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  1. I’m a safe / competitive driver & all-around helpful mechanic. Our E30 team ran at Mid Ohio but decided not to run Sebring. I would still love to drive there this year. Please let me know if you have a seat available and the details. John Macgowan 727-432-5335
  2. I'm still looking for a seat at Daytona - let me know if you have an opening.
  3. The team I was planning to drive with had to cancel. I'm an experienced driver ( 7 Champcar races and SCCA Compitetion License holder) looking for a paid seat at Daytona this year. Please let me know if you have avaiability.
  4. Experienced driver / mechanic looking for a ride at Sebring in November.
  5. Sad to learn no Brainerd in 2019 - I was really hoping to get back there after a 34 year hiatus. Is there any other option? Lemons?
  6. I returned the fire extinguisher Saturday night to your area. If you didn't find it let me know and I'll make it right for you. John
  7. I found a nice pair of black Simpson Gloves this AM while loading out. You were about mid-way along pit row.
  8. Thanks Glen - had a nice chat with Joe yesterday. I'm excited by the possibilities.
  9. I ran the past Daytona event in a Miata and am hooked on ChampCar. Looking for a mid pack team to join as an arrive and drive - I live in Tampa and would travel there for the race. P.S. I'd love to complete the lap that was interrupted by the high-side shown in my profile picture. That's Brainerd's turn 10, circa 1986. I roadraced there from 83-86 until that crash broke a bunch of bones in my right hand. John 727-four three two - 533five
  10. I can't find the allowable number of drivers for Daytona 2018. Do you know?
  11. WOW! Does that look cool. Mike I can't wait to try out your Sim! What's the hourly cost for non-teammates?
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