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  1. I second that vote for more west coast races! I'd be down for any of those tracks to be added. It's been 2+ years since I've been at a champ event, but after doing AutoX and Test-and-Tune days over this last year I've been itching to get back to wheel to wheel racing with the MR2. Stinks having to fly east to go racing...
  2. I am looking to get back in! These last two years have been really busy, I was able to do an AutoX with the car last weekend but that was enough seat time for me. 45 sec runs go so quick... If I don't make it to Laguna Seca or it fills up this year then it'll probably be at Sonoma in Feb of 2020.
  3. Thought these questions sounded familiar, then I looked at the user name and it made sense! I was a little surprised that the front splitter more than doubled the drag, but looking a the last page it appears that it caused the separation in the rear window to move pretty far forward. That's probably a big part of the increased drag and keeping that flow attached could reduce the drag. Time for some VGs? Be good to verify where the separation actually is with some tufts. A few more questions: Are these time accurate simulations? There looks to be shedding vorticies
  4. You are correct! Finished the motor re-install Monday and was able to start it then. We should be good with the car and with drivers now too. Thank you @Jamie for the list of drivers contact info, couldn't have gotten them together without it. We'll see everyone Friday afternoon!
  5. Got your email, thanks for the good list of drivers. I'll start contacting them later this week to see who's interested. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll make it!
  6. I am part of the @LAMR2 MR2 team and am currently working on rebuilding the engine. We have the motor out and the top end off, probably going to leave the crank and the pistons alone, just working on the upper end. Last weekend we ported and polished the heads and just lapped the valves yesterday, should be ready to start putting it back together soon here. At the moment we only have me and another driver IF the car is ready by Sept 9th. I am out the next two weekends, but might be more inclined to work a little harder during the week if we can find another driver or two to meet
  7. How are the track and facilities doing from the recent rain storms? I have a friend that lives in the Bay Area near Sonoma and they said that the storms have caused damage to some of the public roads in the area but they didn't have any information about the track conditions, any news or issues?
  8. Reading through all of this now. I'm a west coast MR2 v6 mk1 swap team. Want to say, not all MR2 v6 swaps are not the same, there is a difference between a mk1 and a mk2, and using different engines: 3vzfe or a 1mzfe, we choose the simplistic route of a mk1 with a 3vzfe for simplicity and cost of our first swap. This made it cheaper and easier, but if all points were the same we would have tried to go the harder route that was a little faster around the track but harder to implement. @chisek Would it be too much to ask to have the model and engine included in this with
  9. This makes the most sense to me, keep it simple, if it bolts up and has the same gears, it is cheaper than an adapter or trying to get two things together that aren't suppose to go together. Aren't most junkyard transmissions within a few hundred dollars of each other? Ratios within XX.X% and bolts on: Small points, maybe ~10? Ratios change and bolts on: Medium points, maybe ~25? Adapter plate needed: Higher points, ~50-100?
  10. This is more than do-able by every team and does not impact your drive schedule.... Open the log book, if not to all teams, atleast top 5!
  11. +1 to everything said, there are so many details that these single rules have been (and missing) trying to capture. I'm not even sure where to start.... Whenever I ask why, and the answer raises more questions then answers.
  12. Just a reminder, these coefficients are based off of frontal area... If you are 0.40 vs a 0.34 but your frontal area is 30% less you still have less drag in total lbs force! It can make a big difference for little cars counting "bad" coefficients.
  13. If there is/was a SX400 that wasn't cheaty that ran with the pack, not blowing by people, and no-one had an issue with, then is the issue a lack of rules? Or do we just need a stricter enforcing the current rules? It seems to me that although the swaps rules may not be perfect, they have worked out alright the years before as long as the rest of the car isn't too cheaty. Or am I missing something?
  14. The final PWR is over 12, making the formula no longer work. (Cannot be over 178.3 hp) Changing the PWR to 10 makes this 250 + 122 = 372
  15. This is what I like about ChumpCar, seeing these swaps competing as equals. I believe this new rule as written will no longer allow current swaps to be competitive (san the unicorn), as seen when people posted screenshots of the huge point increase for existing swapped cars. Was there thought put forth not to hurt current competitive swaps while still swatting down the unicorn or anything that outrageous? It seems a PWR of 10 instead of 12 still gets the unicorn while not impacting current swaps as much... If this rule is approved, we will not see E36s vs MR2 V6 swaps except if
  16. I am really interested in what you have to offer, can I get a sneak peak?
  17. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think a lot of this is due to not having a single direction to follow. Can we start thinking of a new formula, or should I just shut my mouth? [If yes, no need to continue] ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can I start with that I pretending to have some skooling in math?? (and none in grammar) But really, I think we first need to figure out two things and the actual formulas can follow: 1) What is our goal? (aka all cars lap time
  18. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think a lot of this is due to not having a single direction to follow. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can I start with that I pretending to have some skooling in math?? (and none in grammar) But really, I think we first need to figure out two things and the actual formulas can follow: 1) What is our goal? (aka all cars lap times within +/-3sec, or all car builds under 10k, or reward creative engineering, or limiting engine builds to only have st
  19. I think this is the exact problem with the new rules, it assumes all weight reduction is equal. You do not get the same weight reduction from a two seat sport car as you do from a four seat luxury car. Those rules make you lean to a heavy car with lots of power, you don't change the power but you do the most you can to reduce the weight. And since it is factory weight they judge you on you just work on skimming your car down.
  20. I totally agree, there is so much more to having the most laps after 7+ hrs than PWR! I believe we as club need to first figure how we want to regulate ourselves. I don't mind it be it fake money points, or track speed, or actual dollar spent, or even pwr, or whatever else would make the most sense. But I really believe we need to figure out what would make the most sense on how we want to regulate the cars before we propose new rules. Do we want the golden rule to be "no less than PWR of 12" from henceforth? I think we need to have a common ideology before throwing out rules to try
  21. Long time reader, first time poster. Normally I am fine lurking, but I had to make an account to respond to this. I want to say I really dislike the way this whole swap formula has unraveled, the whole formula is based on the power to weight ratio as it gets closer to a pwr of 12. Is this what everyone wants? If the sole purpose of this rule is to limit cars under pwr 12? Why not just say it. Any swaps must stay under stock weight over stock power no less then 12? And what about factory cars that are better than this? They get a free pass?
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