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  1. We're back from Autobahn and a little bruised. I thought the car needed a little more color and I've always loved the 1st gen CTS-V race car livery that was used in the Pirelli World Challenge so I got some Rust-Oleum Enamel paint, some tape, some sand paper, and some foam rollers and boom! We made some mistakes over the weekend, both mechanically and driving, but for the first time we finished both races. Our 2nd driver on Saturday had a little run in with the overall leading Corvette who happened to be pitted next to us (awkward). We were able to review the footage from their live stream and felt it was a racing incident and both drivers were at fault, my guy for not paying attention to his mirrors, and the Vette for making a bold pass. Both drivers received a black flag and the day went on. We ended up with some minor dents, and of course our new livery was damaged, but nothing real bad. We finished 14th overall on Saturday and 18th on Sunday. We will have the same driver line up at Gingerman.
  2. The Daring Greatly Racing Cadillac CTS had a weekend full of "We'll never do that again" moments. I started Saturdays race and as soon as I took the green flag the car had a knocking noise coming from the front end that got faster with speed. I came in at the end of lap one to find that I didn't secure the front part of our under body tray and it was flapping in the wind (I'll never do that again #1). We lost 2 laps repairing the shield then came out to a full course yellow after the Premium Dudes had issues. I made it two hours on a tank due to the cautions and turned the car over to Ron. Ron is still new to wheel to wheel racing but is very fast! He ran some quick laps but had contact with the blue Corvette. We were able to watch a replay from the Corvette in their pits thanks to their live stream. We agreed that their driver made a high risk move and our driver didn't see him and should have been more aware so we both got black flagged. (I hope we don't do that again #2). The right front wheel of the Vette ended up contacting our right rear door and we ended up with a small dent. Alex took over after Ron and also got a black flag, number board and all but when he came in they didn't know why and we lost another lap. Chris finished off Saturday for us bring the car home in 14th overall. Sunday Chris started us off. Chris was black flagged for a couple of 4 off moments (rightfully so) and was told to cool it and sent back out. A few minutes later the car died out and was stuck on the side of the track. We were flat towed back in and found that the fuel pump that feeds the surge tank was no longer working. We pulled it all apart only to find that the tank was empty. It appears that when we fueled the car on Saturday night in the paddock that we got an air pocket and what we thought was full was about 2.5 gallons short (We'll never do that again #3) Since we had the tank apart and the pump had been run dry we replaced both pumps anyway. We put it all back together and added a couple of gallons to make sure that it was fixed then filled it up. In hindsight, we should have put two gallons in and checked to see if we could have started the car before taking it all apart (I'll never do that again #4) We got back on track about 45 minutes after the red flag lunch break and finished the rest of the day in 18th overall without issue. On a positive note, this was the first race weekend that we finished both races. Like every race so far, we've learned a lot this weekend and will use that experience to get better. Every fuel stop we had was done by the 5 minute mark this weekend and that's a huge improved over our last few races. We had an issue with our roll over flap in the cell closing during fueling causing us to have to poor very slow after the first jug. We have since fixed that and now we can go full tilt on all 3 jugs. Congrats to Rbanks on yet another 2 wins and for the amazing program they have built. Thank you to the team with the 4th gen Camaro for being such good pit neighbors and sharing your shade when we lost our popup on Saturday due to the wind. Thank you Champcar for running another great event! Lee
  3. If I remember correctly, this has more to do with giving the corner works and safety workers a lunch break.
  4. Replaced the throw-out bearing this weekend and replaced some fluids. Just about ready for Autobahn CC! How about that livery!
  5. We can't comment on the post that bill made regarding the VPI update so I'll ask it here. @Bill Strong, what were the changes to the VPI list this time around? Could we maybe get a red copy with the changes? Thanks!
  6. Done, you can see them if you zoom in on the painted picture. .75 inch gurney flaps.
  7. Long time no post in this thread! We've had a very productive off season and we've run our first race of the season. We wanted to run wider tires but would require fender flares to comply with the rules. We didn't want to take points, so we gathered some material that we had been saving and took some more off of the trunk area and got to work. Our teammate, Ron was the key part of all this. He did an excellent job of cutting, welding, and shaping our flares to not only be functional, but not look half bad either. I didn't do the best job of prepping before we laid the paint, but we were getting short on time, and racecar. We are now running 275's all the way around on 10 inch wide wheels. We also added a rain light from Lifeline this off season (don't worry, its on a switch). We towed down to Daytona with our new tow rig and trailer and boy what a difference a gooseneck makes! We towed at 77mph most of the way with ease. We loved all the cameras and trailering features that come with these new trucks. We installed the optional trailer tire pressures sensors and were able to keep track of not only the pressures, but the tires temps while towing. We also installed a camera on the back of the trailer and this made lane changes and managing traffic much easier. This is the same camera used for the invisible trailer options, but our trailer is too long for that feature to work. Our Daytona race could have gone better. We were running strong with 3 of our drivers never turning laps at Daytona outside of iRacing. We were sitting 17th overall and 7th in class when about 1 hours into our 4th stint the hood failed on the front straight with me driving. I was able to get the car down on the apron and stopped before turn 1. We couldn't get a windshield and didn't have a replacement hood to finish so we called it a day. Very frustrating considering our wears items were performing flawlessly and the car was running so good. We will be back next year! We've since finished hood 2.0 and not only added a 3rd latch but also much better ducting too. Our next race is at Autobahn in June then Gingerman in August and all seats are spoken for at this time.
  8. Hood 2.0 is coming along nicely. We added a center latch and left more structure in the front of the hood. Ducting has also been improved.
  9. Here was my solution posted in another thread.
  10. We ran a Flagtronics unit at Daytona this past weekend and it worked great!
  11. I purchased these from Summit Racing instead of Amazon hoping that I wouldn't get the knock offs. I ordered the new sets from @DiscoveryParts, don't let me down!
  12. What a weekend! Daring Greatly Racing made it's first appearance at Daytona and had so much fun that we couldn't contain our excitement and blew our hood off on the front straight. We are just happy that nobody got hurt and we didn't ruin any other teams weekend. We were on our fourth driver, 17th overall, 7th in class when the hood failed. During our first two stops I found the rubber cover that goes between the core support and the radiator laying on top of the intake. I was worried that the part might end up getting trapped in the belts so I took it off at stop #2. Engine temps remained good so I didn't think much about the under hood pressures. The hood folded in the front middle area and took the hood latches with it. The latches were still attached to the pins and stayed in place on the core support while the latch bezels remained in the hood. I don't think any two hood latches could have survived that. We are going to leave some more structure on the hood this time and added one more latch in the middle and also we will be improving our ducting in front of the radiator. I also want to say it was great meeting a number of new people, some that I have talked with on the forum and some I have not. I get very stressed out the few days before an event all the way up the start. Once we are out there running I calm down a little, but not much. When I got in the car and got settled in, I was the most relaxed I had been all week. This sense of calm came over me and I realized that I didn't want to be anywhere else doing anything else at that exact moment. This moment helped me to realize why I do this and why I spend the time and money and go through the stress and sleepless nights before we race. I was very much considering selling my stuff and either renting seats or just being a fan but that 45 minutes of pure enjoyment has made me reconsider. I truly enjoy racing with each and everyone of you (so far) and thank you for contributing to my love for this sport. Contracts to @Team Infiniti on their overall win! And thank you for keeping me entertained in the tech line! See you at Autobahn!
  13. https://www.sdwheel.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAt9z-BRBCEiwA_bWv-P3P14dxXOwMGIT6MIKHrrfRlnbaKXcrUsXdTiDhgiZo6mkY910gWhoC_gsQAvD_BwE
  14. This was the method that we went with. We still retained the factory rolled edge and was able to fill the gaps with reused sheet metal that we cut off the car from the trunk, doors, and interior body area. The paint is a little lighter where we resprayed.
  15. Looks good! I think you're good as long as the flares don't extend past the mirrors, those are part of the body.
  16. We've been working on fender flares using metal that we've removed from the trunk lid inside area. I know it doesn't look like it covers the tire at 2:00 but it does, optical illusion.
  17. I would hope a race for cars built for the 2020 Championship and built to the 2020 rules would race using the 2020 rules?
  18. I've been told the nozzles aren't to put the fire out but to give the driver more time to escape.
  19. If you reuse material, 0 points.
  20. You know, the Nazi's had pieces of flair, and Nazi's are bad, so #freeflairforall!
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