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  1. @RVA Graphics & Wraps
  2. Snake

    Tech Response time

    well only 1% see what's on the forum anyways.
  3. If any of you Mazda teams are looking for a new tent canopy I have some official Mazda ones. We run one of the blue 10x10's with the 626. They work great and we made for Mazda. These aren't crappy knockoff's, they are made by EZUP. I have 1 blue tent and 2 black 10x10's. $100 each plus shipping and fees. I have 1 20x10 black tent as well. $200. plus shipping and fees. THESE ARE THE CANOPIES ONLY, NO FRAMES. I also have 4 black Mazda logo sides. I will split them up and they are $50 each plus shipping and fees. Any questions, shoot me a PM.
  4. I have 5 1 gallon blocks and 3 1/2 gallon blocks if anyone is in need.
  5. Snake

    2019 races

    Last i knew COTA was $60k/day to rent.
  6. Snake

    Kill switches?

    You mean tech doesn't come to everyone elses' shops to "inspect" their cars? Weird.
  7. Snake

    Tech Response time

    The control arm thing for us changed in mid 2018. One car was assessed 10, the other 20.... I'm guessing it will be 20 from here on out. As for response time, tech has been pretty responsive to questions I've asked via email.
  8. By work he means margaritas at Don Joses'
  9. Snake

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    *Unless its a 944
  10. Snake

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    if the 944's don't then why should anyone i guess
  11. Snake

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    I think @Jer stated that Turbo VPI is not used for swaps. Highest non turbo VPI is the intended rule from what I last understood.
  12. Snake

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    show me a hood that adds 45hp and I'll pay 48 points for it. btw... turns out the oem fiberglass hood is lighter.
  13. Snake

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Results have nothing to do with if all cars should follow the same rule set.
  14. Snake

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Figuring out correct weights doesnt matter when all platforms dont have to abide by the current written rules. Everyone has to be on the same field before you can try and even it out.