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  1. It has taken years to get some stability in the current rules. We have built cars around those rules. Changing the rules means most will rebuild existing cars or make new ones. And it will take years again, to find the issues of the new rules. In the end, you will find the same teams winning races after spending money that would/could be spent entering races. Don't fix what is not broken. Remember, Champcar is not the only game in town anymore. You may risk loosing teams to another series.
  2. The SUPs schedule shows the race dates as Oct. 5-6 not 3-4.
  3. Thank You Bill for all the photos. I really look forward to the photo dump. It may be a PITA, but it is so appreciated.
  4. LuckyKid, do you have a link/info to the rotors you use?
  5. Installed a set of the Willwood calipers. 10 points. Understood. If we choose to run the 2-piece rotor and Aluminum hats, what are the points for using them? We need to run them due to the stock 11" rotors are ventilated from the outside, not the inside. Brake duct cooling does not work when these rotors are used. Have looked and read but have not found any reference to the point penalty.
  6. I apologize for my rant. Just texted with a friend who was there. Said there was a bad crash at 7:50 and combined with the fog, RA management called for the race to end at 8:00. Makes sense. Been searching here and on FB since 8:30 and could find nothing about the race. Sorry
  7. No, I wasn't there. No I am sure I do not know all the details. But. If I paid for a ride in one of the cars racing today, and didn't get to drive my stint because they shortened the race by the two hours, especially after the extended red flag, I would be pretty pissed. I own my teams car. My drivers pay me in advance to drive. They spend lots of money to get to the race. Hotels, air fare, gas, food. I buy the entry fee, I buy tires, I buy Gas, I buy the consumables. I cannot always reimburse them when the car breaks and they don't get to drive. I do what I
  8. 205/50/15 in the past but changing to 225/45/15 rears and 245/40/15 fronts
  9. So, I need to use the Willwood 2-piece rotors because they are ventalated from the inside. The stock 11" rotors are ventilated from the outside. Why? Who knows. But its hard to cool rotors when the vent holes are on the wrong side That said, what points will I take for using rotors and hats that are outside of the 2x rule? Besides the 5 points per side for the calipers
  10. Have always been ready as I pull up with the band exposed. This is a non issue in my opinion.
  11. I liked Race Monitor. Race Hero, IMHO, is only better due to its ability to track the driver in the car, which unfortunately does not work with Chumpcar. It often doesn't work correctly though.
  12. Did a three way ownership of a boat with my Father and Brother. Was OK. Lasted 3-4 years I think. But I bought Stella, and did the prep, and our small group of drivers pay per event depending on who is driving. Seams to work for us. One guy, Jeff, has really stepped up and has helped a ton, spending time and money to help out. Plus he helped to remove all that heavy undercoating!!!!
  13. Getting ready to install the SPA system in the new car. I have three nozzles. I had one mounted over my right shoulder on the main roll bar hoop. One mounted just below the mirror, and one in the center of the engine compartment on the fire wall. Figured the driver needs two nozzles in front and behind. Was thinking to mount the engine nozzle on the right side of the engine near the fuel lines, fuel rail, and pressure regulator. What opinions do you all have?
  14. Tried to send my volunteering form on line tonight. it Is not working for me. What Email address should I use to volunteer for Races?
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