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  1. Plum crazy

    2019 Official Road America Spring Double 8-Hour Enduros

    does anyone know if there will be a practice on Thursday?
  2. Plum crazy

    Car log book

  3. Just a quick question. If building a new car I am assuming you need to start a new log book for that car. Yes? Thanks
  4. Plum crazy

    Enclosed Trailer Advise

    We bough a new 24" last year at this time. best thing I ever did. I spent months looking at used trailers and finally gave up. The price difference wasn't enough for us to justify buying used. maybe there are good deals were you are but around us if it was worth buying it was on the market for less then a couple days. the others needed tires or bearings or suspension work, breaks that didn't work not to mention rust issues. I was looking at 15 year old trailers that sold in 5 days priced $1000 less then new. I was told once, when your done racing the only thing that's worth anything is the trailer. Just my thoughts. good luck
  5. Plum crazy

    2018 Official The Frozen Rotors Grand Prix at Road America

    Any talk about pit stall assignments?
  6. Plum crazy

    2019 Brainerd

    Mid Ohio would be nice.
  7. Plum crazy

    2019 Brainerd

    Just wondering if the Brainerd event is happening in 2019. Its not on the schedule as of now.
  8. Plum crazy

    Official - 2018 The Landjaeger Cup at Road America

    Ya think so..
  9. Wondering which bolts I forgot to torque.
  10. i was told by Rugged radio to have the antenna in the middle of a 3 foot square area of the roof and don't coil the extra wire. nice looking car, good luck
  11. Plum crazy

    Maxxis 2018 Champcar contingency

    Agreed, so if only one race why are the cars in different classes? Just go by the point rule, pick a car and stay under 500 pts. Don't mean to start a argument, after all we all leave the track with the same amount of price money.
  12. Plum crazy

    Maxxis 2018 Champcar contingency

    So if I read this right, winning your class won't get you anything unless you are 5th or better overall. That's disappointing.
  13. Plum crazy

    Road America fall race

    its still sporting that scar, that's on the winter work list of things to do.
  14. Plum crazy

    Rebuild or heck NO?

    I feel this is personal preference and ability. My son and I have done both The first race we ran the motor was untouched and we made the whole race. Second race we took another motor apart and went through it, bearings, rings, gaskets, valve seals and lapped in the valves. That motor we dropped a valve late on Sunday, failure was caused by a week valve spring, there will be new springs in our motors from now on. The first motor we ran that made the whole first race was just beginners luck because I found the timing belt tentioner was froze up and broke. The belt was replaced 20000 miles earlier had the receipt from the car owner i bought it from. Failure was inevitable. I feel if you choose to run a motor with 100000 miles plus and no idea of its history at high RPM for extended time it just a matter of time.