oil catch can, brake light switch, and coolant overflow bottle. The only one that was completed and installed was the coolant overflow bracket. The fuel cell is installed in the fuel cell cage and the 10x4 aluminum sheet has been purchased to cover the fuel cell cage. I mounted the fuel cell flange directly to the cage using 24 grade 8 bolts. Is that going to be enough or do I need to add straps across the top of the tank?
  6. I just picked up this system from Discovery Parts. Hope I never have to use it. https://www.discoveryparts.com/lifeline-zero-2000-mechanically-discharged-fire-systems/3271-lifeline-zero-2000-4-liter-mechanical-system-lifeline-106-001-001.html use ChampRacer1 at checkout for a 10% discount.
  7. The fuel system is coming along nicely. The mounting tabs have been added to the fuel cell cage and it just needs some sheet metal once the cell is installed. The distribution balls have been installed inside of the cell and all of the plumbing has arrived for the fuel system as well. The wiring is going slow but we are making progress. The body harness that goes from inside of the car to the under hood fuse box and ECM is getting much thinner. This thing might actually start next week!
  8. Worked on wiring this weekend. Most of this work consisted of sitting in an office chair with a seam ripper opening up plastic wiring conduit, only stabbed myself once. I'm eliminating the ABS wiring and the automatic transmission wiring and also keeping in mind that I need to make it as serviceable as possible in case (and I'm sure it will happen) I need to swap the engine out quickly. I hope to working on the wiring as much as possible this week after work.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. I believe that car was facing the wrong direction a few turns later.
  10. I learned last week to make sure your steering wheel is properly secured to it's mount before the race starts because going through the bus stop at speed with a bunch a Miata's is a challenge in itself. Doing it with a loose steering wheel adds to the excitement. I ended up loosing control and going into the grass without taking anyone out.
  11. After two weeks of being sick as a dog I was able to get some work done this weekend on the CTS. The drive shaft is installed, fuel cell cage is built, and I installed the used intake I scored on ebay for $100.00. The clutch is all bled and the transmission has been filled with fresh fluid. I'm working on a list of fittings and lines needed to complete the fuel system. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do the exhaust. I need to fab a system from the manifolds back and I don't know if I can trust the local muffler shop to build a system that is endurance car quality. I ordered a Lifeline Zero 2000 4.0L fire system from @DiscoveryParts and used the Champcar discount code to save 10%. I'll be working on the wiring as much as I can this week. I see myself sitting at home like an old lady in a rocking chair knitting an afghan but instead I'll be depinning connectors and going through wiring looms.
  12. That would have been more than a bump. That Miata looks like a tubbed dragster once it got back on all 4.
  13. My brother in law was racing with us last night too (his first ever iRacing race with other cars on track) he said the exact same thing about 6th gear.
  14. Fun face! I started 8th then got into the back of someone about half way through the race in going in to turn 3 and popped the radiator. I made it through the bus stop and was able to get up to a fair speed before the engine let go with a water temp of 325 degrees. I costed in neutral into the pits, used my reset and installed some fuel. I came out 17th but made it back up to 11th place. I was by myself for the rest of the race until the last few laps I was able to catch 9th and 10th place. The 9th place car had a moment on the last lap in turn 1 and spun and that let me get even closer to the 10th place car. I got a better run on him going through the bus stop and just made the pass before crossing the finish line finishing 9th. If was nice racing with you all as always. Lee
  15. Here is a good solution if you're looking to also run a surge tank and are limited on space. Their Enduro cells are FIA FT3 certified. http://www.radiumauto.com/Fuel-Cell-with-FCST-P1494.aspx
  16. I got the radiator, fans, and hoses installed this weekend and started planning for the fuel cell install. I was going to reuse the factory tank and attempt to solve the fuel starvation issues that come with a saddle tank using hydra mat and a surge tank, but it seemed that the cost to do this was going to be almost as much as my Radium Engineering fuel cell with build in surge tank. I'm going grind and weld on a freshly pained interior, but I have more paint so no big deal. I managed to fix a few things that I did wrong when reinstalling the suspension, like installing rear sway bar links in the wrong direction, and replacing a few bolts that were questionable with the new correct bolt. I also have been fighting brake fluid leaks at all 4 corners where the Goodridge steel braided hoses mount to the hard lines. It turns out the Goodridge lines where not machine correctly. When tightened down the the fitting on the Goodridge line would not hold the flare in tight enough due to there not being enough threads on the Goodridge side of the line. One of our techs took 4 new fittings that go on the hard lines and machined a cone into them to allow better sealing. We had to cut the other fittings off the line, install the machined fittings, and flare the lines again. With no ABS and a much simpler line set up, this all took about an hour and half to correct. I'm happy to report that the fluid leaks are gone. I had reached out to Goodridge and after 2 weeks I heard back from someone that was familiar with the issue, but at that point we had already made the new fittings to correct the problem. Goodridge sent me 4 brass coned washers to put inside their lines to correct the issue.
  17. I worked on stripping some spare parts off of the black car before she gets taken away to the big crusher in the sky. Spare front knuckles, upper and lower control arms, strut mounts, rear upper and lower control arms, knuckles, and rear diff. I also received my number panels from @RVA Graphics & Wraps and have entered our first race, Gingerman August 2019. I will be back working on the fuel system this weekend.
  18. Does anyone have any experience with a dual mass flywheel and endurance racing? Asking for a friend...
  19. If your rig has a refrigerator and a nice generator I think your beer might be colder, and I'm okay with that.
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