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  1. I don't know about optics, but I was told they knew this value was artificially low and if anyone brings one that immediately starts dominating to expect the value to go back up. I think the C3 could have been very competitive at 500 pts. If you are going to lower it to entice people scared of a car that starts at 500 points, 400-450 makes a lot more sense than the same VPI as a 2nd gen F-body, which it is as good or better than in pretty much every metric.
  2. 4 Wheel Parts maybe? I would think if Summit is having issues, then it’s a supplier problem. If it’s in stock, I get pretty much anything in a day from Summit. Can you order direct from Hella? If that doesn’t work, I dunno. Try some KC Daylighters?
  3. A very good friend of mine owned an import-only repair shop for many decades. Swore on Toyota as the best, Honda second, the rest of the Asian manufacturers a distant third, and only worked on German stuff because they provided a steady revenue stream. His daily driver the 15+ years I knew him was a used 2wd, automatic, 4cyl Tacoma extended cab.
  4. FWIW, I like the ruling, assuming any aftermarket diff for 25pts is what it actually is. No factory LSD option for our transaxle. If we do decide to get a diff, probably cheaper to go aftermarket vs finding a Type R transaxle or tracking down an actual Type R diff and then trying to modify it to work in an LS trans.
  5. But you’d have to take the tiny tank if you do that, right? Stock small block should make over 300 for less than 50 points anyway and you get all the benefits of the later cars.
  6. How does that math work?
  7. Cracked triple digits a week ago. Ground in my pasture is already hard and cracking. Summer still 7 weeks away...
  8. The biggest problem with the lack of fuel for points for me is that there are more than a couple cars I'd like to tackle for a next build that I would not currently consider due to their lack of fuel relative to weight. The search for ultimate stock fuel:weight ratio has opened up some interesting possibilities I probably never would have considered otherwise. So I guess there is one positive
  9. I dunno, I thought it was a pretty interesting build when they were 500 points. After dropping the value so much, I’d almost be scared to build one now because as soon as they prove to be fast the VPI is going to jump way back up and you’ll be undoing a bunch of stuff.
  10. As do I. Mainly being a smart ass, but if they’ll let ball joints go for 5 points, who knows where that train of thought will lead us. Something I would have never thought to ask since the rules seem very black and white to me. It ought to be 20 points for the ball joints. 2x10 non stock suspension components or 20 for aftermarket camber adjustment.
  11. Would a set of home-made adjustable tubular control arms be only 5 pts? (What font color is half-sarcasm/half-serious?)
  12. Sure. Just make gas expensive and adjust the VPI to something realistic rather than the absurd 200pts it is now. That’s the same as a Civic. Mike mentioned on at least one occasion that pony car valuations were artificially low to try and entice people to build and run them.
  13. Which also costs points (I asked). Blow-through carb is free if you’re already running one
  14. Not RWHP, but testing the engine as it would be mounted in the car. Emissions controls in place, water, AC, PS pumps, air cleaners and snorkels, full exhaust, etc. I think Cadillac in 72 or 73 advertised both gross and net hp so people could get used to the rating difference. One of the hot rod mags strapped one of the super-low-hp Corvette 350s to an engine dyno and bone stock (but minus all the accessories, emissions, ets) with a set of headers made 300 at the crank.
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