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  1. Safelite told me they do it all the time for race cars. We had already removed (and broken) the windshield ourselves, so called them to get us a new one. The installer said next time just to give them a call and they will come yank it out (for a fee).
  2. Finally got spinny wheel of speed torn down so I can get the correct rebuild kit.
  3. I have no problem with active/adjustable aero; I think it's cool as hell and have some ideas of my own I'd like to try out someday. I do have a problem with it if it doesn't cost anymore than a simple spoiler or air dam. Aero is too cheap at 10pts a "thing" anyway. Active aero for the same cost, that's just not right.
  4. Marauders and GTOs are now on the list. Now I just need my own oil refinery and to win the lottery to pay for consumables...
  5. Well we’ve only been to Road America and COTA. Road America is my favorite by far. First time on a real track was there, plus the history and the scenery. I’ve made the haul from Texas twice and would love to do it again. My other two favorites we don’t seem to run and I’ve never raced them, but Heartland Park (I grew up in KC) and Hallett.
  6. I cut holes in the trunk floor and ran two 2” ratchet straps crisscrossed under the floor and over the top of the cooler. If it comes lose, I bet we have bigger problems than just an airborn plastic cooler. We could still fuel, top off the cooler, and have time left on the timer.
  7. I redid the entire brake system in our Civic a couple years ago. I’ve done enough flaring in my life that I decided to drop the cash on the Eastwood flaring tool. Worth every damn penny and then some.
  8. Made a little progress today. IC is in place. Relocated oil cooler. Replaced axles and lower ball joints. Drained funky 2.5 year old gas from the tank. Made a list of all the plumbing stuff we’re missing for the turbo. Coordinating parts ordering when you each have bits and pieces several states apart is a pain; don’t recommend it. But, it’s starting to come together!
  9. Some shiny radiator looking thing showed up on the front porch.
  10. If you could find one without breaking the bank, Integra Type R?
  11. After hearing about the carnage last weekend, I'm thinking a Volvo.
  12. So the narrower, taller, heavier tire on a bigger wheel is slower? Good to know. <green font>
  13. I think reasonable members would go do some research or ask tech for a definition. Everywhere I look on the internet, "air dam" is defined as a vertical component extending from below the bumper or bottom of the bumper cover/fascia. Everywhere I found "splitter" defined, it specifically says it is a horizontal component attached to the bottom of a vertical component (air dam, bumper cover, or fascia). Neither one seems to be something with a loose or fluid definition. You are 100% right to be pissed if tech specifically looked at it in the past and OK'd it and then this year the new guy went the other way. And there are other threads that show this kind of thing has been happening with other rules since the inception of the series and it's probably not going to stop over night. Sorry you got caught out on this one.
  14. Bed cover and a spoiler definitely. You are already bastardizing a BMW, don’t half-ass it and stop at the drivetrain
  15. Yeah, but you aren’t engine swapping, plus, both of intake options came on the 305 in the 3rd gen F-body. You are dealing with platform swap stuff, not a true engine swap. What you can’t do, for example, is swap in an LS and then keep the factory 3rd gen induction system for free (if you were nuts enough to try that).
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