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  1. Hi everyone. I’m looking to join a team for the Road America race in April again. Racing resume available upon request.
  2. I’m looking for a seat for Road America next year.
  3. Paulie

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    No power in the pits.
  4. Team Owner - John (Johnny Lightning) Robinson Team Captain- Paul (Paulie) Veltum Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GreenDragonRacing/?ref=settings or @GreenDragonRacing YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCttR65_jGzEM-PZvlX8BX5w John and Paul are both veteran racers with 30+ years of racing experience. John spent many years driving circle track before coming to road racing. Paulie obtained his first SCCA road racing competition license in 1985 racing in open-wheel before moving to roadsters. Paul also raced in vintage in his Datsun Roadster with the VSCDA and spent six years drag racing in the NHRA and IHRA amateur bracket racing ranks. Paul has won dozens of races in both road course and drag racing. Both Paul and John began their endurance road racing in 2014. Paul is also an avid iRacing racer and in 2016, he held the world lap record at Lime Rock Park. John began endurance racing BMW's with Enger Racing and campaigned his own Chevrolet Camero which was eventually purchased by Bruce Transporters when it was heavily modified and painted orange. Both John and Paul have raced with RBank Racing. Paul began endurance racing with the Thing3 Racing team in 2014 driving a '94 Miata with another win at MidOhio in 2016. John has won several endurance races driving for RBank Racing. Paul holds/held numerous certifications along with an Associates degree from ITT Technical Institute in Automotive Service Technology, was an ASE Master Certified Automobile Technician for 10 years and worked as a service technician for a variety of service garages including an independent service garage, Nissan Motor Corp and Toyota/Lexus in his 14 year carrier. Paul currently works as an IT Professional and is the Broadcast Engineer for ChampCar Endurance Series™. The Green Dragon is a 1994 BMW 325is with a 1995 M3 Drive-line, suspension and braking system and a 6-speed E46 transmission. -Prepared by Paul Veltum
  5. Paulie

    Daytona 2018...

    Hey guys. We have one seat open for this race in our EC BMW 325is/M3, The Green Dragon. We are really looking forward to letting the M3 power and brakes loose at Daytona. Myself and Johnny "Lightning" Robinson will be piloting. We also have Cagri "Charlie" Yilamaz joining us who is a fellow ChampCar driver from our sister team, Enger Racing. But we want one more quality driver to complete the ensemble. Here's our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/GreenDragonRacing/ PM me if interested. We'd love to have you. It'll be a riot!
  6. Paulie

    ROAD AMERICA: Double 8: The Landjaeger Cup

    It's manned during the whole race and yes, they will display black flags from the flag stand.
  7. They usually have some supplies like numbers and panels but it's best not to count on it and purchase them from the RVA graphics website in advance if you have time.
  8. This is what I got back from RVA. They are 14" 3/4 x 25".
  9. What are the dimensions of the number panel?
  10. Paulie

    Official 2017 14-Hours of Daytona

    Hi everyone. I like creating montage vids for big events for the live broadcast, but I need some Daytona racing pics. If you have pics from previous ChumpCar events at Daytona, please send them to me or while i still have time to put something cool together with your car, crew, trophy grab or sleeping crew member. Thanks! paulveltum@gmail.com
  11. Paulie

    2017 Sonoma Official

    Hey guys. This weekends guest race commentator will be Doc Waldrop of Brew Crew Racing. You can catch the broadcast at https://chumpcar.com/live starting Saturday at 8:30am PST. Catch us if you can!
  12. Paulie

    Road Atlanta 2017 - Live video

    Yep. Fixed it. Thanks.
  13. Paulie

    Road Atlanta 2017 - Live video

    Looks like both Verizon and AT&T score a 7 out of 10 in signal quality at Road Atlanta.
  14. There's music in the podcast version for your pleasure.
  15. All BMW 320/325 automobiles in the e36 platform shall have a six-cylinder engine with an engine code of M50B20, M52B20, M50B25 or M52B25. M50TUB25 is identified as the same as M50B25. No S50B30 or S50B32 engines shall be allowed, under any condition. 2016 CC Rule Book pg56