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  1. If it doesn't already have them, they switched over to aluminum heads at the end of the model year. Easy 5hp gain and probably shaves 100+lbs off it. If a true Z51, then it should already have an oil cooler.
  2. I'd settle for something between the Mississippi and the Sierra Nevada.
  3. I’m 99.9% positive 914/6s did not come with the big tank from the factory. They had the same tank as a 914/4. 914/6 GT could be had with the big tank.
  4. Took turbo back apart to install retainer I missed. Put turbine back in and somehow managed to bend and corkscrew the oil control ring even though it’s been in and out several times. Put the old one on and did the same thing. Now housing and shaft are goobered up. Ordered 2 new rings, won’t be here til next week. Gave up and moved on to finishing the tune-up I never finished and diagnosing a miss from last time I moved it. Wouldn’t start, no crank. Diagnosed a bunch of stuff, pulled the starter, tested fine but the contacts are worn. No rebuild kits in town, has to be ordered. Put starter back in, discovered ground wire I had undone months ago. Start it up and smells rich. Real rich. Explained by the growing puddle of raw fuel under the car. Hard line in the engine bay leaking. Fancy aluminum line I bought to save a few ounces of weight had cracked at the compression fitting. Went to go buy a roll of steel, no one in town has it, has to be ordered. Moved on to brake lines. Who knew Civics used different brake lines depending on ABS or no and that it mattered? Not this guy. Ordered the wrong ones last week, wont fit without kinking or rubbing on other suspension bits. Won’t have the right ones until next week. Decided to work on motorcycle. Put in fresh gas, no start. Brand new fuel pump seems locked up. Have to drain tank to get at it. Gave up and started drinking. Back to working on fence tomorrow...
  5. TDI swap, auto trans, bigger turbo, intercooler, points left over for aero and suspension.
  6. Got the turbo put back together last night. Found parts on the table that are supposed to be inside, not outside. So taking it apart again tonight. My teammate is coming in to town this weekend to help thrash - hopefully have it nearly running again when it's all over.
  7. Which if you assume 15% drivetrain loss works out to approx 185hp at the flywheel.
  8. https://ruhterauction.com/listings/auctions/937-mph-race-track-auction-october-9th Um, say what? Anybody else heard this? I’ve only been once when I was a kid, but I liked it.
  9. If there’s just one reason I want to run a Lemons event, it’s the ridiculous swaps. I think they are awesome!
  10. This will be our first year running 200TW tires. Prior to that we ran the 205/15 Dunlop DZ102, 460TW. They hold up fine and treadwear is good, I think. We could probably get 3 race weekends and an autocross or two out of two sets before they turned into slicks. Definite lack of grip all the way around compared to the fast cars. Have run a 2:01 at COTA and a 3:12 at Road America. 1900lb Civic and we haven’t done anything as far as fine tuning camber settings or tire temps. Starting to see small chunking on one set of fronts on the outside edge. I’ll take some pictures tonight. I think tires in the 300-400 TW range would be fine for little cars. I don’t know how they would behave on bigger stuff.
  11. I still think the L82 is the way to go if you’re going to stick with a big hunk of cast iron. But I’m biased after spending a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to make one work when a swap wasn’t feasible.
  12. How dare you be low-budget and cost effective! This is Champcar, not Cheapcar.
  13. When did manufacturers start quoting "total volume of tank" as a specification rather than fuel capacity? I need to find this for my car...
  14. As I recall, the vent line part of the rule was intended to apply to the external rubber hoses that attach to the metal/plastic vent tube that is part of the tank. But Champcar refused to re-write the rule to clarify that. Also, the "stock tank must not be altered in any way from OEM specifications". Capacity is a known, quantifiable specification is it not?
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