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  1. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/d/1988-thunderbird-turbo-coupe/6959136390.html
  2. That night doesn't count. It's just one long day, with a period of darkness
  3. Dude, you buried the lede... 4 bucks a bottle!!
  4. After a few brews, my brother and I will solve all the problems in the motorsports world. I should probably record these meetings, as I'm sure a few ideas have been lost forever We got to poo pooing Spec series and he laid this wisdom on me. "The only one who benefits in a spec series is the manufacturer." Of course everyone loses when the rules go the other way too, like Can-Am. I'm too sober to come up with the answer...
  5. We don't need a spec tire, just a spec lug wrench...
  6. In theory, that means in total, there was over 700 lbs. of Oil-Dri sitting in pit lane at ViR. I hope we're not spilling that much oil.
  7. There goes your legitimacy argument. The media has to remind people that it used to be ChumpCar, so people will know what they are talking about.
  8. Greenwood flares: measured by the acre, not the sq. inch.
  9. The cool part is that most of the engineering has already been done. Maybe only the 911 has more racing heritage than the C3 and 4. Tires look like a stumbling block to me (along with finding decent, cheap shells). There's not a lot of 27" tires out there. How short of a tire do you think we could get away with?
  10. So... what tire and wheel do we use for "our C3 build"?
  11. Craigslist does bring out the douche bags. Do you think the price went down at the end of the week? It does appear the C4's are cheaper than 3's in my neck of the woods as well.
  12. The C3 got more lame each year, so the newer cars seem to have less street value. The newer cars (the one's with the bigger tank) have visually different bodywork, which I believe is what allowed a bigger tank to fit. You could call it a platform swap, but then wouldn't you be required to change the rear clip? At that point, starting with the right car makes sense?
  13. Nope. That's the formula then, you can buy horsepower, but you can't buy fuel capacity. Start with the body with the most fuel and pay to make it faster. 😀 Heading to Craigslist right now...
  14. We're gonna have this thing "built on the internet" in no time!
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