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  1. final gear is different than the actual full diff. Diff swap are points, gear changes are not under the current rules.
  2. Yeah, only one of our renters had driven Daytona before. Not that its a hard track but... new car and track at the same time. All of them got quicker as their stints progressed and all of them are welcome back to rent with us again anytime.
  3. Lets calm down, the car only has 17x8's and runs 245's. It is the gold standard so it's is hard to measure up too. You should see it when the owners drive it...
  4. They will quote you 1.2.1, ask me how I know. 1.2.1 should not be needed to be quoted every race, it should only be for extreme circumstances.
  5. I 100% believe it does. Covering lines just prevents drivers/crew know if there is an issue and where that issue is immediately. Instead, drivers/crew will have to wait until you smell the fuel or there's smoke/flames. This delta difference could save a car/driver. How much fuel has leaked out under the "shielding" before someone being able to tell their is a problem. This rule was instituted to solve a problem that does NOT exist in this series or any other.
  6. https://winecountrymotorsports.com/product_info.php?products_id=1596 This is what I use. It's big enough for everything but not too big to take up your whole trunk like the bigger version. Rollers are nice.
  7. ummm, these were tech changes not TAC ones. I'm not sure on the splitter one. Either way, I support the rules becoming more black and white however the rules fall. I believe the fuel line rule will actually have a negative effect on the series as some folks will not be willing to change. I see them moving to other series.
  8. Inactiv channel has 102 iirc and the Crowd Control channel has around 50. Stream with Youstream directly to your channel. Very easy.
  9. We used Youtube without issue at Daytona
  10. Who did you speak with? I left a vm for the contingency person yesterday as he is currently on vaca. The gentleman that I spoke with was trying to be helpful he just did not know or understand the contingency program for our series.
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