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  1. You asked for an example. I gave you one. I don't care to dissect it. I didn't ask for it, and I was against it. Same with the BS E30 swap weight. You can try to trivialize every example of free parts being used to make cars faster. Doesn't change the fact that 100% of the time, allowing free parts, allows speed creep.
  2. Listen, I know you can't type coherent statements. Not my problem. I also know you apparently don't understand coherent statements. Also not my problem. Here is an example; Differentials used to cost points for E30's. Many teams, including my own, used a 4.10 for 25 pts. Those then became free (thanks RVA/Champcar). So now we have aero. Our car is faster, and for less points. Does that work? Or is that one in a million?
  3. You are always saying this. But no matter how much you do, it isn't going to make it any less false. Just stop.
  4. I think it was in a red flag video or something that we will run the chicane one day, and no chicane (pro course) the other day. Not sure which day we are doing which. But I'm sure it will be discussed in the drivers meeting.
  5. Good points here. It takes forever to pump our system out. Also, when does the pump out stop? When the pump runs dry? Who is paying for that?
  6. So we were the only team with a fuel cell measuring the total capacity already including the fuel that went up the filler neck? Interesting. Guess we gotta do a whole lotta nothing to comply.
  7. Huh? Where have these bigger badder crashes happened? I was at another series event the other weekend. Every single car there was prepped better than 99% of champ cars. And 80% are significantly faster than champcars. And every single car wouldn’t have passed champcars rule. I don’t follow the logic.
  8. I'll trade your anecdote for my anecdote and say that the CRX passes us with as much/more straight line speed than other cars with good power/weight ratios.
  9. Sweet. I'm helping a buddy with his 200 getting it ready for Champcar. But I don't know anything about Audi's other than they don't make much sense to me. I'm gonna make sure he sees this. He's probably already aware of your car though.
  10. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5905407 I wasn't there. But Harris Hill last year. Sunday an NC set fast lap and won? By a few seconds too.
  11. Bite? Bite what? I'm not baiting you. What you said above doesn't answer my question. And I don't disagree with what you said above!!! I asked how much evidence is required? Not one race. I understand. But two? Ten? A certain number of wins? Multiple teams showing equal results? etc? I'm just asking what the metric is, IN YOUR OPINION, for identifying an overdog.
  12. Well I read all your responses and didn't see an answer to my question. Guess I'm not reading between the right lines.
  13. On the other hand; how much evidence is required? What if six or seven teams create overdog's using the NC. But now the chassis is more established with more entries. Isn't it harder to reign in at that point? Just curious as to how one would determine when there is sufficient evidence. A secondary question is does a certain car require more than one team to be successful? History seems to indicate no.
  14. Sooooo, since you don't need those anymore....
  15. Might work better to cover the hole in the sunroof. But enough duct tape could make a skid plate.
  16. Have you driven Mid Ohio? 90 cars at Mid Ohio will provide plenty of carnage. If it rains, forget about it.
  17. I read this as... "Prove to me that someone is going to use a radiator point reduction to make their car faster. You can't. But even if you can, it's probably just one. Therefore it doesn't matter". I'm confused why you don't think this will happen. Either cars are below 500 points, and they can afford the points for a radiator, or, as you are saying, they are already at 500 points but are not taking an aluminum radiator because they are points. I'm not sure why you think it's so implausible that someone IS at 500 points, AND taking an aluminum radiator. And NOW, won't replace the points they will get back with a free radiator on something else. This will make your head explode I'm sure. But I'm gonna save all the bucks I had to spend on stock radiators, buy a cheaper aluminum radiator, and use all my new funds on faster tires!!!!!
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