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  1. My in-laws couldn't cope when their cat unexpectedly had 9 kittens so my wife told me to put them in a sack and throw them in the canal. I did it but It broke my heart. I quite liked her dad.
  2. tommytipover

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    ... you know if the adhesive was really good, you might not be able to knock it off...
  3. tommytipover

    RX7 shocks/dampers, looking for rule guidance

    I saw my Koni rep. last week. He had a great big grin on his face. Apparently they had very good sales #'s last year.
  4. tommytipover

    Canbus based relay IO board?

    OMG that website is a rabbit hole I'm gonna order one of everything...
  5. tommytipover

    New Team, New Car

    Going back to sheetmetal in the rear might be a hassle, but bolting stock fenders back up front might be an option to free up points.
  6. I've been banned from the Home Depot by my house. I'm in there one day, and one of those guys in an orange apron says "you need decking?" Luckily I got the first punch in.
  7. tommytipover

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    The house I just bought has a brand new garage, but I think it was wired by meth-addled juvenile delinquents. I couldn't decide if I had lost my touch with the welder, or something is wrong with the machine. I'll bet the damn outlet is forked...
  8. tommytipover

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    Yeah, you're gonna be really pissed when they sober up and reverse this rule change... That bulkhead looks sexy, but it doesn't change the fact that we are all driving around with 10-30 gallons of gasoline in our trunks.
  9. Haha, I love the analogy. I'd definitely hurt myself with a sledge hammer.
  10. Everything is fun to race. A Cruze would be the equivalent to a 21st century VW Rabbit. There has got to be a bazillion of them out there. The problem is going to be finding manual transmissions on most of the newer cars, nobody is buying them anymore. The CUV boom that the new car industry is currently in might be the scariest outlook for the future. Movie announcer voice: " Picture a world where there are no more cool automobiles to race real cheap" We probably should all be hoarding E30 and NA tubs.
  11. tommytipover

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    Hey Rob, @wvumtnbkr how well would that 60' GM V6 fit in a first Gen car? Asking for a friend...
  12. tommytipover

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    You can fix your flares with Flex-Tape!
  13. tommytipover

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    They didn't sell a lot of them: 1990-14,185 1991-9,634 1992-5,266 1993-2,905 1994-895 1995-382 Most say it's hard to drive, and the front suspension might not be up for endurance racing duty. Plus I believe everybody keeps expecting them to get spanked back up a few hundred points. I've always thought it was a very beautiful car, I should find one before they all turn to rust.
  14. tommytipover

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    How 'bout two 2X3" mild steel tubes (one for feed and one for return) running longitudinally along the chassis? Attached to the roll cage (for safety of course).
  15. tommytipover

    Kill switches?

    ...and is probably safer than running battery-gauge sized power cable up to the the dashboard.