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  1. Hey black magic, it plum crazy, the black and purple neon. We need to get it painted..it was our first time here also. And the way the car ran we will be back. It was good pitting next to you guys. The battle on track was great. Good clean racing that little 2.0 we are running sure has been a good motor. The car and all of us sure liked the track. Hoping to make NCM a habit. Good luck to you and your team. Be safe hope to run with you again.
  2. This Mad Dog shifter, I'm having trouble finding it. Does anyone have a link to where I can get one?
  3. Thanks for the picks, this is very close to what I was thinking of doing. Good to see I'm going in the right direction. Tom
  4. Thanks I have seen this in the shop manual. we have the trans out of the car replacing the clutch at the moment. this will be checked when we are done putting everything back together. Thanks again
  5. The more I read the more I realize i don't know. Can yo please expand on the shift cable comment? 1/4 " hole adjust?
  6. Thanks for putting this out there. interested in where it goes and the info that gets shared.
  7. Thanks for the great info. We are running the 2.0 at 6200RPM shift point. did the same with the 2.4. looks like this needs adjustment. Also did very little with the oil control in the bottom of the 2.4 made one trap door for windage need to do a lot more. Also with the older 2.4 block there is only 2 oil returns on the back side of the block and with the huge right hander at RA I believe that the oil filled the head and couldn't return . will be remedying that. We were also running SRT4 rods also found out you should be running a high volume pump with those. going back to stock rods. I would sure like to see a pic or two of what you do in the oil pan for oil control if at all possible. Thanks so much again. Tom
  8. Great list, we carry most of what Black Magic listed. Question for Black Magic. Are you running a 2.4? if so what year? you mentioned oil control and rod bearing failure. We have never had a issue with the 2.0 and we run the carousel at RA which will kill most motors. We started the year with a 2.4 and spun #4 rod bearing at RA. It is a stratus motor which I think has horrible oil return. we are working to remedy that now. any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Breaks!! depending on the track. some tracks are harder on them then others. RA eats breaks. We always have extra rotors pads and calipers. We run the PT setup and do not have break issues. we run Hawk blues and can get 2 weekends out of a set of pads. If you staying with the Neon front end Performance friction also makes a great set of pads that we ran once. I'll get you the part number. And never run cross drilled rotors speaking from experience. We ate a set of rotors and pads in the first stint.
  10. A good place for info and neon parts is a place out of Texas, Modern Performance. If your running a neon you will be in touch with them sooner or later..😃 Also the first thing we did is a long tube header. it really woke up the 2.0. We have also modified the intake and are running cams. the car performs well. running RT sway bars and mopar springs. Like Black Magic said you need to pick your tracks. we run RA and the car just isn't build for that big track. But still a great time. 7hr races and tighter tracks these cars are fun and I think cheap in comparison. Have fun
  11. We run a 98 neon. We run Bassett 15" wheels there cheep and you can pic your offset. As far as hub setup one easy upgrade is to run PT cruiser(manual Trans) front spindles and half shafts. Gives you bigger rotors and breaks. need to turn down the top of the spindle to make them fit into the neon struts. will take a hit on points for axles.
  12. Team Plum Crazy had a heck of a weekend. Thought we would do the practice this year for the first time and it was a good thing we did. Turns out the new motor didn't want to play well believe we spun a rod bearing. So the car went back to the shop Friday night for a motor change. A 3.5 hour drive one way. motor changed Friday and back to the track Friday night. thought we would just salvage the weekend by making it a test day. Turns out we were first in class around 11:00. so much for testing. car ran well handled well and was a blast to drive. at one point we were 20 laps ahead and then the trans decided not to play well anymore. all said and done we finished second 2 laps down. The weekend was good for our new team members got some lap time and had a good time. Thanks to all the people of Champcar and the Road America staff for once again putting on a great race.
  13. does anyone know if there will be a practice on Thursday?
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