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  1. Thanks Will! will try to get out there. Also remember, I put in about 200 laps at PIRC in June, so if you need any insights, let me know. Regards Chris
  2. when is the race? I'm a skippy trained driver with all open wheel experience but would like more seat time. I live in Michigan. I am a mechanical engineer and pretty good with a wrench. All skippy cars are heal/toe rev match so its second nature for me. Regards Chris Q
  3. Looking for seat time and to work with a team to compete and have fun at the race track. I am a Skippy trained driver. Completed 3-day school ( PBIR) , 2-day school ( Road Atlanta) , competed in annual new driver shoot out (Sebring). Raced in the Skip formula series at Homestead. Taking another 2-day class at Pitt followed by 2 races at Pitt in June. Mechanical engineer who is pretty good with a wrench. Regards, Chris
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