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  1. We dont need hypotheticals to solve current issues we are experiencing now. Fix the current issues that were created behind closed doors unannounced. I dont see why this series resists so hard to fix or admit to issues its created for itself. Put everyone back on the same rule set and go from there.
  2. without announcement, discussion, or vote....absolutely. I'm suggesting that everything be adjusted the same way instead of multiple rulesets.
  3. While this IS what the tech interpretation doc says it is not what was told or applied to us prior to that being released. We emailed tech and have documentation that hood vents can also be valued at materials. I emailed tech as soon as this was released as it directly conflicted what we were told and documented. What I was told was that the rule was going to read the same but they were also going to add "or square foot materials cost which ever is less". We have it documented in our huge book on the car. Basically, max value per vent is 2.5.
  4. The problem with that, especially when the math is applied differently is everyone will want and petition their swap to be listed on the table bypassing the calculator. Why should some cars bypass the rules? Nobody can explain that and it looks shady as hell. The calculator should use the same accurate info for all makes and models and all should go through the same calculator. You should also not be able to create another higher model car on the VPI list for less than the VPI of the higher model listed. Why can't everyone be on the same rule set? If the system is to be manipulated, manipulate the VPI itself. Its out in the open and at least everyone knows what is going on.
  5. He should be able to swap in a GTS motor for less points than a GTS per the 944 precedence set.
  6. Thats not really how it works. There was no Cobra listed on the VPI list till we started running one. It's not the same VPI as a V8 Mustang even though it is a V8 Mustang. You should really be prepared for a higher VPI assignment instead of thinking you found a loophole.
  7. Get a 2500 with a cummins. /end thread
  8. @Jer It should be what it was for years before backdoor deals started happening and weights were mysteriously changed. Let's not act there wasn't a system already in place and we have to reinvent the wheel here.
  9. We had one source that was used until backdoor deals started happening and changes were made overnight and unannounced. My petition was actually nothing new, it was simply pointing out that the current rules weren't being followed as I referenced in my petition. Instead of following the rules as they were already written the BOD decided to change the rule to introduce ambiguity into the rule set because the CEO had already done it behind closed doors.
  10. The rule that was introduced last year and approved needs to go asap. I will write another petition this year to give you guys the chance to correct the mistake and keep all makes and models on the same rule set.
  11. It spurred the change of writing a rule that allowed the manipulation of the rules that the CEO had already done putting different makes and models on a different set of rules. Not the change I'm looking for.
  12. My petition, which would have addressed the weight issue was submitted and voted down. Any organization the doesn't want to use accurate data across the board for all makes and model deserves to be questioned and will continue to be. Everyone needs to be on the same rules.
  13. I really enjoyed the race we did with them this year. The on track difference was night and day. Champcar is more organized imo but the on track experienced was noticiable. You can tell they cater to the more experienced drivers.
  14. There wasnt a vote from what I was told by another BOD member.
  15. I understand that. But, there wasnt a vote from what I understand.
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