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  1. I'm using a performance calculator and need to plug in some values for drag and lift, but I don't know how to figure that out for a wing. I'm wondering how to simulate the 9LR wing at 0-, 5- and 10-degrees AOA. The tool I'm working with doesn't use pounds of drag, and so I'd like to convert this to Cd and Cl based on different wing angles. So let's take a very simplified Miata with Cd of .40 and Cl of zero, what would be the Cd and Cl with the following? 9LR 64" wing 0-deg AOA 9LR 64" wing 5-deg AOA 9LR 64" wing 10-deg AOA Thanks, and I appreciate you answering these questions!
  2. Sure thing Tom, your team is why I suggested this to Pineview. Other teams are surely in the same situation with respect to pre-season testing, and there's not much going on up at the club until summer. But we'll get a smattering of nice days here and there, hopefully before you run your first event.
  3. Oh cool, so most people will probably attend that test day, so I've edited the post to see if anyone wants to do a test two days before, or the weekend before. Thanks!
  4. How many teams are interested in a test-and-tune day two days before, or the weekend before, the Watkins Glen race? I belong to an auto club 75 miles from the Glen that has a 1.1 mile road course. It's a great place to shake down a car before the big race. I'm not trying to take business away from the scheduled test the day before the race, and this is just a feeler to see if anyone is interested in a pre-pre-test day. If you're interested, what do you think is a fair price for one car and all team members to drive for the day? The track. A blog post I wrote on a day at the track. Location:
  5. I still have the black set of TR C1 in the picture. I'll be at the Glen this weekend. 415.269.3246 -Mario
  6. I these on my Miata last year, but decided to go with wider wheels and tires this year. $300 TR C1 15x7 black, 195 Toyo R1R (the older 140TW version), with about .1" avg tread depth. Good practice and DE tires, no flat spots, in good shape. $400 Kosei K1-TS 14x6, 195 Falken Azenis 615k with about .1" average tread depth. These are really light rims at 9.2 lbs, I bought them new with the tires two years ago. They've seen a few track days and some street driving. I like these a lot and have used them on my street car, but I need 15" spares for my race car, and so the 14" have to go. I live in Ithaca NY, which is about 20 miles from Watkins Glen. Easy to deliver them there at the AER or Champcar race. I'm also racing Lemons at NJMP and could deliver them there.
  7. Yeah, something like that would suit us. Were points assessed for that?
  8. I've got a Miata with a Treasure Coast half top, which is a partial mold of the standard hardtop. I've been thinking about extending this into a fastback, but I don't know how many points that would cost. I think a fair ruling would be to add up the square footage of the additional portion that extends past the partial top, and then multiply by the type of materials used. But before I get started, I'd like some kind of official word on the points. FWIW, I'm not kidding myself about the performance vs effort here, this is largely to look cool and different than other Miatas. http://treasurecoastmiata.com/i-23790162-new-special-chop-top-for-race-miatas.html
  9. So is that contingency for the top 5 overall? Would be nice to see the top of each class get something. I've been wondering about Maxxis tires, this definitely makes me consider buying them.
  10. I live 20 miles from the track in Ithaca NY. Room for guests if the team needs a place to stay before, during, or after. I have a small motorcross track around the property if you want to chance hurting yourself before the racing begins. I've done two track days at Watkins Glen on the full course, so I'm familiar with the track. I started racing 3.5 years ago and have done 12 endurance races without a single black flag, no contact, and no 4-wheeling in the dirt. This doesn't mean I'm slow, but I put a priority on driving clean and safe. We finished 2nd place at the last Chump Car we did (Thunderhill West) and 3rd place at Laguna Seca with other racing series Racing (New Year's day). I have in-car video of these two races if you want to see it. Mario 415.269.3246
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