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  1. Lowered price and we'll be at VIR South in a few weeks if anybody is interested. Thanks
  2. NLS Racing race report: The story of our Road Atlanta race really begins all the way back at the VIR24. We were forced to retire 22hrs into the 24 because of multiple reasons, one of them being very low oil pressure. Fast forward 2 months later, our spare motor swapped in ready for a test day at VIR. 1 lap into the first session of the day, rods-a-knocking. Barely able to pull into the trailer, we headed home to figure out a plan to get to the VIR North race only 2 weeks away at this point. So we decided to slap some bearings in our engine from the 24 and go racing. That was a whole other debacle, FYI...when buying bearings from Nissan, you need to order 12 rod bearings, not 6. They come in halves only. Anyway, made it to North course. Got pole on the random draw, Hell yeah! Our excitement was short lived. After about 1.5 hrs in, our driver report sudden drop in oil psi and down on power. Sure enough, pan full of metal, race over. A super frustrating end to the 2019 season. The car sat in the trailer until after New Years. Now its 2020, new season, new aspirations. We're not giving up. Ordered a JDM engine in hopes of it being lower mileage. Cracked it open and inside looked great. Prepped, installed, and onto the dyno to verify we got a keeper. Dyno day went great. Brought her home for a quick oil change and final race prep only to find the oil full of metal again. WTF!!?? Now less than 2 weeks until Rd. ATL, no spare, no good anything. What do we do now? By the grace of God we found an engine 15 mins down the road that had just arrived 2 days prior, yet was still in the car. Had to wait 2 more days for them to get it out. Lets try this one more time. Out with the old and in with the new. Only this time we replaced the oil cooler which we suspect was the cause of all our problems. Yes we cleaned it out very thoroughly but the passages are so small, there's no way we got it all out. We feel like a bunch of idiots for not thinking of changing it sooner. Needless to say we found the culprit, as we actually finished the race. Sorry for the long intro, I just wanted to give a little back story on our trials and tribulations. Now onto to our actual race report. Our weekend began much like the rest of you. Loading up in driving rain storms. 10 mins into our voyage, the RV we were using decide to crap out. Luckily right down the road from the house. Regrouped, we manage to jack knife the RV, ripping a corner off and crushing the trailer toolbox. Ughh what next. Reload everything into another vehicle and head out. Straight down I-85, down the middle of the RED part of that storm. Missed a tornado by what had to be minutes. Trees snapped off everywhere. Never was I so glad to see Road Atlanta. Made it in one piece. Got to tech early and passed w/ no issues. Practice went flawlessly, engine ran great, everybody got 2 short stints, barely had to turn a wrench all day. Off to bed early for what was supposed to be a good day of racing. We began race day a man down. Our crew chief was feeling ill and had to retreat to the hotel room for the day.But race we must. Started the race around 50th and were inside the top 20 by lap 3 or 4. Clawed our way up to 6th before some of the leaders began pitting. Also about that time the snow began falling. This is where things got interesting. Drove around slowly under green and FCY conditions. Somewhere during this, the grill became packed with snow and engine temp spiked past 250* very quickly. Limped it to pit road to cut out the grill and top off the water. We estimate we lost 5-6 laps because of this. Back out for 15 mins and then the red flag. I had to stop at the bottom of the hill to get a run up hoping i'd make it. Just barely over the crest and now have to navigate super slick pit road w/ no ABS. Parked her and thought we were done for the day. No way were gonna get back out there. We applaud Champcar for not giving up and getting us back on track. They did what they could with the cards they were dealt. Our goal now was to just log laps until the end and keep it on the track. That's exactly what we did. Green flag at 3pm, we were 40th position, checkers at 8pm, 11th place. We flirted w/ the idea of a driver only change due to the reduced fuel consumption. Decided against at the last second due to another FCY. It would have worked too, if the race went until 10. But Champcar made the right call to stop it early. After not finishing a single race last year, we're all pretty stoked with an 11th place finish. If not for the overheating in the snow, who'da thunk it, we'd probably be in impound. But we're not dwelling on the "what if", we're are counting our blessings to get out of there relatively unscathed. We say it every time but we really really mean it this time, THANK YOU to all the safety crew, corners workers, Champcar staff, volunteers, and our fellow racers for putting on a race we'll never forget. And a special thanks to all our wives, family members, and friends that make all this possible. Team NLS is shooting for a quick turnaround and making our way to VIR South in 4 weeks.
  3. Fire Sense 2.7L fire bottle system. Has been used for the last 4 years of racing, luckily has never been used. Includes mounting brackets, pull cable, 2 nozzles and some line. Bottle was refilled and certified last year. It is NOT legal as a main fire system but could be used as a secondary system or your track day car. I'm with NLS Racing and can deliver to Road Atlanta next month or local pickup near Hickory, NC. We will also be at the VIR South course in early March. $150 obo.
  4. NLS Racing was just happy to have made it to the track. We initially thought our car was totaled after our Charlotte crash, but 6 weeks at the frame shop with the dude lollygagging on the repairs, left us with only 5 weeks to basically repair or replace everything firewall forward. Fast forward to the much needed test day. Car was great, but developed a fuel system venting issue that plagued us all day. 4 yrs of racing, never had this issue. Finally got it sorted near the end of practice. Just prior to the race start, I went to timing and scoring to verify our transponder was pinging, yup good to go. 15mins into the race, started dropping laps. Apparently transponder decided its wiring wasn't up to the task. Multiple sprints up and down pitroad to speak with Mike and timing, we just rented another transponder and made an unscheduled pitstop to mount it up. A big thank you to Mike for helping us sort this problem out and for giving us our laps back. We pressed on moving up to the top 5 or so. Somewhere during my 4-6pm stint I saw an open door that just wasn't there and unfortunately tagged the Brew Crew car. God I felt so bad, hoping I didn't end their day. I served my black flag. Totally my fault. Went to apologize to them after my stint and they were super cool about it. Sorry again @jakks and the whole Brew Crew. Pretty much uneventful from that point on, other than a bit of contact sometime late in the night that needed some of the RF fender cut off. We made it thru the darkness still running a solid 5th with the pace to maybe, just maybe work our way up to 3rd or 4th. No chance of catching @Huggy, damn you guys put together a good car and drive cleanly. I got back in the car for the 8-10am stint, and noticed a weird high rpm surging down the straights, but we ain't stopping now. Carried on until it got worse and worse. Forced to stop multiple times for diagnosis. Initially thought it was a contaminated crank position sensor from a slowly worsening oil leak. The car would die randomly, then fire back up. Pitted one last time to change the oil, thinking we had overfilled it compensating for the oil leak. Went back out and the car felt fasted than ever. Problem solved. Nope. Came out of Oak Tree and she died for the final time. A speedy tow from the awesome safety crew at VIR back to the pits. By the time it got back and cooled off, engine wouldn't even turn over. Race over just before the 10am mark. We suspect we had some unknown internal issue from our Charlotte crash that ultimately took out the engine. Further diagnosis to come. We ended up 22nd, nothing to hang our heads about. Everybody got in 2+ stints and had alot of fun. We'll be back in December for the VIR North race. Hats off to @Huggyand his crew for a dominant win, and really everybody else that put them selves thru this event. Thanks again to Mike, all the Champcar staff, volunteers, corner workers, safety crew, wives, girlfriends, and anybody else I forgot. Champcar is the best.
  5. I had an absolute blast driving this time at Charlotte. I was not a big fan of the chicane last year. There's something pretty awesome about throwing it into Nascar turn 3 wide open. Anyway, videos have been requested. Finally got around to editing our first and basically only stint before I ran it out of gas and then our next driver wanted to see just how strong the walls are. Enjoy.
  6. If you've been putting off buying those parts, now's the time until 10pm eastern. eBay is 15% off up to $100. Just ordered a bunch of stuff and saved $100. Just trying to help fellow racers save. Happy shopping!!!
  7. NLS Racing decided to skip our usual first race of the year at VIR and head down to Road Atlanta. The trip south was halted only an hour in with our Ford 6.0 tow rig overheating and blowing coolant. Of course the first though is the infamous head gaskets, but a $7 radiator cap got us back on the road. Head gaskets/ studs planned for near future. None of us have ever seen Road Atlanta and were quickly surprised by the massive elevation changes. All the videos watched and Forza played does not do it justice. Practice went smoothly as we began to learn the track. But halfway thru the day the car began loosing power, just no pull down the straights. Diagnosis ensued. Replacing every sensor, some twice, rewiring a few, nothing changed. Pulled front cover looking for jumped timing chain...nope. Sought help from others for any ideas but we had tried everything suggested. Mike told us we had until 6pm to decide to pull out and receive most of our entry fee back. We came very close to throwing in the towel but decided to press on. SO finally at about 12:30am we cut off the exhaust and found the issue, our Y-pipe had collapsed in the middle almost completely closing off the flow. We cut and prepped the exhaust for welding only we didn't have one. We were pretty sure Huggy did, so we called it a night at 1:45am. Back at the car around 5:30, tracked down the welder --- Thanks a million Huggy, you're a life saver!!! --- Buttoned everything up and waited for the green flag. Car was back to normal, pulling like a champ. 20 mins in, smoking like crazy. OH NO what now? Well in our sleep deprived state, we never fully tightened the oil drain plug. In this one instance the racing gods smiled upon us, the drain plug was wedged between the pan and front sway bar. Tight and topped off w/ oil, we continued on. No issues to report for the next 8hrs or so. Kept picking them off all the way up to 8th place as attrition took out some of the front runners. A FCY left a pile up of slowed cars and safety trucks around turn 6. Our driver was able to avoid any incident but out of nowhere the clutch began slipping. Told him to carry on, 2 laps later and we were done. Clutch smoked. Race over. Reviewed video and no signs of slipping or driver error. Endurance racing for you. A full diagnosis will ensue at home. We were obviously disappointed, but felt good considering we may have not even made the green flag. We didn't give up. It wasn't until Monday that the real disappointment set in, thinking about the "what coulda been". A big thanks to Huggy for the borrowed welder, Ed from Team Infinti for the advice and help diagnosing, our paddock neighbors E Racing for the good conversation and awesome empanadas, and the guys at Not Banned Yet for the help and setting the bar for what cars like ours are capable of, 1:37 are you kidding me? We'll get there. And of course thanks to all the Champcar staff for putting on an amazing show, the corner workers, safety drivers, and all the other unsung heroes. Thanks to all. NLS Racing will return to our backyard in Charlotte for the Championship race.
  8. NLS Racing had a great weekend despite the gloomy weather conditions. Day 1 we began near the back of the field after the qualifying draw. We made steady progress forward. The caution fell about 1:45 into the race and we missed an opportunity to jump onto pit road with the leaders. The race was then red flagged and the entire field pitted causing a long wait to get onto pit road. We lost about a lap to the leaders over the miscue. We pushed on. Stint 2 was the fastest of the day with the track drying. Some small contact with another car resulted in a black flag for our driver. One more lap lost. Stint 3 was going great until a car decided to side swipe us cutting down a valve stem. Another unscheduled pit stop to change the tire and another lap lost. Uneventful from here on out and brought our Nissan home in 6th place only 4 laps down.Day 2 started very wet and dreary. We made some changes over night hoping for better wet handling. It was not enough. The car was quite a handful to say the least. We just pressed on, watching car after car slip and slide off track. Multiple cautions and a brief red flag later, we decided to try some pit strategy. At the 2 hour mark we pitted for a driver change only, no fuel. Hoping to make it to the 4 hour mark, we came up short. Pitted for fuel about 3:25hrs into the race. While pitting we also unhooked the front sway looking for more grip. It worked. Picked up 10 secs a lap. Changed drivers at the 4hr mark. The track dried out a little during stint 3, but it wouldn't last. Closing in on our final driver change and fuel stop, the skies opened up and drenched the track. Hydroplaning down the straights, foggy windows, and zero visibility made for some white knuckle driving. Final stop completed. Onto the finish we went. Our strategy worked, we estimate we gained 4-5 positions by only stopping for fuel twice during the 8 hour race. Overall finish of 11th, but with 2 EC class cars in front of us, that put us at a 9th place finish. A great weekend overall, a little disappointed over the "what if" from Saturday. We proved we are a contender, just have to put it all together. Many thanks to the family and friends for the love,support, and hot food. And our hats off to all our fellow competitors. Congratulations to Ballenger and Huggy on the race wins. The bar is set pretty high. We will return stronger than ever. See you in 2019!!!
  9. Here it is, the video you've all been waiting for....the infamous duck incident
  10. I little bit of good racing here, our driver Corey did an awesome job avoiding a collision at the 3:09 mark. Thanks to Beastmode for having the heads up to gas it and get out of the way, or both our days may have ended differently.
  11. NLS Racing went into this race with very high expectations. ChampCar bestowed our team with the honor of being the cover car for the race supplementals, so we felt extra pressure to perform well. We were honored and proud to be featured. We spent the summer testing with 4 test days at CMP. Throw a dyno day in the mix to fine tune the engine. Countless hours in the garage repairing, checking, replacing any part, component or system. We have never entered a race more prepared. So on to the race we go. We started the race mid pack. 1 hour into the race, our fuel pump decided to quit. It was previously replaced prior to our last race at Charlotte. Only after the fact to find out there are China knock off Bosch fuel pumps floating around, buyer beware. Only buy from reputable dealer. We replaced it promptly and returned to the track in 78th. Logged laps for the next 6hrs incident free. Shortly after our 4th driver got in, he noticed excessive brake vibration but still stopping good. Shortly there after, brake pedal to the floor coming off the back stretch...scary!!! Our driver managed over the next 30mins pumping the brakes down the straights to maintain pedal feel. Sorry for anyone following me and seeing brake lights on and off all the way down the straights. Eventually the brakes had enough. Barreling into to turn one and again little to no brakes, pedal to the floor, frantically pumping away, I managed to get her whoa'd up enough to avoid a catastrophic event. Promptly brought it to the pits for diagnosis. Front rotors swapped and a new RF caliper, which was the culprit. If you have never experienced a brake pedal to the floor at 100+mph, I can't explain the unnerving feeling. I hope to never experience that again! We returned on track and carried on with darkness falling. Into the night we went. We had a bit of contact with another car sometime in the night resulting in a pitstop to correct camber and toe. The car never turned to the right quite as good after that. But we carried on through the fog emerging into daylight still on track and ready to bring it home. And we did just that! We slowly clipped off car after car. After some late retirements from the top 20, we managed to finish 16th. We are more than pleased with our finish. In fact we are just happy to have finished at all. Most of us running on little to no sleep as most of you know. Our hats off to anyone who finished, especially the front runners. Congrats to you all. It takes an army to run one of these races. Ours consisted of friends, family, husbands, wives, parents, children, and 1 dog. We are all very proud of the whole teams effort. And of course a special thanks to all the Champcar staff, volunteers, VIR workers, and corner workers for putting on such a great event. No where else we'd rather be. NLS Racing will see you in December back at VIR.
  12. A big thanks to all the Champcar staff and volunteers. What a great weekend. Our guys here at NLS Racing had a blast, brought our car home in 5th for our first top 5. I want to thank our pit mates #478 Well Lubricated Racing. You guys were great, and I think you left your jack in the pits. We've got it, so if you are at the Charlotte race or VIR24 , we will have it for you. Again a big thanks to everybody, good clean racing this weekend. Keep up the good work Champcar!!!
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