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  1. Yes it’s specified very clearly, but see I think the paragraph at the end places that rule into the “maximum value free” design. That’s the problem. 3:12:17 puts that into the “free” category and then goes on to expand on what happens if that rule were to be exceeded even stating that it may be done. Basically an invitation. 3:12:17 becomes a rule that’s included in the free design and a lot of guys though it stood on its own and apparently it’s not, according to the the rule makers, and 3:12:17. I don’t see how the argument that it’s illegal according to the rules can be won when all of
  2. Buddy... no. IMO they definitely do say you can exceed the amount points in the rule book. In that paragraph the word “MAY” is in all caps too. This is why I think so many guys flipped out about the cage design. They aren’t interpreting the paragraph at the end. “The“maximum, value-free” roll-cage includes all pads, points, tubes and triangulations necessary to maintain an extremely high degree of safety, while keeping costs in- check and competition well-balanced. Teams MAY exceed the design and application of the “maximum, value-free” roll-cage; however, additional value wil
  3. You know what happens when you assume, right? Haha!
  4. Yeah, I’ve heard this same argument since that Sunday. But the rule book also states later that points would be assessed for anything added that’s not free, so that may be a loophole they seemed to have exploited. I haven’t heard anyone else say that, it’s just what my easily distracted mind went too when all hell broke loose on FB. What about that? If that’s the case, then the center line rule is really more for the free side of cage engineering. I mean why else have a rule later that says basically BTW, if you add more you’ll get points?? It’s like an invitation. What do you think?
  5. Success! And usually I have half a dozen questions before I understand anything. Thanks for taking the time to type all that out.
  6. I’m easily confused as you all know, so you’re wanting, let’s say, a basic ‘88 Civic to automatically be assessed a higher VPI even if “all possible mods” (which sounds difficult to discern) are not there? Where should they draw the line on “all possible mods”? Type R platform swap? Seems like that would be unfair to the extreme to the entry level cars coming in and a moving target best solved by using the baseline and points additive system already in place. Please elaborate.
  7. Hey C_leffe. Sorry about the trophy. I did forward a message out about this to the company slack to get back with you but most everyone is getting ready for a race this weekend. If you haven't already, I'd send an email to info@champcar.org. That's usually faster than using social media like the forum and FB and is more of a guarantee to be seen and routed to the right person(s). See you at the track!
  8. The clips I ran together were not from any of the race broadcasts. They were from a few of my race recaps, a random drivers meeting and a couple of the CEO's red flag videos. 98% of the ChampCar video's you see are coming from my desk, including the dull ones. Unlike some who think they've seen the majority, I've seen every single one. I've been working with these people for four years now and know each of them well. I can assure you that they are all grateful for the members and speak of it in videos as I've demonstrated. Even the tippy top management know that racers can race anywhere
  9. Sorry you find my videos dull. I guess that's to be expected. Since you've already seen the majority of my videos, here's a sample of a few I threw together that would likely surprise you. I have many more examples.
  10. Congratz on the big win at Indy yesturday Tyler! Couldn't have happened to a better guy and team.
  11. When their troubles began, I saw on the in-car camera they had a lot fluid on their windshield. First I thought it was rain but it wasn't raining. They pitted and added a lot of oil or water to it, cleaned the windscreen and sent him back out but they kept slowing and coming into the pits, so not sure if they were over heating but possibly.
  12. So is it when you go to use the YouTube portion within the Yi app? Yeah, don't use that. That doesn't work. Use the "Custom" option below that one and enter the stream URL and ID. when you do it that way, you never log into the YouTube account. I demonstrated this in the video if that helps.
  13. You have a few of choices - you can follow my video to set up an approved YouTube channel for a GoPro to stream too. You can use a GoPro with a Cerevo liveshell or equivalent to stream to you existing YouTube channel. There are one or two other cameras that my work but we have not tested them so I can't recommend them. At this moment I'm seeing a few Yi's for sale on Amazon you could snag. (Camera Only)
  14. Looks like Google Play has removed the app from their store, so you may not be able to config the camera using an android phone.
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