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  1. Ok, will do I got a wild hair based on pintodave's post and contacted Sebring about a track day. Cost is $13,400 plus tax of course...
  2. Guys thanks for the replies. We we're looking at the open track days as well but have heard it gets really busy. We were concerned about not getting much time on the track. We're doing both...shaking down the car and trying to get drivers behind the wheel. Sebring is tough because we're in Tallahassee so that's a 6 hour drive for us. That's why we're looking at the Firm it's only 2.5 hrs away.
  3. We're looking to rent the track at The Firm located in Starke, FL if anyone is interested. We'd like to get 6 cars to help split the cost. Our team would provide a corner worker and flagman with radios. We can work out a date if we have any interest. We were thinking between now and August. The prices are: Whole day (Weekday) rental - $2,800.00 Whole day (Saturday or Sunday) rental - $3,300.00 We can only rent Sunday if Saturday is booked. If your interested shoot me an email at aufishboy@hotmail.com. Thanks, Daniel Kelly Brothers Racing #850
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