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  1. Wow that was fast!!! I think it's a 18' or 20' enclosed trailer. Fits our car and some cabinets.
  2. SOS! My team (from Michigan) is planning on racing at Nelson Ledges in July, but the guy who owns the truck that pulls our trailer needs to be in Maryland the following week. Do any of you land-owning chumps in the PA/Ohio tri-state area have a grassy spot where we could leave our enclosed trailer for 7 days? This would save him from driving it the rest of the way across America - twice. Payment can be negotiated in some combination of Yuengling, chipotle gift cards, and cold hard cash. Thanks!
  3. Can someone please point me to information on the process for receiving credits/chumpchange for volunteering? Is it on a dollar basis per team member, or does the entire team have to attend? How do you apply the discount? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Mike!!!! If anyone in Michigan -hell, the Midwest- needs a roll cage, call Mike. Seriously. This guy knows how to weld.
  5. BM Trouble U Racing is composed of a bunch of goons/Ford employees from Southeast Michigan with engineering degrees and poor volume control. From left to right: Michael Roper - Resident Californian, somehow still really fast Kristen Hauser - Purchasing department, cat lady Kyle Garvin - 24 Hrs of Lemons vet, master fabricator Adam Brecher - Owner, purveyor of fine bourbon, vehicle dynamics guru Alex Gidley - Expert on E36 modz, camp master/owner of support Swagon We run a 1997 BMW 318ti that spent the prime days of its life on the hot streets of Nevada before being used (unsuccessfully) for a bank robbery and winding up in the hands of a student at Carnegie Mellon University. PO sold it to our teammate Adam after blessing it with traditional Hopi juju which got us through our first event at Gingerman Raceway. We spent most of 2016 bringing the car up to Chump standards, drinking Coronas, and plasti-dipping our wheels, but we are looking forward to making some big improvements over the winter and coming in hot for the 2017 season. We were honored to receive the Chump Award for being terrible at pit stops, driving the car 3 hours to and from the race, and still managing to have a good time. Many thanks to the Chump staff and everyone who helped us out!!! And yes, we made it home okay: We are desperately trying to get sponsored by our Official Garage Radio Station: 105.1 The Bounce, Detroit's Throwback Hip Hop and R&B Station. If you know anyone in the business, please put in a good word.
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