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  1. the Mustang should be able to push both cars to ~100mph?
  2. I fueled with a Hunsaker for the first time at Nelson. They are cheap at twice the price. They are worth it for just the comfort they provide for not having to hold a 40lb. jug for as long.
  3. I think it was the combination of having two cars on his inside that allowed the driver of the red E30 to get sucked off the outside. If it was me, ( I hate getting hung up on the outside of the carousel) I would have stayed more right (avoiding that abrupt move to the left he made at the beginning of the tape) to keep the Porsche from getting under me, and followed the 556 until the back straight.
  4. I bought a six pack of gaiters for Nelson to A. meet the requirements, and B. provide sun protection because I am white as a ghost. The ones I got might be a bit too "breathable" but I guess they stop the spit. I didn't burn, but by the end of the day, my neck was pretty sweaty and I put on a paper mask for the beer drinking.
  5. No, no you're not approaching it right. If something isn't on the Fixed Point Value List, then it is assigned an arbitrary value in the tech line, which sets precedent and controversy for eternity but is never added to the FPV list. Although, I think you guys got hoods added to the list, No?
  6. Funny stuff, I'll bet they are trying to look cool and copy/pasted this from Mid Ohio's page. Damaged guard rail replacement - $1,000.00 per section---THEY AINT GOT NONE! Damaged concrete barrier replacement - $1,000.00 per section Damaged tire wall bundle replacement - $500.00 per bundle---THEY AINT GOT NONE! Damaged debris fencing replacement - $1,000 per section---THEY AINT GOT NONE! Damaged conveyor belting replacement - $100.00 per foot---THEY AINT GOT NONE! Damaged catch fence post replacement - $100.00 per post---THEY AINT GOT NONE! Fire incident - $300.00 per fire bottle Damaged tow strap - $50 per tow strap
  7. It appears that the rules for cost containment and speed limitation will no longer be enforced...
  8. Ooooh, burnout contest, exit of the last corner! FWD one-wheel-peel doesn't count
  9. That is a historic impact zone. Oversteer out of the last corner and end up in pitlane/false grid.
  10. Was gonna say the same thing. If the big players are out, it's probably a global issue. Might luck out and find strays here and there.
  11. https://www.rallylights.com/hella-ff200-xenon-driving-lamp-kit.html Woo hoo, they don't give 'em away though...
  12. July is usually pretty dry in these parts, but 4x8s do make leveling pretty nice if you've got room in the hauler. Some of us pack a lawnmower or a weed wacker as well.
  13. interesting that you already know about the black flag function. hahaha
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