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  1. I got all my old rusted and frozen rear brake bolts out yesterday. Just waiting now for the new lines and calipers. Then I put the new injectors in our D16 motor. Finished up the day taking the fuse box out. I'll start wiring up the switch panel using the factory harness.
  2. I talked to a guy a while back and if i remember correct he said he took points (i think 10) for ITR pistons. I was going off what they had said but checking the sheet I can't find pistons on it at all.
  3. I don't know yet I couldn't find pistons on the list.
  4. We were going to have to take points for using ITR pistons so just figured might as well go all out! We haven't really fully decided yet but if our points get to high we may use this engine for lemons and just use a stock b20 for Champ. I guess only time will tell what happens!
  5. The Jeep took most of the brunt of the tree. Too bad it doesn't have any trunk space left. . . The CRX only has the door dent. Ill hammer it out and we will be good to go.
  6. we have had so much rain this year a tree on a hill side came down and hit the car. . . But I did get the B20 block ready for the new crank case vent.
  7. Im doing some much needed harness repair on our D16 back up motor.
  8. I have never liked the idea of running a chopped up drive shaft. . . I'm sure you could still have it balanced fine but I'd rather take the points and not be worried about it coming up through the floor.
  9. Working on my b20. I Have the block gutted next I'm taking it for a steam bath.
  10. I have to agree. I still like the cell in the trunk away from the driver.
  11. Thats not his car but its a similar set up. then they have the cell boxed in on the inside. I think its a fantastic set up and would solve your problem altogether in a safe way. and mounting the tank lower will help with your handling of the car.
  12. His car had the floor cut out and the bottom of the fuel cell tank was out side the car. They use a caged frame to hold it in place, that way if there was a fire or exposition the flames or force would escape under the car. I liked his set up and at some point if we put a cell in our crx I'll probably go that route. I think it would be safer to have the extra vision out the back. Just my $.02
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