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  1. Auto racing now allowing spectators. I hope champcar and WGI allow spectators without being full members! Alot of local teams family would like to attend.......
  2. Up until this year we ran the c5 set up on our camaro, now wilwood 4 piston. Carbotech xp8 pads work very well but get them pre bedded or bed them before using. This is critical and you will get an entire race weekend out of one set of pads. Do not properly bed them and you will get one day per set of pads. They do not overpower our 200TW tires, have good modulation and release, and fade resistance. Ditch those drilled and slotted rotors, they won’t make it til noon on day 1. Centric high carbon rotors have served us very well, as well as other high quality plain rotors. Not expensive and last
  3. Thanks for the heads up. There is also a CHIN event may 13-14.
  4. We another team from the fingerlakes area interwsted in a test an tune day.....
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