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  1. From time to time I pop over here to see what’s going on and if anything has changed. Mender’s post and what follows is predictable. For many, many years now people have made helpful/well meaning suggestions on what could help with the west coast car count issue. Predictably those people’s ideas are discounted/minimized/openly mocked. It’s been what, 6?, 7?, 8? years since the series has had a good west coast car count (not counting bucket list track like Laguna where even then a larger percentage of cars have been out of state ones). It’s tinkling in the wind to even bother offering up suggestions anymore. I’d love to have 3 different series schedules to choose from as we have multiple cars but only 2 of those series fit the cars we have. I really do wish you luck in solving the problem but a cheap entry fee alone isn’t going to do it nor is it healthy for you guys to be doing it. But continuing to do the same thing brings to mind Albert Einstein’s parable about insanity. I wish you a safe, fun, healthy car count at Willow.
  2. I don't look over here much anymore. Just peeked to see what the schedule looks like for next year. Noticing a number of comments about why the west coast events don't draw. Even though that horse has been thoroughly tenderized and everyone seems to discount my suggestions, I'll throw them out there again. After all, it's fairly clear that what you've been doing the last couple years hasn't worked so maybe there's an outside chance I'm right. 1. Communicate. You guys have pretty much fallen off my radar at least. Seems like I get more emails from the Canada folks than the US ones and I've never done a race up there. 2. You know who raced with you in the Chump days, you have our emails. Make an email that directly addresses those folks. Something along the lines of "Yes, we know the last guy f**ked a lot of you over in one way or another but we're working hard to prove we're not that. And we've succeeded in proving that in other parts of the country. Maybe you just haven't heard but give us a try, I think you'll like it. Talk to us, tell us why you don't run the series. Email us. Be honest" Also, maybe bring up the contact discussion. The last guy talked the talk but he very clearly didn't walk the walk so you probably need to address that too. Maybe they didn't condone contact in the east but it was most definitely not that way out west. I think to fix this you have to acknowledge the past. To not do so comes across as kinda arrogant. 3. Referring to #2 above. I still maintain that you completely underestimate how much lingering hatred exists for your departed leader but for whatever reason have never addressed it yet changing the name of the series didn't cause people to forget. 4. I get that it's a chicken/egg issue. People don't like paying good money for what feels like an HPDE session where you hardly see anyone else on track. You need cars to attract more cars. The brand is most definitely damaged out here and it's not going to be easy to fix but I don't see it getting better unless the past is acknowledged. People in general don't want a fricken hug, they want to know that somebody actually gives a f**k. 5. The rules. Yes, they are an obstacle but I get that you maintain them in this way as it's part of your identity to differentiate yourself. Still there are 300 or so cars out here and one would think that at least 10% of them fit and that's all you'd need to get things going again. I'm anticipating getting all the old tired responses with words like "parade", "joke", "dancing penalties", "not real racing", and all the other misconceptions about the other 2 series that run out here. All the excuses of the past have done spit to get you more than 10-20 entries at west coast races so you can continue to offer up the same excuses or actually try to do something different. Your call.
  3. Completely missing the point. It's still insulting and talking down to us just like Condren did to lump everyone tother as parade floats. Explain to me how I convince teammates, much less other owners when Chump staff is still talking down to us like we're $hit. Explain how I tell these people that things have changed.
  4. If you actually wanted to have more west coast racers come back, one place you might find it helpful is if you stopped insulting them. We didn't like it when Mr Condren did it to our face nor did we like it when he did it on the forum. As a reminder, a west coast parade float entry beat your guys at Chuckwalla this year. Just fricken stop with the insults, ok? I'd like to be helpful here but it's really getting old and I'm tired of fighting an uphill battle with teammates, other racers and now you guys over crap like this.
  5. rches<atsign>ix.netcom.com was the one I most commonly received Chump emails on. When Bill was let go, the emails stopped.
  6. Interesting. I guess we are firmly on the side of the 25%. Also interesting is that I never got the email survey I've been begging for them to do. Maybe all my kicking and screaming got me blacklisted. Anyway, will have to see what the team wants to do now as the primary interest was in a 24.
  7. I had one many years ago. Still have the FSM supplement for it somewhere. I'll second Bill's comments, Handled well for the era and especially American malaise but no grunt down low. Promise/disappointment ratio was a bit off. T-50 trans grenaded/locked solid on me at speed although I suspect modern oils would fix that issue but it sure is exciting when you go from engine screaming/wind noise to locked up solid rear tires in a millisecond that you just have to sit and ride out until the car stops moving/ Common problem with them. Cylinder fretting at RPM was an issue on those so I would think you'd have to use Wills rings if you wen't turbo. Would be an interesting car to play with at that price though.
  8. Yep, that horse has been beaten to death with wild speculation. Yet not once has CC ever directly asked people why they left. I've received zero emails since Bill was let go. They have our email addresses from back when people actually did enter the races. Before embarking down a path solely directed by speculation, please just use those email addresses to ask us directly.
  9. Interesting point of view. Having us atone for being vocal about being victimized by the previous administration by volunteering to help the current one. I'll have to ponder than one for a bit. Then again, Mr Strong was previously a very vocal dissenter and look at him now. Our more likely path will be to just enter a race to see if we like it. I suspect that lack of cars is a greater concern than lack of volunteers at this point.
  10. After my last post I had decided to stay away from this forum for a while until the Buttonwillow race got closer but someone sent me a link to this post. My thoughts; 1. Good video, good communication. No BS, just the facts. Like it. 2. Chumpcar has a crappy image out west. 3. Huge, massive misconceptions exist among Chump people about the other series. If you haven't raced in them multiple times, you really have no business commenting on them or comparing them to Chump. Perceptions/misconceptions are not fact. Stop with the rolling circus/party/etc references. If that's your honest belief, then a bunch of drunken partyers from LeMons just showed up and beat all your guys a couple months ago. 4. The question people aren't asking is "Why so many teams in the west over the last 8 years have run only one or two Chump races and never returned, yet still race in budget endurance series?" 5. The contact misconception exists and it's a big one. My personal experiences have included Condren opening a driver's meeting at ACS by saying "If you don't like contact, the front gate is over there". We also had the fun experience of a car that heavily blocked running us off track several times. When we complained, the Chump national tech inspector response was that we'd have to deal with it ourselves and went on to school us on how a smaller car can move a bigger car out of the way while on track. I haven't been able to convince my teammates to return since then but I have driven for other people. Also, I can happily supply you the Chump rookie handbook that was in all your supplementals up until sometime last year that pointed out what parts of the car you could legally hit. FWIW, the damage that exists on my cars is mostly Chump inflicted. 6. This crap about no signature/destination tracks in the west is crap. Sears Point and Laguna Seca are a couple hours apart and I can't see how anyone thinks they aren't signature facilities. Buttonwillow is a fun track. Thunderhill 5 mile is a blast. Chuckwalla is fun. The Ridge might be best secret out west, ACS and LVMS to me are just schedule fillers. 7. Outsiders seem to make fun of the Chump rules a fair bit. The Chump forum has endless discussions about rules minutia which doesn't help that perception. You protest each other. Chump people seem over protective about their rules. It sounds like Chump wishes to keep their style of rules to maintain a separate identity which I can understand. You just are going to have to accept that people may make fun of the series over that. 8. A lot of us got treated like crap by John. I held my nose every time I wrote him a check and I can't think of any other person/company I did that with. He could be the most engaging and charming person when he wanted to be and the biggest a-hole if he didn't. That alone burned a lot of bridges. 9. The only people who ever reached out and personally took the time to invite input and invite me to come race with Chump was Cathy and Joey. Since they got canned, I can't recall getting anything but impersonal chirpy PR BS. They know which of us signed up for races. They have our contact info yet never contacted us directly to ask why we don't race Chump anymore. 10. I feel hypocritical even commenting on any of this as I haven't raced Chump is several years but was hoping to do the Butt 24 this year. I still haven't convinced my teammates to come back. However, I'd still like to see them stick around as a viable series. 11. Commenting personal beliefs on a forum really does nothing to fix the problems with Chump west. I see a lot of people guessing about what they think the problems may be but very few suggestions on how to fix them. I wrote a letter to the board with the problems as I see them and suggestions on how to fix them. I was thanked for my input. I urge you to put forth suggestions to the board with facts/personal experiences and leave out the perceptions. This problem is fixable. Car count wasn't always dismal in the west. It took time for things to take a dump and the board wasn't around to see why so they need to be educated. Educate them.
  11. I'm not particularly a huge fan of 180 cars at Sears either but it does require a completely different set of skills than concentrating on purely running the fastest laps that you can for 2 hours without hardly anyone else on track so I do like adapting to the challenge. However, that's not the point I was trying to make. My point is that there are going to be easily over 200 cars and perhaps 250 running on the same weekend within a 4 hour drive of each other. That doesn't include the 3 I'm leaving at home or the what 50? 100? others than may exist in this area. Normally car count is limited by the number of cars available. That's clearly not the problem that CCWS faces out here. For years people on this forum have come up with the same old tired reasons why CCWS car counts are so low in the west while also discounting the idea that maybe it's possible that 100% of the people in LeMons or Lucky Dog are not just out on track jacking off. But just to humor those that truly believe that no one really races in LeMons, let's say that 90% of them are just screwing around. If you were able to capture that other 10% and add it to the people that primarily are CC only, there would no longer be discussions like these. 10%. That's it. It shouldn't be that hard to get 7-10% but that problem continues to plague the west. As for the comment about spending what you want in LeMons, I'd argue it's the other way around. Haven't looked at the rules lately but don't you allow coil overs and in general suspension is fairly open? You get to rebuild engines as often as you like? When you ask permission to replace your warped BMW head with a reconditioned one off craigslist, they don't encourage you to go to the DIY junkyard to pull the head off a BMW instead? I'm still running on cut springs,asking for permission to rebuild my RX7 motor but using used seals and hand lapping my own irons. That's what I'm doing in LeMons. In general, doing things in the spirit of a $500 racecar and not walking into Mazdatrix or Turner Motorsports and dropping $10k on stuff that is within the Chump rules but not LeMons. I'm fully cognizant that I just opened up Pandora's box of comparing series but it's really hard to let that stuff go when there is so much misconception on both sides. And it's counterproductive. It's not getting CCWS anywhere. Just continuing to say CCWS is better isn't making your car count go up here in the west. I've sent my thoughts to the CC board and they can do with it as they choose. It's good to hear BW is back on the schedule. I'll crawl back into my hole and probably reappear when that race gets closer. Good luck to you all.
  12. I'm sorry, I deleted my post. Apparently not quick enough for someone to grab and respond. My sentiments are unchanged however But note that it's not just our team that likely feels the same way. In two weeks there will be 160? 180? cars running at Sears Point and hearing another 60 at Buttonwillow. On the same weekend, booked against each other. 1 or 2 of our cars were waitlisted for Sears Point so whatever their count ends up is whatever they capped it at. The teams are here. I'm sure the current leadership is just fine and nice as can be, I've never heard anything otherwise. And that's partially why I deleted it. They don't know what people went through so perhaps that's why it may feel like they don't care. Probably the better route would be to write the board a letter so perhaps they might get a better understanding of why this region nosedived so badly.
  13. Sorry, my bad. I could have sworn they won at Willow Springs. Wasn't there a 12 hr that started in the evening or something? Seems like a long time ago. Yes, like a lot of us they stopped racing on this side of the fence. They may just be too polite to tell you the actual reasons why they haven't been back but that particular car/drivers have done 42 races in the last 6 or 7 years so it's not like they've just been doing yardwork all that time. In any case, I'm fairly certain you'll start seeing more teams dip their toes back in the water.
  14. No, no. Not me. No association with them whatsoever. It's just a team I enjoy racing against. They just do it all in what I consider the right way. They backyard build their stuff albeit with better knowledge than I. They frequently win yet they never use you up in order to pass you. Just genuinely nice people. Dave Coleman writes a lot on MotoIQ and there's good knowledge stuff in there.
  15. Yes, a turbo miata. It's been quite well documented over the years. Over 40 races on the car now, they just had a 40th birthday for it. It's one of the winningest cars on the west coast although I think this is it's first Chump appearance since it won at Willow Springs in 09 or 10. I think the car represents kind of what was intended in the beginning of LeChump. A lot of backyard engineering and not checkbook racing. They did a surprise dyno for the top 5 at Thunderhill a few years ago and it made a little under the HP documented in the articles. It's worth reading, Dave Coleman is a lead engineer at Mazda USA. If you see some of the videos where they are doing track testing of the new Miata and the driver has a LeMons sticker on his helmet, that's Dave. Somewhere in there is also helpful instructions on how they backyarded a setup that allows them to refill coolant/water during pitstops. MotoIQ articles on FrankenMiata
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