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  1. I'd say I was a little disappointed when this year's schedule came out, and we were not racing on or near the solstice, a traditional 24hr date here in Ohio, but we've had one of the wettest springs in recent memory. I was at the track in mid May and it was a little squishy in the paddock, and it has barely stopped raining since. Let's hope early Sept. is drier.
  2. Yeah, I think the only reason to start with a 20+ year old platform is if you've already got the infrastructure (knowledge/speed secrets, spares/speed parts, wheels, the car is already prepped) Eventually you are going to write off a chassis, and then you face the decision (if you can find a replacement tub), of staying with the platform (because you have the infrastructure) or moving on to something else.
  3. Here's an idea. Let's fill our fields with EC (retired World Challenge and Cont Series) cars. You're gonna need 'em as the back half of the field stops coming to races.
  4. Except there were no FCY an Elkhart, and 437 cautions at Watkins Glen.
  5. Any rule or fixed point value can be walked back. If you're worried about alienating people, do it by slowly increasing the point value, or by announcing a date in the future when a change will take effect ( like dash bars in the roll cage.) IMO throwing our hands in the air and saying "the cat's out of the bag." in unacceptable.
  6. I just re-watched the Board meeting video, the quote was "less than 5% of the membership is on the forums". So we have 10 times the participation.
  7. No I think it's 1% on the forums, but only 1/2 percent participated in the petition process. Just a bunch of drunks at the end of the bar...
  8. Holy smoke, that little Miata is gonna be squashed like a bug before the summer is through...
  9. It's not even like we charge by the driver like other leagues do. You're right, membership and being on the entry form are the only thing we are securing. You have to be a member to even step into pit lane, let alone get in the car no?
  10. Come to think of it, in all my years of racing SCCA, no one ever confirmed my identity on the grid. I took my photo ID off as I donned my fire suit. I could have had the Stig, or Michael Schumacher win a national championship for me. (I wonder what that would have cost? ) I think it's like TSA at the airport. The perception of security makes everyone feel better and might even discourage a terrorist or two. The perception of security that the armband system gives, might keep the insurance guys happy. The system seems tedious, but I can't think of anything better.
  11. Oh man, that guy rocks! Nerves of steel and pinpoint accuracy.
  12. me: "Alexa, make me a drink" daughter: "Dad, you know that's not my name, besides, I think you've had enough!"
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