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  1. I am sure you guys know that if you drive backwards on iRacing it will AUTOMATICALLY disqualify you from the race event.... So take a chill pill towards @Gorilla Sticker Driver #2 , He explained himself and apologized! take it and leave it.
  2. Thanks @Rapido, I totally understand how different classes work on the track :). This is my main question. How is the championship going to work out? would the SS champion also get a Free ride in a Champcar race? That's really my main question. Having 2 classes all aiming for one prize on each division, a free ride on a Champcar race? If its only one prize per Division (ET and PT) then that makes 2 Prizes at the end of the year for the ET and PT overall Champion. Then it makes us all fight for the top step no matter what car you are driving. Now if there are 4 prizes (ET/SS ...ET/Miata and PT/SS and PT Miata) then makes sense to just run and battle within your class. If this is the case then you can't have drivers switching classes between races. That's all, I would love to have the chance to earn a Free Ride to a ChampCar race, it will be a dream come true, that's why my question about the two classes and how many prizes available. Thanks !
  3. you are correct :), the situation here is that it all counts as one class for the championship and the very generous prize of a free ride in a real Champcar race. So the SS in a real life Champcar race will be in its on class, and drivers will understand that. the MX5 will be in the A class and they understand that. It is what it is
  4. So either choose one type of car to run instead of two different cars in the same class or keep the two cars as is.... Either way... there will be complaints and issues because is racing
  5. I think some people just need to drive the Miata. The SS seems to be causing lots of issues in both races :/, had my temmate on the East Coast series also get affected by the SS. Its a hard car to handle on the road, even for an experience driver. The SS in our race was like a moving chain saw killer trying to get you lol. But I blame it mainly on the SS not the driver. Would the series consider taking away the SS? and just race all miata's? also in the Rovals the SS will destroy in speed. Thanks for all the work you are doing @Rapido enjoying much the series
  6. Yes sir, no big rush, if it needs changes let me know. This one is the last revision iRacing Champcar Schedule Revised.pdf
  7. Hey Tom, thanks for the update. Where are you updating it? the main forum page is still showing this I can attached the revised one, and I also change to ET and PT like you guys wanted. Let me know if it needs any other changes iRacing Champcar Schedule Revised.pdf
  8. hey Doc, see if this works. I changed the dates on the schedule like you said. Maybe we can upload it to the first page so that there is no confusion for future drivers ChampCar iRacing Edit Schedule.pdf
  9. Hey Doc, I edit the main schedule image. Do you think this works? Need any changes? Maybe we can get Bill Strong to upload this edited schedule and replace the old one in the "iRacing Schedule Tread" Here is the edited schedule :), let me know what you think ChampCar iRacing Edit Schedule.pdf
  10. Hey guys, when is the next Championship race at Sonoma for the Pacific time? is it this Thursday like the one for Eastern? Thanks
  11. That's awesome . Thanks Doc! Yeah Louisiana needs to get up to speed with racing, very few people do it here compared to other states But is growing for sure, specially with the new Track in NOLA
  12. really cool stories, awesome read and they are wild as i thought they would be lol
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