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  1. this could be the best team you ever drove for. they win races where ever they go. cars are prepped to high standards, pit stops are stops are spot on. you will get a your $$$ worth and then some driving for casey.
  2. this race is one of the most historic races in the usa. it is because of this race and the success of it started all of the "show room stock" type of racing that we all love doing. the cars,, teams,, drivers,, and manufactures is amazing.
  3. i'm not sure i want to be a member of any organisation that would have me as a member.
  4. where do you live and where is the shop. decal 727 808--1132
  5. We are looking for a couple of crew members for the first Laguna pair on November 17/18 -- are you still interested?  We have a pretty unique and competitive car, but it is going to be a long way from home (we are from NW Wisconsin) and our normal crew cant get off work for that time.

    Let me know --



  6. me and the wife were planing a trip out to calf and saw there is a chumpcar race at laguna the same time we want to be there. if any team need a extra hand in the pits, pm and lets talk. i am a long time crew thing with many chumpcar races and other sportscar races. thanks
  7. contact the car auctions in east tampa. people buy cars and have many transport companys to takes cars all the usa.
  8. a new team that is running the imsa continental tires series races in the st class this year. looking for funded drivers to drive starting with sebring. any and all races can be had. contact Max Schmidt. 970 390--6688 maxsch8@aol.com.
  9. get good value for your $$$$$. make sure you can set it up with the idea of bad weather. if rain and wind get to the middle it is worthless. get a good tie down system. it does no good if it is blown in the wind..
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