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  1. In the early Chumpcar days: 24 hours at VIR south (such a short course - SO MANY laps in 24 hours) Rockingham Speedway (glad we got to experience it before it went into obscurity) Roebling Road - (who could forget Bill Riley's Ford Probe showing us the future of cheaty race cars with his awesome braking system) Atlanta Motor Speedway (worst track surface ever - ate through 3 sets of tires in a day)
  2. Set of front calipers from a Porsche 996. Manufacturer Part Number: 996361425 (driver side) and 996351426 (passenger side) Brand: Porsche Brembo Interchangeable with the following models: Porsche Boxster S 2000-2011 (S model only) Porsche Cayman S 2006.2012 (S model only) Porsche 911 1999-2008 (fits Base 911 only) These can be a nice upgrade to various other vehicles including base Boxster, BMW E30, E36 and E46. Asking $350 for the set. Best contact is johnandmarthab at bellsouth dot net
  3. MyLaps TranX 260 Racing Transponder. Used. Hard wired for power. Full length cord. Biggest advantage to this unit is it DOES NOT require a monthly subscription. In good shape. Please see pictures for condition. Shipped in original box. Asking $600. These units are getting hard to find. Pays for itself over the long haul by not paying subscription fees. Best contact is via email to johnandmarthab at bellsouth dot net
  4. Info on rims and tires. Dropbox link below to additional pictures. 3 sets of BMW rims all 17x8 with 45 or 47 offset wearing 225/45/17 tires. 2 sets have Hancook Ventus RS4. One set has Dunlop Direzza ZII One set of lighter weight rims from Tire Rack in a 17x8 with 40 offset wearing Hancook Ventus RS4 245/40/17. There are a few extra rim/tires included for a total of 19. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xyiyv6v4r3i7g8s/AABkHJ3F2exC85xh7qbQbWA4a?dl=0
  5. As it sits today. Dropbox has a few "before" pictures, then on trailer at CHLT showing race damage. I'll get and post a few pictures tomorrow of the tire sets
  6. 80 views and not even a comment - snarky or otherwise. I need this sold. The garage it's stored in has been sold and this needs to get moved out. Why no interest? Just hasn't hit the right buyer yet? Price too high? Plenty of good parts for a BMW team.
  7. 1998 BMW 328is Update 6/24 - New price $2900. Race damaged BMW 328is for sale. Car damaged at Charlotte 2018 race. Right front corner hit wall coming out of infield. Pulled frame as best as I can to get it where it will drive under own power but needs more work than I can handle. Time for me to get out of team ownership. This car ran in EC as it had an ISC adjustable suspension/camber plates and an M3 LSD. Original suspension and diff included. Included on car is an Ultrashield aluminum race seat with cover on slider, harness (expired),window net, side net, I/O Port adjustable seat back brace, ESS 5 liter fire system and recharge supplies (currently not certified but can be sent out and certified for minimal cost to meet current rules), removable steering wheel, shift light, gauges (volts, temp, oil pressure), wide view side mirrors, drink cooler bottle and holder, one standard size and one extra-large 30 QT coolshirt cooler and hose, Other upgrades are E46 front and rear calipers and brackets, front brake cooling ducts, new rotors and PFC-08 brake pads front and rear, H&R 12mm front wheel spacers, cold air intake, poly engine and transmission mounts, rear sway bar reinforcement kit, solid rear differential mount bushings, poly front control arm bushings, Poly front sway bar bushings, rear tower reinforcement plates, adjustable rear camber arms, Bimmerworld dual pump fuel starvation kit, SAI (EGR) delete plates, catalytic convertor/resonator delete Selling with everything you see in the pictures including multiple sets of rims/tires (some brand new) and several bins of spare parts. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4xsxcmdbmxbcj48/AACXammBpr6Hg_rrksQS3K8Da?dl=0 Car competed at numerous Champcar/WRL events including Road Atlanta, Barber, COTA (top 10 finish), NCM (1st place EC), Mid-Ohio Car is located Lavonia, GA (I-85 on SC/GA border). Asking $3500. Come get it and help me clean out the garage. Probably load you up with a bunch of other stuff. Best contact is via email at johnandmarthab at bellsouth dot net Bin #1 Used Fuel Pump New Radiator hoses New Serpentine belt New in box Guibo flex disc Oil Filter Spark plugs New in box Lollipops Multiple sets of partially used brake pads New in box EBC Yellow front brake pads Used OEM engine mounts Bin #2 Spare lightly used rear rotors New Brembo front rotors New rear E46 calipers Used front E46 calipers with new brackets Solid Brass Bimmerworld Caliper guide pins Used coolant reservoir Used water pump Used thermostat housing Used Thermostat Bin #3 Spare left side control arm Spare left side steering rod Used assemblies – L &R side front spindle, hub, bearing, studs Assorted studs and nuts H&R spare 12mm wheel spacer 2 New Bosch ignition coils New driveshaft support bearing Used OEM motor mount and pair os used OEM tranny mounts Used Guido 2 used rear hubs / 2 used front hubs BMW bearing install tool Oil filter Trunk/hood latch kit New pair of rear lower control arm bushings Assorted loose items Original OEM front and rear suspension components Used OEM rear control arms Right side rear light Emergency use brake lights High temp hose for brake cooling ducts 4 gas cans fitted for fast filling 1 extra large 30 qt cooler for Coolshirt system 1 standard Coolshirt cooler and hose New in box insulated drink cooler New in box spare front ISC coilover with bracket Stainless hood pins set New in box PFC-08 front brake pads New in Box Brembo rear rotors
  8. We used a Midland setup for several years before upgrading. Surprisingly we actually had a radio signal around the entire track - even back to oak tree. I would recommend getting the system that is for open helmets rather than for full/closed helmets. Here is a link. We found the Velcro attachment for the speaker not very user friendly. The hard cord on the open one lets you better position the microphone and keep it in position. You need it very close to your mouth for the pit to hear you. Also, we found placing the earpieces under your balaclava before putting on your helmet helped keep them in position to make it easier for you to hear. Best of luck. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Open-Helmet-Motorcycle-Headset-Earpiece-for-Midland-Radio-Walkie-Talkie-75-822/170915803101?hash=item27cb602fdd%3Ag%3AWskAAOxyFrNRytrK%3Asc%3AShippingMethodStandard!30553!US!-1&_sacat=0&_nkw=midland+open+helmet+radio&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  9. Traqgear makes some awesome SFI rated undergear including this coolshirt. Shirts and shorts are all very lightweight. A bit pricey but not so much in the big picture of personal safety. https://traqgear.com/product/podium-lcg/ No affiliation - just a satisfied customer
  10. Hey Doc Any idea if there will be some of those portable lights for the infield section of the track.
  11. For past events at CMS the garages were assigned and you could start using them Friday as you unloaded.
  12. So... do we ban aero and eliminate the potential for loose parts disabling other cars - or do we mandate cells to prevent potential punctures of OEM plastic fuel tanks. Let the discussion begin..
  13. Already down to 95. We notified Mike this week we would be unable to make it. Still repairing damage from rollover at Barber. See everyone at Charlotte!!
  14. Seriously?? If we're so concerned with bumpers as a safety item how about a rule for leaving them stock as they were designed, engineered, and tested to perform to a standard. The only reason for modifying or removing is to reduce weight to gain a performance advantage. Absolutely nothing to do with safety. Drives me nuts when people try using the "safety" excuse for a modification to gain a performance advantage. Rant over.
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