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  1. Snake

    Reground Camshafts

    Where is that requirement in the rules? Regardless, non oe spec cams are 50 points. Reground at your house or the machine shop.
  2. Snake

    Reground Camshafts

    Thanks for the clarification, this makes sense.
  3. Here is the 350z crash. I expected more contact to induce a red mist situation.
  4. Snake

    Petitions Due by 2/28/19

    So he's the one asking for all the free poop this year? 🤣
  5. Snake

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    Everyone would have to be on that formula first....
  6. Anyone else throw their Reese PB cups in the freezer?
  7. Snake

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    My bad, I should have said up not down. Weights are already being artificially inflated in the current calculator.
  8. Snake

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    Weights are already being manipulated in the current swap calculator. Are you suggesting another type of fuel capacity calculator based on weight? We will just have teams cry until their weight is adjusted down to what they want and not what the rules state.
  9. Good luck with that, we don't even know when we are pitting.
  10. I just upload all the results to our account with mazda motorsports. To get a patch you have to call and talk to the motorsports guys. There are none in the warehouse but they have them in the office in Cali. We have ours.
  11. Snake

    Daytona Testing Opportunity... April 2019

    We care more about reliability than speed. I can put Champcars in a slower group and it won't be an issue. Break down repeatedly or oil down the track and ruin other people's track time..... that will be an issue.
  12. Snake

    Daytona Testing Opportunity... April 2019

    Bump as more people are PM'ing me about the event looking for info.
  13. off topic? were talking about the gold standard 626 so bringing up the F2003 is only natural. 😁
  14. Not on practice day. At least the series parked them for the rest of the day after the incident.
  15. Good to know. We didn't want to mess with as it was a low priority for us during stops. We were trying to get our live streaming to work but that never happened. We weren't used to having it so we really didn't miss it i guess. We didn't think about cycling it as we didn't know if it would sync back up with the race already running. Good to know it will. Photosensor def wasn't working but I'm guessing that was just because the whole thing was frozen. Oh well, we'd have no issue throwing it in again and giving it another go. We all love the idea of the unit.