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  1. Tried to send my volunteering form on line tonight. it Is not working for me. What Email address should I use to volunteer for Races?
  2. Went to the RVA store, but the Door panel numbers do not seam to be available. Are they, or will they still be available with the car number printed on them?
  3. Old Guy Steve

    Stella is gone, long live Stella 2.0

    Who dis is? Don't think I have not thought about a 914 Champcar. For those that don't know me, the silver one became the Street/Autocross/Track car.
  4. Old Guy Steve

    Stella is gone, long live Stella 2.0

    Stripped. Whew. Now to make it Stronger, faster, better!
  5. Well, the old girl has gone off to the crusher. After four 24 hour Lemons races, years of Nelson Ledges track bitch duties, then being revived for three seasons of Chump/Champcar, she succumbed to a test day shunt at Pittrace three weeks ago. She gave all she could to donate to the newly acquired Stella 2.0 1995 VW Golf. Team Junk Player Special lives on. The livery will remain as JPS since the new Golf is also black. Now its just work every day for the next 6 months to have Stella 2.0 ready to be unveiled at Watkins Glen in May.
  6. Old Guy Steve

    Indy Race already Full ?!

    In on the price for the Indy race. Planning on racing the new Better, Faster, Stronger Stella 2.0. Stella has given all she could!
  7. Old Guy Steve

    2019 races

    Is there a specific date that Indy will be open to register?
  8. Old Guy Steve

    Indy 2019

    Went to enter. Not posted yet.
  9. Old Guy Steve

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    We have one Nelson Ledges 24 hour race newb on our team. But he has done several Lemons 24's at Thompson. But the other five drivers have 33 24hour Nelson Ledges races between us. 26 Longest Days, 2 Lemons, 4 Chumpcars, and 1 Used Car race (anyone remember that one?) How do we stack up against the other teams at Nelson Ledges?
  10. Old Guy Steve

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Anxiously awaiting the pit stall assignments. Also, Will we be allowed to back our trailers up to the back side of the cold pits?
  11. Had to do a head gasket change Friday due to undetected Charlotte 14 hour overheating issue. But we were able to finish Saturday and I got to have fun coming through the field from 70th to 24th in the first 24 laps. We had to retire Stella unfortunately due the head being warped and the Exhaust blowing into the water system. Was great fun while it lasted. Love the glen when its wet.
  12. Will street cars be allowed on Friday in either session? No right seat in Stella, and would like to coach two of my drivers.
  13. Is there a specific person or number to call to reserve one of the 25 camp sites? Track management or Champcar? Thanking You
  14. Where do I go to watch the live feed? Thanks
  15. Picked up a set of RE71's to try out Saturday at Watkins Glenn on Stella (VW Jetta). Anyone have experience running both of these tires, we will run the Falkons Sunday to compare the two. Would like to know if the same alignment (camber) works for both tires and if the RE71 is happier with lower or higher pressures than the Falkon's. Also, I have read that we should expect higher wear rates with the RE71's. Thanks