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  1. I'm sure Phil or Condren logged in and provided that ruling right after they altered the camaro tech sheet. 🙄
  2. While were on the topic of the VPI table and you'd like to use it as a foundation for this ruling have you read Note 3?
  3. Blaming this on Phil and Condren is sad and comical at the same time.
  4. Which is accurate? One is from Bill so.... 👀
  5. Depends on the design in the front of the car. I know on a Gen 2 Viper it is a low pressure area. On our Cobra, it is not.
  6. It's hilarious that Ray was on here trying to tell people it was a 305 in the car. Even when the tech sheet said a 350 was claimed. Now, we know that tech actually knew that there was a 350 in the car and Ray was on here just making up poop. Again, if some combo gets presented that never came from the factory then it would be a custom combo NOT covered by the VPI list as noted at the top of the VPI list in NOTE 3. Tech rulings cannot override the BCCR no matter how highly tech regards themselves.
  7. Unless its a camaro.... or maybe now a vette. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Any special rulings, free parts, 2 point parts, etc.... we should know about?
  9. Oh, we were planning on bringing the new build out for this one. Sorry.
  10. Later for the fireworks display you guys have planned right?
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