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  1. I think it's disingenuous to say that everyone who wants coolers and accusumps to remain points hopes and plans on their fellow competitors failing. It's more the fact that this series is (or was, at some point in the distant past) about racing normal street cars and any change you made beyond what was factory cost you. Some people feel it still ought to remain that way. That doesn't mean they WANT their fellow racers to blow up.
  2. Nothing personally directed toward you, but I REALLY hope that kind of asinine in-race thinking isn't as pervasive in reality as it seems on the forum. I've seen it brought up several times while discussing this topic. What would that team do if they had no tires left to change to? What if it were compromised brakes and you had no spares? What if you find an oil or fuel leak but it's going to take 10 minutes to fix it? Just "send it" and hope you don't hurt or kill yourselves or somebody else? I sure hope people would have the common sense to know when to pit (regardless of penalty incur
  3. I haven't been there in several years, but that used to be pretty stinking quick. 2 seconds off the McQueen 400SX everyone threw a fit about 5 years ago.
  4. Trunks don't have to be in the back. Call it a frunk if that helps
  5. I don't know what an MR2 trunk looks like, but I bet something like this would be easy to fab and probably fill a smidge faster...
  6. Hasn't the RE71R been out for several years? I think it was already the established fastest tire when we built our car in 2015. Has the compound changed at all to make it faster in that time? If not, I think it's a bit of a stretch to put the recent speed creep on that. It's probably a lot more due to the ridiculous aero rules and people pushing the limits on WIDE wheels and tires. Plus the other freebies and lowered FPV stuff every year. I'm not saying I disagree with your position on limiting tire spending somehow, but these tires are not new and neither are the rules (or lack thereof)
  7. We put ours in the passenger floor board. No issues. Not even an HD, I think it's just an 8 cell motorcycle battery. I could see lithium not being happy in a hot engine compartment. AntiGravity makes adapters that screw into their batteries that is shaped like a normal lead battery lug. Edit: I couldn't get the link to open on my phone for a while, but the first thing Huggy posted is basically what the AntiGravity post adapters look like.
  8. Currently out of a jobby job. And the wife said no more projects until I finish the 100 I already have started So yeah, I'll probably be looking for a seat when the time comes. Also, first race we ever attended happened to be the 2015 Chumpionship at Road America. I think it was an 8+7 with parc ferme for the contenders. No dog in this fight, but it seems the logical way to go to me.
  9. Did no one else see Hallett is on the list? To me, that is a lot more mid-west or central to the continental US than some track clear up in Chicago. I'm just kicking myself that we sold our car right after Indy and now I've got no ride for one of the tracks I've been wanting Champ to run for a long time.
  10. Or just left foot brake and don't use the clutch at all. But depending on the car you REALLY need to be familiar with it before you spend a weekend doing that.
  11. Know the feeling. Our "team" was spread out over 2, sometimes 3 states. And people dropped out over time. A few of us would try to get together over a 3 day weekend once or twice a year to wrench. Otherwise it came down to whoever's garage it was parked in to be motivated to do stuff.
  12. The Pontiac GTO is 350-400hp and sub 10:1 from the showroom floor. I think the G8 and the LT1 Corvettes and LS1 F-bodies are close in street trim.
  13. If the 5 minute limit were removed, you'd be spending more time on track. So technically you WOULD be winning on track vs the pits. Just saying
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