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  1. Now we know why the engine bay was blacked out in the NBY crash pics. They were given a ruling for extra free parts for their swap.
  2. So do you feel that she really didn't win her age group as well? Was she not the fastest 40-44yo female? Giving out a 1st place award to an A, B, C, D class car that didn't come in first place in their class makes no sense to me. Wouldn't that be similar as trying to explain why we have to pull EC cars out of the results and justify your OA position? Wanna confuse people even more? John - We came in 1st place in A class! Bob - What about the Miata that won the race? John - They don't count since they won. Bob - uhhh what? John - They don't count because they won Bob - But they beat everyone John - We won our class Bob - Ok.....
  3. We discussed this with Dana at the Sebring races. He shows the checker flag to the NON EC leader.
  4. Its a Jeep body on an SC chassis. Really cool and well done. It was at the December Sebring races.
  5. Center net is not mandatory.
  6. We are running with that other series next month. After reading their rules many times in preparation for that race I think there are some thing this series could learn and benefit from. Are they perfect, no. Are they better than what we have, IMO yes. Why? Less gray areas and everyone is playing by the same rules.
  7. I have an email from Jay that directly contradicts something on this list. Which is correct?
  8. Swaps are not the issue. Certain swaps getting preferential treatment being able to circumvent the formulas/rules are.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-Toyota-W20-MR2-SW20-3S-Turbo-OEM-Manual-Clutch-Brake-Pedal-Set-RHD-M-T-90-99/282666317489?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item41d039b6b1:g:w8EAAOSw47dZxnNu&enc=AQADAAAB4KX%2FKt4E1xf3SDqEdBclaYakteY6pRXExVF%2B9LPUHFBP%2Fm7W%2FsJUWpVMSHo%2B8jWpffkW4NNVNqz4Tx%2Fpeg90XB%2BPfgPL7JSeswopsPbA167jPCmL%2FpSje6wXqdUKks3yxKIdF8nn3slH%2BZEJI9XORGWdMKPLxOs8yfBtU9XwRonymUxg5sqlf8dRhZWdao55XiTBUe4QzVsT38f71sTKuikaRAMe75lIkiSqGaOmkyWpUX6rfFFCA9cXvqooIlk1E%2BIpxepTNuq4WpX%2FDdgzNcDHuj7Y%2FRAkMDRN5daeQfluULxYpAkxNsxigyXdoNUdggmTzYPZLp4bhIl5lI5M5PJnRX%2FCYvbC3Ks89vWxPKRfDDBCWnLgT8MRCssafeP9TtzFtEgnGSe2hpU02ACfPNHrMCzPbK77U76AakXGZ5ly11j1R%2BwaGP%2B8yJu22U%2Br9JK1vINWW9FM64mWCClgpE8DRC1VYj%2BD2%2F6Gz0TOn2I0DrmAS3mYDO4g2ZCdm%2BaSfb4BbP2%2Fn85h0UZwUDemiH6i7xqsqndLJW5sGPCiSnQ8lMgEf6dGZognvz18%2FPjCDNOPKh7%2FrXRCHBy%2BzyUnpxXEbZgmkfpfJZqjcpACzpCQWtz7dEf4e%2FrI51rgFUFEeg%3D%3D&checksum=2826663174891112ef256ff84e13886e4537a5a2d680&frcectupt=true
  10. Less costly how? If you start with a low VPI car you can still spend a bunch of $$ and be under 400. We've done it, we could spend even more, keep the same exact VPI and go for overalls with the 626. I think we are like 370 VPI. You can't stop people from spending $$$ if they really want to. But, money doesn't buy talent and results. We have examples of that in the series already. I believe you think it does. It definitely doesn't hurt but you still have to be able to drive and execute. I thought the goal of Champcar was for everyone to build to the same rule set (until this year) and compete for overalls against each other? That's what I keep hearing over and over again. Class racing is secondary where as in WRL its primary. If you don't think classes matter and you'd like to eliminate them then say that. Everyone go after the big trophy's and the hell with everything else. I personally think that's a bad idea but I'm just 1 person. The bigger issue is now there are different sets of rules for different cars and that is a HUGE issue imo. If you wanna start separating car by anything we should start by the rule set they are following.
  11. You still haven't pointed out whats wrong with the classes. What is broken? I just threw out EC as that's what everyone is complaining about currently. What isn't sustainable currently besides the west coast? I think we can all agree that there are other areas in the series that need attention. I think one of the petitions that was approved this year was particularly dangerous (not the one you wrote that was approved). The current class structure isn't a problem
  12. You are always the first to site out of control costs and added expenses for rule changes/interpretations/etc. I do agree with you that it is expensive to go fast and stay at the pointy end. Problem is you went out and wrote a petition to increase costs. It was completely self serving allowing you to spend more on a swap for your car. Therefore, I now tune out all your complaints about added costs even if they may be valid.
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