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  1. That is a historic impact zone. Oversteer out of the last corner and end up in pitlane/false grid.
  2. Was gonna say the same thing. If the big players are out, it's probably a global issue. Might luck out and find strays here and there.
  3. https://www.rallylights.com/hella-ff200-xenon-driving-lamp-kit.html Woo hoo, they don't give 'em away though...
  4. July is usually pretty dry in these parts, but 4x8s do make leveling pretty nice if you've got room in the hauler. Some of us pack a lawnmower or a weed wacker as well.
  5. interesting that you already know about the black flag function. hahaha
  6. Because everything in the modern auto industry is driven by the lowest bid?
  7. That was the best looking Foxbody nose IMO.
  8. If you cut it off the roof, and put it on the 1/4 panel, you're still pretty close to 100%
  9. I've been experimenting with setting up an rF2 server at home. Let me know if there is any interest. I think my machine can support ~20 ish cars.
  10. Would you rather shelter in place with: A. Your family. or........ B! definitely B.
  11. I know it was a common problem in that era, when I was at a dealership. A lot of cars got recalled, the replacement units seemed to work better. Are you using O.E. parts (if available)? and double check you're using the correct part for your application. Some cars Had distributors from multiple vendors (Hitach, NEC etc.) they might use different igniters? I don't seem to remember ever needing to do multiples on the same car. -Good luck
  12. My shins hurt just looking at it....
  13. Some cars have horribly cheap OEM ignition switches bought by the train-car load from the lowest bidder (VW the cheap bastards) The Japanese switches seem a little more robust, but didn't GM recently make headlines with their switches?
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