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  1. if you want higher is better, shouldn't you go whp/lbs ? then they all come out 0.003
  2. and then, make sure you do return with all the listed items, even if it is damaged or worn out.
  3. and Jalopnik was amazed at how fast it was !?!?!? Kids these days... https://jalopnik.com/the-2022-mk8-gti-is-the-most-trackable-gti-yet-1847167103
  4. Funny story... @bjaspudbought the Jetta from @Old Guy Steve to go LeMons racing. Then @Old Guy Steve took the car back to make it a ChumpCar. We prepped the Jetta in about 3~4 weekends before its first LeMons race and as the plan was being formulated, John Hinkle says "I've got a couple of cages in my shed" Apparently he'd been scavenging and hoarding rollcages as people retired their showroom stock cars... Who does that?!?!?! So that rollcage was scabbed together from 2 or 3 different Autopower kits, all of unknown origin A coat of satin black made it look good, but it certainly didn't owe us anything. @bjaspud is the biggest cheapskate on the planet, and he took the budget part of budget racing seriously.
  5. Motor mount, loose subframe? If acceleration is doing it, that's the only thing I can think of.
  6. The hog ring on the spline of inside tripod is meant to be a one-time use, but I don't think anybody ever replaces them.
  7. Every time we found ourselves standing in ankle-deep water, someone would make an arc welding joke... First-time Nelson Ledges racers, please don't judge the track by this weekend. Nelson is in fact a swamp, but great strides have been taken over the last 30 or so years to improve drainage. I haven't seen it like this since the 70's. This was just biblical, soul-crushing rain that would not stop.
  8. I've had my eye on this chassis. I have two teenagers that are just about to start driving and will need cars, so I would buy them in bulk too. I was thinking K24 4cyl for economy and simplicity, but not until @enginerdquits blowing up K20s though
  9. No, just "enhanced" enforcement. CCES is just afraid you might loosen your belts, wiggle through the containment seat, the steering wheel, the window net, and the side view mirror, to wave at the massive crowds, just before rolling the car.
  10. A little pricey, and the 1 inch OD on the washer might be a little overkill,but looks sexy...
  11. A recently married man was out in his garage, working on his beat up, old race car. His new wife came out and watched him for a few minutes before saying "Now that we are married, you should probably sell that old thing." Suddenly the man's face went pale, and he looked as though he was going to be sick. "Are you OK, what's the matter?" asked his wife. The man said "For a moment there, you sounded like my ex-wife." "Ex-wife!" The woman shouted. "You never told me you were married before!" "I wasn't." he said.
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