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  1. We used a Midland setup for several years before upgrading. Surprisingly we actually had a radio signal around the entire track - even back to oak tree. I would recommend getting the system that is for open helmets rather than for full/closed helmets. Here is a link. We found the Velcro attachment for the speaker not very user friendly. The hard cord on the open one lets you better position the microphone and keep it in position. You need it very close to your mouth for the pit to hear you. Also, we found placing the earpieces under your balaclava before putting on your helmet helped keep them in position to make it easier for you to hear. Best of luck. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Open-Helmet-Motorcycle-Headset-Earpiece-for-Midland-Radio-Walkie-Talkie-75-822/170915803101?hash=item27cb602fdd%3Ag%3AWskAAOxyFrNRytrK%3Asc%3AShippingMethodStandard!30553!US!-1&_sacat=0&_nkw=midland+open+helmet+radio&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  2. Traqgear makes some awesome SFI rated undergear including this coolshirt. Shirts and shorts are all very lightweight. A bit pricey but not so much in the big picture of personal safety. https://traqgear.com/product/podium-lcg/ No affiliation - just a satisfied customer
  3. Hey Doc Any idea if there will be some of those portable lights for the infield section of the track.
  4. For past events at CMS the garages were assigned and you could start using them Friday as you unloaded.
  5. So... do we ban aero and eliminate the potential for loose parts disabling other cars - or do we mandate cells to prevent potential punctures of OEM plastic fuel tanks. Let the discussion begin..
  6. Already down to 95. We notified Mike this week we would be unable to make it. Still repairing damage from rollover at Barber. See everyone at Charlotte!!
  7. Seriously?? If we're so concerned with bumpers as a safety item how about a rule for leaving them stock as they were designed, engineered, and tested to perform to a standard. The only reason for modifying or removing is to reduce weight to gain a performance advantage. Absolutely nothing to do with safety. Drives me nuts when people try using the "safety" excuse for a modification to gain a performance advantage. Rant over.
  8. Shawn


    Long term chumpcar racer here.  Appreciate your support of the series.  I started with them back when it was a true budget racing series and this held true  right down to our radios.  We've  used a cheap  set of Midland motorcycle open helmet radios for years.  Worked OK for quick communications  when driving in close proximity.   My drivers wanted something that reaches all areas of the track and  I got a radio set from one of my drivers who pulled it from his club race car for us to try.  Had some issues with it  at our last race and looking for some guidance. 


    Set up includes a hard wired Motorola PM400 base radio in the car and PR860 radio and headset for the crew. It is an IMSA set up with a blue cord that plugs into the front of the PM400 unit via what looks like a big computer plug.  That goes into a splitter that feeds the PTT  system and IMSA plug. We did not have an external antenna for the base  unit so attached one off the spare PR860 radio.


    Couple of issues.  With the car not running but power switch on,  the radio comes on but when we hit the PTT button all we get is a double click sound.  When we start the car up everything seems to work OK.   Voltage gauge  shows 12V  with engine off but it drops pretty good when you hit the PTT button.   Does this unit really pull that much power that it won't work properly  without the engine running?   Does the double click sound signify anything else?  The PM400 unit has a number of program buttons on front.  No idea what they do and we don't have a manual. Are these critical for normal operation?


    I  think we would benefit from an external antenna and was looking at the shark fin type.  Does the cable just push and twist into the current antenna fitting on the back of the PM400.?  You show 2 available for  the Motorola  - mobile or TEKKNT.   Which would be the proper one for us?


    I've attached a few pictures of the units.


    Thanks for your help.


    John Babinski

    Team Owner/Captain

    Gotham City Racing

    1997 BMW 328is

    radio base antenna.JPG

    radio base label 1.JPG

    radio base label 2.JPG

    radio blue plug.JPG

    radio PM400.JPG

    radio PR860.JPG

    1. Shawn Sampson

      Shawn Sampson

      Hi John


      The antenna set up will not be a issue as it will come ready for the BNC twist connection. We just nee to know the overall length the coax needs to be cut.


      It could be that the unit draws a large amount or that the power cord might need to be larger in size to pull power say a 12gage power and ground. Run power from battery-


      Cheers, Shawn



    2. Boy Blunder

      Boy Blunder

      6' of cable for the antenna should be fine.   Was thinking the  power pull might be an issue.  That is pretty big wire going into the base unit.  My wire leading into it is definitely a smaller diameter.   Will try  direct wire with larger gauge.  Will that get rid of the double clicking and inability to communicate  unless the car is running?


      Is this a pretty good unit?  Analog?  how many watts?   Anything I need to do with all those program buttons?


      Thanks for the input. 



  9. Too much talk about rules and rules lawyering. We're only talking about a few cars/teams. Wouldn't it be simpler for the Chump staff to simply have a one on one "conversation" with them and discuss the old "Don't mess with us and we won't mess with you" or "Don't stink up the show" philosophy. Once done, word would spread and the issue would disappear.
  10. Ancient Thread. Both series are now defunct. Too bad for the truck series, watching them passing while coming down the rollercoaster at VIR was epic!
  11. Condolences from Gotham City Racing. Very sad to hear of the passing of a key team member. We've been racing against Team Infiniti since the early days and they have always been a strong team and great competitors. Jake will be missed.
  12. Alternative view on Sebring I am liking the 10 hour format for this race and giving it serious consideration. Entry fee is just $900 and lower with early entry discount ( so just $700!!) 10 hours means I can use up some old tires and brake pads so minimizes my consumables cost Travel costs are amortized a bit as I'll probably stay a few extra days to vacation in the Fl. sun and warmth Racing only consumes 1 day of the vacation so keeps rest of family happy. I always hear about how abrasive/abusive this track is on equipment - so while I want to mark it off my bucket list - I'm not in a position to do heroic car fixes at the track and so the shorter overall length helps my personal situation with reduced chance of car issues/failures. 3 people with 2 - 1.5+ hour stints. I can sell that to my renters and at a cost that is in-line per seat hour with other events we attended. We fight fuel starvation going 2 hours so 1.5 hour stints fits us fine. The drive is still a bit long, but doable overall.
  13. YES!! Get the Good Sam program. Best money I ever spent during my 2 years of RV ownership. Blown Tranny Seal, failed e brake system, vapor locked fuel pump, 2 blown tires. They sent help out each time. 36' Class A Ford V8. Towing always required one of the really big rig tow trucks.
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