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  1. We ran a WRL event last month. Biggest difference at the event was the driving standards. It was noticeably better at the WRL event. I was surprised. Champ has improved over the years without doubt but WRL was much better. The event organization wasnt on par with Champ but the teams and drivers running in it were great.
  2. Incorrect and also moot. Ballooned tanks have failed are illegal in this series. You obviously need more boost.
  3. Snake

    Daytona 2020

    sweet, I have the track the week before again. 😀
  4. I believe Connelly offers full race insurance. Renters that buy it have not a care in the world. Meanwhile the other team/car is SOL.
  5. Absolutely disagree with your interpretation. This line of thinking would mean you could move the tank around horizontally and vertically under the car thus moving your weight distribution as a performance result. That is NOT what the rule says at all or intends. Stock location means stock location. It's not hard there is no interpretation necessary. Where it came from the factory or nothing. You posting on this forum otherwise does a disservice to the series, and you are on the TAC.... 😖 If you have to modify straps to get a tank to mount it has probably been modified or moved. Additional straps to the OE's are fine and should be 0 points imo.
  6. That is grounds for a series timeout and a good ass kicking. Matt Connelly has some really bad renters it looks like. Didn't they have a bunch of incidents at Indy as well?
  7. weights have nothing to do with whatever the cars weigh anymore. Some cars use actual weight, some use actual minus 10%, some use some made up number so a certain swap can be allowed to skirt the rules. There's no longer 1 ruleset for all cars when it comes to swap, different rules for different makes/models.
  8. As I mentioned previously, there is one available to you for $495. You can probably even get them to let you take a new 720 out. https://www.dimmitt.com/sebring-track-day/?utm_source=facebook-post&fbclid=IwAR1Og-QgHR30e_E5u2mhlMT-OUMfslqgeSctf2nNV8MdLzLsF-oarE-Yh7g
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