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  1. I second that vote for more west coast races! I'd be down for any of those tracks to be added. It's been 2+ years since I've been at a champ event, but after doing AutoX and Test-and-Tune days over this last year I've been itching to get back to wheel to wheel racing with the MR2. Stinks having to fly east to go racing...
  2. I am looking to get back in! These last two years have been really busy, I was able to do an AutoX with the car last weekend but that was enough seat time for me. 45 sec runs go so quick... If I don't make it to Laguna Seca or it fills up this year then it'll probably be at Sonoma in Feb of 2020.
  3. Thought these questions sounded familiar, then I looked at the user name and it made sense! I was a little surprised that the front splitter more than doubled the drag, but looking a the last page it appears that it caused the separation in the rear window to move pretty far forward. That's probably a big part of the increased drag and keeping that flow attached could reduce the drag. Time for some VGs? Be good to verify where the separation actually is with some tufts. A few more questions: Are these time accurate simulations? There looks to be shedding vorticies
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