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  1. Yeah, I think that's what the NASCAR boys use. I've seen 'em swap batteries during pit stops after an alt. failure. Called Anderson connector. https://www.andersonpower.com/shop/wire-to-wire/sb.html
  2. No, I think it was mentioned above. The Dry Breaks actually cause more restriction, and slow the re-fueling. A Hunsaker with the biggest nozzle you can cram into your filler neck is still the way to go. If someone is buying 3 or 4, 5? male probes to put on their Hunsakers, they are just showing off.
  3. OMG quit clutching your pearls... leaning on a bumper is legitimate driver communication. I believe he was also advocating striking stupid drivers with a pipe, didn't see any objection to that @MMiskoefor BoD ?
  4. That's a good point. If the race director sees cars in multiple packs, that could be a sign that the pace car is going too fast.
  5. OMG, Troy, if you want tires bigger than your car, you have to add flares. If you have to add material to make flares, you have to take points. Tires bigger than your car are probably going to cost you points. It's algebra A=B B=C A=C. Not wanting to take laps on your 500 point car is not a justification for making something free!
  6. This, IMO is worst offense. Making a mistake is only human. Being mean and snotty is a conscious choice.
  7. Remember to vote in the next Bod election.
  8. Quoted so hopefully even more people see it. That's some next level poop happening right there. I've seen 12 year olds officiate sand lot ball games with more class than that. Remember to vote in the next Bod election.
  9. We've been saying this for years, but we find out the Board thinks we're just a bunch of hot-head wackos in some internet chat room. Be sure to vote in the next BoD election.
  10. Mid Ohio used to be like this in the post Jim Trueman / pre Green Savoree days (Barb Trueman). It was expensive and onerous to both competitors and organizers. I think they hired extra staff just so more people could be mean to you...
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