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  1. We split the car, but no contract in place. In the beginning we had several folks leave and 1 leave more recently. We say it's on the person leaving to find someone to buy their share, but ultimately the rest of the team facilitates the deal. Early on, no one had any real money into it so it was very easy (we had 3 people agree on the car, but bail before our first race). The last one wanted equity that he was leaving behind... he got no where near what he put in as expected.
  2. Thanks Rob, I was thinking the same thing... maybe I'll try a windshield or dash mount next. The GoPro footage is perfect and was mounted right beside the live stream phone.
  3. I’m looking for some help. I started live streaming over a year ago. I started with an Optrix case with a wide angle lens and an iphone6 and this last race at PIRC I used a proshot case with a zoom lens and an iPhone 7. If the sun is shining the slightest bit with my current set up, the video outside of the car is washed out. Screenshot from Pitt below. The iPhone 6/optrix setup was better, but we saw the same washout issue at Daytona (and I have since updated my phone). Anyone have a setup with an iPhone 7 that works better than this? Would I be better off to moun
  4. We freeze 16 ounce drinking water bottles in put ~14 bottles a mesh laundry bag. At pit just swap the bag with a new one.
  5. I used the RaceCast generated password with no luck. Worked great on my phone, but not on his and I won't be making the trip this weekend.
  6. Bill, Downloaded Larix app and set up on my phone and it works. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Daytona so I went to set up someone else's phone that is making the trip. After setting it up the same way that I did on my phone I get "RaceCast : Authentication error. Please check stream credentials" Any advice? Thanks, Matt
  7. I got a chance to talk to Christian, the photographer, briefly at the track. He works for Focal Perspective Media and said that he normally covers kart races, but was there to do a piece on chump for a karting magazine. He used to race for 14 years so he was having a good time covering the event. He gave me a business card and ended up sending me 2 awesome shots of our car. Give them a like on facebook and reach out to them. He was more than willing to send us these pics.
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