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  1. Sad to learn no Brainerd in 2019 - I was really hoping to get back there after a 34 year hiatus. Is there any other option? Lemons?
  2. I returned the fire extinguisher Saturday night to your area. If you didn't find it let me know and I'll make it right for you. John
  3. I found a nice pair of black Simpson Gloves this AM while loading out. You were about mid-way along pit row.
  4. Thanks Glen - had a nice chat with Joe yesterday. I'm excited by the possibilities.
  5. I ran the past Daytona event in a Miata and am hooked on ChampCar. Looking for a mid pack team to join as an arrive and drive - I live in Tampa and would travel there for the race. P.S. I'd love to complete the lap that was interrupted by the high-side shown in my profile picture. That's Brainerd's turn 10, circa 1986. I roadraced there from 83-86 until that crash broke a bunch of bones in my right hand. John 727-four three two - 533five
  6. WOW! Does that look cool. Mike I can't wait to try out your Sim! What's the hourly cost for non-teammates?
  7. I'm revisiting this /thread to see if there's anyone in the Pasco Tampa area looking for a mechanic/crew/driver for Daytona spring 2018? I'm slowly transforming my 2005 Mazda 3 into a chump car and would like to get some experience with a team before committing to fully gutting the car.
  8. Rats - this is exactly what I've been looking for here in Florida. I moved from Minnetonka last year and would have loved to be part of your new team. Good luck with your season!
  9. It was recommended that I get some track experience at Sebring = I'm signed up for the April 3rd track day... not figuring that I'll set any track records with my 2015 Mazda 3, however I'm thinking it will be fun.
  10. Thanks for your responses. I'm in the Trinity/New Port Richey area. Would it make sense to crew for a team first?
  11. Now that my kids are grown and gone, I want to get back into racing. I'm looking for an existing team to join around Tampa - I'm in Pasco county. I road raced motorcycles back in the 80's when I was also a professional mechanic/tuner. I love the idea of endurance racing and would enjoy talking to anyone in this area about participating in the Sebring races this fall.
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